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Notes and References

Since most of these references have been cited in the text, it may be not necessary!!!

For symmetric matrices, Cullum and Donath [89] propose what appears to be the first block Lanczos method. Golub and Underwood [197] also discuss the method. The first industrial implementation is in [206]. Marques also releases the code BLIZPACK [] that implements a block Lanczos code. The report by Baglama, Calvetti, Reichel, and Ruttan [24] considers an implicitly restarted Lanczos method.

For nonsymmetric matrices, Sadkane [391] discusses a block Arnoldi algorithm within a restarting method. The books by Chatelin [79] and Saad [387] also include material on block Arnoldi methods. Scott [398] provides software for a block Arnoldi method. Jia [243,245,] provides theoretical results and a restarting scheme.

Susan Blackford 2000-11-20