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mail is a three-dimensional-grid-abstraction class. A grid naming abstraction is attached to the process list, analogously to the G2-Class two-dimensional-grid primitives. This class is interesting for problems where there are three logical ``axes'' of concurrency. Children of a G3 mailer are G2 mailers representing planes within the three-dimensional grid. Operations analogous to the two-dimensional case have been extended to the three-dimensional grid case and are not detailed here (see [Skjellum:92b;c]).

Shorthands provide access to the PQ-plane, QR-plane, and PR-plane children to which G2 grid operations may be applied, as above.

ZIP_MAILER *mailer;  /* 3D grid mailer */
ZIP_MAILER *PQ_plane_mailer, QR_plane_mailer, PR_plane_mailer;

PQ_plane_mailer = g3_PQ_plane(mailer);
QR_plane_mailer = g3_QR_plane(mailer);
PR_plane_mailer = g3_PR_plane(mailer);

Guy Robinson
Wed Mar 1 10:19:35 EST 1995