HPL Errata - Bugs


Due to a couple errors spotted in the VSIPL port of the software, the distribution contained in the tar file of September 9th has been updated on September 27th, 2000 with a corrected distribution. These problems were not affecting in any way possible the BLAS version of the software. If you are using the VSIPL port of HPL, and want to make sure you are indeed using the latest corrected version, please check the date contained in the file HPL.build.log contained in the main directory.

Reporting Bugs

A bug report consists of a short description of the problem, minimally including a description of the environment (name and versions of the operating system, compilers, libraries used ...). When appropriate a short (less than 100 lines) example program demonstrating the problem should be attached. Such a report should be sent to the following e-mail address: hpl@cs.utk.edu.

Everything else, that you believe being a bug report as well, will be handled as time allows.

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