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SP Array

The parameters marked "u" should be supplied by the user.
1 ITITLEutitle for INPLT
2 FTITLEutitle for TRIPLT
3 GTITLEutitle for GPHPLT
5 SHCMD ustring for shell command
6 RWFILEusave file for read/write commands
7 JRFILEuread file for journal command
8 JWFILEuwrite file for journal command
9 BFILE uoutput file
10 JTFILEutemporary file for journal command
11 IOMSG error message string
12 CMD current command string
13 LOGO ulogo for X-Windows display
14 BGCLR ubackground color for X-Windows display
15 BTNBG ubutton background color for X-Windows display
18 PSFILEuroot name for PostScript files
19 XPFILEuroot name for xpm files
20 BHFILEuroot name for bh files
21 SGHOSTuhost name for SG display