Enabling Technologies for High-Performance Computing


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Enabling Technologies for High-Performance Computing


High-Performance Computing Today

Growth of Microprocessor Performance

Top500 Fastest Installed Computers

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Scalable Multiprocessors

Scientific Computing: 1987 vs 1997

Performance Numbers on RISC Processors

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The Maturation of Highly Parallel Technology

Architecture Alternatives


TeraFlops 1st Achieved

Achieving TeraFlops

3 Major Efforts in the US

Petaflops (1015) Computing Initiative

A Petaflops Computer System

Key Algorithm Research Issues

The Importance of Standards - Software

PVM - Parallel Virtual Machine

Physical and Logical Views of PVM

Programming in PVM

Motivation for a New Design

MPI Standard

New Concepts introduced in MPI

Comparing PVM and MPI

Challenges in Developing Distributed Memory Libraries

Memory Hierarchy

BLAS for Performance

Portability of Numerical Software

Directions - Metacomputing

Problem Solving Environments



Java for Numerical Computations?

Metacomputing Objectives

Motivation for Network Enabled Solvers

Network Computing Classifications

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Next Step: Hardware & Software Servers

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Author: Jack Dongarra

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