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Convectively-Dominated Flows and theFlux-Corrected Transport Technique


This work implemented a code on the nCUBE-1 hypercube for studying the evolution of two-dimensional, convectively-dominated fluid flows. An explicit finite difference  scheme was used that incorporates the flux-corrected transport  (FCT)  technique developed by Boris and Book [Boris:73a]. When this work was performed in 1986-1987, it was expected that explicit finite difference schemes for solving partial differential equations would run efficiently on MIMD distributed-memory computers, but this had only been demonstrated in practice for ``toy'' problems on small hypercubes of up to 64 processors. The motivation behind this work was to confirm that a bona fide scientific application could also attain high efficiencies on a large commercial hypercube. The work also allowed the capabilities and shortcomings of the newly-acquired nCUBE-1 hypercube to be assessed.

Other References and Paradigms

HPFA Applications and Paradigms

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