OS/2 Warp Installation Notes for Compaq Aero

What you end up doing is having multiple config.sys files. One for floppy use and another if you want to use some other pcmcia devices.

I also have a few others one for each of: floppy, normal, ethernet. It's a real pain in the ass but the ether drivers need the card to be inserted at boot time. (This is also the case for Windows.)

The essential method is this:

  1. Perform a normal install without PCMCIA support. There is a window about 7 disks in that lets you change your monitor and turn on on PCMCIA support, etc. Simply set nothing at this stage.
  2. After installation is complete and the system is up install PCMCIA support using Selective Install in the System Setup folder. I use the "Compaq Concerto" selection.
  3. copy c:\config.sys c:\os2\boot\config.p
  4. copy c:\config.sys c:\os2\boot\config.f
  5. Remove or comment out these lines from \os2\boot\config.f
        BASEDEV=IBM2CMQ1.SYS /s0=2
  6. Edit \os2\boot\altf1.cmd after the first "IF" line add something like this
        IF P==%1 GOTO bootpcmcia
        IF p==%1 GOTO bootpcmcia
        IF F==%1 GOTO bootfloppy
        IF f==%1 GOTO bootfloppy
    Just before the last line in the file ":end", add something like this
        GOTO end
        copy c:\os2\boot\config.p c:\config.sys
        GOTO end
        copy c:\os2\boot\config.f c:\config.sys
        GOTO end
  7. Edit \os2\boot\altf1bot.scr, this is a text file that initially has nothing in it. Add something like this:
            p - pcmcia
            f - floppy
  8. When the OS/2 line visible at the top left of the screen while booting you can press ALT-F1 to get access to the script you just changed. Press f to load the non-pcmcia version of config.sys, p for the other.
  9. !!!NOTE!!! -- this means that when you install something that changes config.sys you will need to make these changes in \os2\boot\config.p and f.

See also section in the os2 pharmacy.
Reed Wade -- wade@cs.utk.edu