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14.3.6 Real-time Graphical Performance Monitoring


One tool we have found extremely valuable in program development and tuning is a real-time performance monitor with color-graphics display. Our nCUBE hardware has a high-resolution color graphics monitor driven by many parallel connections into the hypercube. This gives sufficient bandwidth to support a status display from the hypercube processors in real time. Our performance-monitoring software was written by Rod Morison and is described in [Morison:88a].

The display shows us where in the chess tree each processor is, and it draws the processor hierarchy as it changes. By watching the graphics screen we can see load imbalance develop and observe dynamic load balancing as it tries to cope with the imbalance. The performance monitor gave us the first evidence that dynamic load balancing was necessary, and it was invaluable in debugging  and tuning the load balancing code.

Guy Robinson
Wed Mar 1 10:19:35 EST 1995