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BI_BlacsErr.c File Reference
#include "Bdef.h"
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void BI_BlacsErr (int ConTxt, int line, char *file, char *form,...)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

void BI_BlacsErr ( int  ConTxt,
int  line,
char *  file,
char *  form,

Definition at line 3 of file BI_BlacsErr.c.

#ifdef __STDC__
   void BI_BlacsAbort(int ErrNo);
   void BI_BlacsAbort();
   extern int BI_Iam;
   int myrow, mycol;
   va_list argptr;
   char cline[100];

   va_start(argptr, form);
   vsprintf(cline, form, argptr);

   if (ConTxt > -1)
      MGetConTxt(ConTxt, ctxt);
      myrow = ctxt->cscp.Iam;
      mycol = ctxt->rscp.Iam;
   else myrow = mycol = -1;

"BLACS ERROR '%s'\nfrom {%d,%d}, pnum=%d, Contxt=%d, on line %d of file '%s'.\n\n",
           cline, myrow, mycol, BI_Iam, ConTxt, line, file);


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