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Current Status and Availability

PVM was publicly released in March 1991 and has gone through a number of updates. The present version of the software, Version 3.0, has been tested with various combinations of the following machines: Sun 3, SPARCstation, Microvax, DECstation, IBM RS/6000, HP-9000, Silicon Graphics IRIS, NeXT, Sequent Symmetry, Alliant FX, IBM 3090, Intel iPSC/860, Thinking Machines CM-2, KSR-1, Convex, and CRAY Y-MP. Figure 3 gives a complete list of machines PVM has been ported to.

Version 3.0 has a number of improvements over the previous version (2.4). A list of new features are itemize below.

PVM is available through netlib. To obtain a description of PVM's features, such as a copy of the PVM User's Guide or source code, one simply sends e-mail to with the message send index from pvm.

Jack Dongarra
Fri Dec 13 15:35:04 EST 1996