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Command and Control

Dynamic and integrative features of the MOVIE environment are optimally suited for modelling and prototyping various aspects and components of the new generation of CI systems. The new objectives in this area are to cope efficiently with potentially smaller but more diversified and less predictable threats, and to operate in a robust, adaptive fashion in the dynamic heterogeneous distributed environment. Dynamic topology of the MOVIE network, supporting adaptive routing schemes to recover from network damages is useful for such CI functions as information transmission and battle management. High-quality dynamic visualization services of the MOVIE model, evolving towards hypermedia navigation and virtual reality are suitable for such CI functions as planning and evaluation. Finally, the integrative high-level language model of MovieScript, supporting both the data parallel and irregular object-oriented computing, is adequate for such CI functions as fusion and detection.

MOVIE is planned as one of the candidate software models for the CI simulation, modelling and prototyping, to be evaluated within the new cooperative on parallel software engineering industrial CRDA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement), starting in summer 1992 and coordinated by Rome Laboratory.

Guy Robinson
Wed Mar 1 10:19:35 EST 1995