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BI_dvvamx2.c File Reference
#include "Bdef.h"
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void BI_dvvamx2 (int N, char *vec1, char *vec2)

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void BI_dvvamx2 ( int  N,
char *  vec1,
char *  vec2 

Definition at line 2 of file BI_dvvamx2.c.

   int k;
   double *v1=(double*)vec1, *v2=(double*)vec2;
   double diff;

   for (k=0; k != N; k++)
      diff = Rabs(v1[k]) - Rabs(v2[k]);
      if (diff < 0) v1[k] = v2[k];
      else if (diff == 0) if (v1[k] < v2[k]) v1[k] = v2[k];

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