Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software - ATLAS


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Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software - ATLAS

Top500 Fastest Installed Computers

Performance Development

Performance Development


Chip Technology

Excerpt from TOP500

High-Performance Computing Directions

Where Does the Performance Go? or Why Should I Cares About the Memory Hierarchy?

Memory Hierarchy

Performance Software

Performance Issues - Cache &Bandwidth

How To Get Performance From Commodity Processors?



Why ATLAS Is Fast?

Why Adaptive Programs?

Adaptive Approach for Level 3 BLAS

Code Generation Strategy

ATLAS 500x500 DGEMM Across Various Architectures

500 x 500 LU Right-Looking

Recursive Approach for Other Level 3 BLAS

500x500 Recursive BLAS on UltraSparc 2200

500x500 Recursive BLAS on 433Mhz DEC 21164

Multithreaded BLAS for Performance

Ultra Sparc 2200 - Matrix Mult. (200 MHz 400 Mflop/s Peak)


Future Plans for ATLAS

Contributors to These Ideas

Author: Jack Dongarra


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