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file	bidiag-doc

file	bidiag.f  bidiag.f plus dependencies
for	auxiliary routines called by dtls, psvd, ptls

file	cancel.f  cancel.f plus dependencies

file	damin.f

file	dtls-doc
gams	d9a1, d9a4

file	dtls.f  dtls.f plus dependencies
for	solves Ax=b, where A as well as b may be inaccurate
gams	d9a1, d9a4

file	estim-doc

file	estim.f  estim.f plus dependencies
for	singular values of a bidiagonal by bisection

file	housh.f

file	init.f

file	nsingv-doc

file	nsingv.f
for	number of singular values left of a bound, of a bidiagonal matrix

file	psvd-doc
gams	d6

file	psvd.f  psvd.f plus dependencies
for	basis for the left/right space corresponding to small singular values
gams	d6

file	ptls-doc
gams	d9a1, d9a4

file	ptls.f  ptls.f plus dependencies
for	like dtls, but using the faster Partial SVD
gams	d9a1, d9a4

file	qlstep.f  qlstep.f plus dependencies

file	qrql-doc

file	qrql.f  qrql.f plus dependencies
for	diagonalizes a bidiagonal matrix

file	qrstep.f  qrstep.f plus dependencies

file	restor.f  restor.f plus dependencies

file	tr2.f

file	filelist

file	readme