Linear Algebra Libraries for High-Performance Computers


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Linear Algebra Libraries for High-Performance Computers

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Heterogeneous Network Computing

History: Late 60s - Early 70s Wilkinson-Reinsch Handbook

History: Early 70s NATS Project

History: Mid to Late 70s EISPACK and LINPACK

High-Performance Computing Directions

Uniprocessor Cost: Reality

Memory Hierarchy

Performance = Effective Use of Memory Hierarchy

How To Get Performance From Commodity Processors?

Adaptive Approach for Level 3 BLAS

Code Generation Strategy

ATLAS Across Various Architectures 500x500 DGEMM

500 x 500 Double Precision RB Right-Looking LU factorization

Multithreaded BLAS for Performance

LAPACK Linear Algebra Library in F77


Possible Data Layouts

Distribution and Storage

ScaLAPACK - Whats Included

ScaLAPACK Structure

Parallelism in ScaLAPACK

Parallelism in ScaLAPACK

Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue Problem


Performance of PDLAHQR

Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem

Basic Idea

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Execution Times IBM SP2 - 8 Procs


Additional Parts

Heterogeneous Computing Issues

ScaLAPACK Summary

Templates Project

Problem Solving Environments & Computational Grid

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Network Enabled Servers

Motivation for NetSolve

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NetSolve - MATLAB Interface

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Hiding the Parallel Processing

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Next Step: Hardware & Software Servers



Author: Jack Dongarra


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