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scasum.f File Reference

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REAL function scasum (N, CX, INCX)
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Function/Subroutine Documentation

REAL function scasum ( integer  N,
complex, dimension(*)  CX,
integer  INCX 


    SCASUM takes the sum of the absolute values of a complex vector and
    returns a single precision result.
Univ. of Tennessee
Univ. of California Berkeley
Univ. of Colorado Denver
NAG Ltd.
November 2011
Further Details:
     jack dongarra, linpack, 3/11/78.
     modified 3/93 to return if incx .le. 0.
     modified 12/3/93, array(1) declarations changed to array(*)

Definition at line 53 of file scasum.f.

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