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blacs_exit_.c File Reference
#include "Bdef.h"
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void Cblacs_exit (int NotDone)

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void Cblacs_exit ( int  NotDone)

Definition at line 4 of file blacs_exit_.c.

   void Cblacs_gridexit(int);
   void BI_UpdateBuffs(BLACBUFF *);
   BLACBUFF *BI_GetBuff(int);
   int BI_BuffIsFree(BLACBUFF *, int);
   BLACBUFF *bp;
   extern BLACBUFF *BI_ReadyB, *BI_ActiveQ, BI_AuxBuff;
   int i;
   extern int BI_MaxNCtxt, BI_Np;
   extern BLACSCONTEXT **BI_MyContxts;
 * Destroy all contexts
   for (i=0; i < BI_MaxNCtxt; i++) if (BI_MyContxts[i]) Cblacs_gridexit(i);

   if (BI_ReadyB) free(BI_ReadyB);
   while (BI_ActiveQ != NULL)
      bp = BI_ActiveQ;
      BI_BuffIsFree(bp, 1);  /* wait for async sends to complete */
      BI_ActiveQ = bp->next;
   free (BI_AuxBuff.Aops);

 * Reset parameters to initial values
   BI_MaxNCtxt = 0;
   BI_MyContxts = NULL;
   BI_Np = -1;
   if (!Mpval(NotDone))
   BI_ReadyB = NULL;

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