High-Performance Computing and Trends


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High-Performance Computing and Trends

Computer Science Department Computer Science & Mathematics Division

Technology Trends: Microprocessor Capacity

Top500 Fastest Installed Computers

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Performance Development

Performance Development


Chip Technology

High-Performance Computing Directions

High-Performance Computing - 3 Major Efforts in the US

Motivation for Grid Computing

Computational Grids

Computational Grid

Vision for the Grid

Grid Computing: Computer Science Research

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Many Active Projects

Motivation for NetSolve

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NSF Infrastructure Award at UTK: The Scalable Intracampus Research Grid for Computer Science Research: SInRG

University of Tennessee’s Grid Prototype: Scalable Intracampus Research Grid: SInRG

NetSolve Available Today

Computing 2001 “Prediction is hard. Especially the future . . .” Yogi Berra, philosopher in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Computing 2001


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