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Software Availability

A FORTRAN implementation of Algorithm 7.17, even with the option to perform look-ahead if necessary, is included in the software package QMRPACK [180]. The corresponding routines in QMRPACK are CSLAL (for single precision complex) and ZSLAL (for double precision complex). The optional look-ahead in these routines is based on the look-ahead strategy described in [178].

Algorithm 7.17 can also be used for the iterative solution of complex symmetric linear systems. In [173], a QMR iterative solver based on Algorithm 7.17 is described. Some further theoretical results on complex symmetric matrices can also be found in [173]. QMRPACK also contains implementations of the complex symmetric QMR iterative solver based on Algorithm 7.17.

For more information about this software, including how to access it, see the book's homepage, ETHOME.

Susan Blackford 2000-11-20