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1.1.3 The Intel Paragon XP MP

Machine type: RISC-based distributed-memory multi-processor.
Models: Paragon XP MP
Operating systems: OSF/1, SUNMOS.
Connection structure: 2-D mesh.
Compilers: Fortran 77, C, ADA.

System parameters:

Model Paragon XP MP
Clock cycle 20 ns
Theor. peak performance:
Per Proc. (64-bits) 0.075 Gflop/s
Maximal 115.0 Gflop/s
Memory/node tex2html_wrap_inline267 128 MB
Maximal tex2html_wrap_inline267 192 GB
Communication bandwidth 350 MB/s
No. of processors 64-1536


tex2html_wrap_inline253 338.0 Gflop/s
tex2html_wrap_inline251 281.1 Gflop/s

Note: tex2html_wrap_inline253 and tex2html_wrap_inline251 are obtained from coupling various XP MP systems up to a number of 6768 processors.

The Paragon MP is a follow-on to the Paragon XP systems that are around since 1992. It follow the trend that is observed in many systems: combination of a number of processors in one node in a shared memory fashion and combining the nodes via a distributed memory model. In the case of the Paragon MP three i860 XPs are combined on one board. When all processors are involved in computation a maximum speed of 225 Mflop/s\ per node should be attainable. In principle, two processors per node serve as application processors while the third is a message coprocessor. When no communication is going on also this third processor is used for computation.

The memory bandwidth within a node is 400 MB/s while internode communication an aggregate bandwidth of 350 MB/s (175 MB/s in and 175 MB/s out). From release 5.0 on for both the Fortran 77 and C compiler use of the multi processor model is transparant to the user.

The Paragon MP retains compatibility with the Paragon XP/S, XP/E, and the former iPSC/860 systems, an Intel hypercube system preceding them. In particular the the transparent parallel Distributed File System can be used in applications migrated from the iPSC/860. The Paragon has its own parallel file system.

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