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Posted by Scott Betts on September 24, 1997 at 11:21:14:

In Reply to: LAPACK posted by Kendall Atkinson on September 24, 1997 at 00:21:38:

: We are running LAPACK and the BLAS on our HP network
: in the Math Sciences at the University of Iowa. But
: in addition, I would like to put together a separate
: file containing dgesvs.f and all supporting routines
: from both LAPACK and the BLAS. I and one of my grad
: students have been working on this and attempting to
: obtain all such supporting routines, but still cannot
: find some of them as stand-alone files. For example,
: we have been looking for the routines dlapy.f, dlaqge.f,
: dlange.f, dlantr.f, dlacon.f, dlatrs.f dlaswp.f,
: dgetf2.f, and dlamc2.f, all without success. We have
: used the search engine in Netlib, but unsuccessfully.

: Some may say such a stand-alone file for dgesvs.f and
: its supporting routines is not a good idea, but I have
: my reasons for wanting it.

: Any ideas?

: Thanks,

: Ken Atkinson

The LAPACK guru spoke thusly:

The routines you need are in the DOUBLE directory on Netlib

They are auxiliary routines, and are not listed in the index for
brevity sake. Only driver and computational routines are listed on the index
and this is why the search engine would fail to find them.
The routine dlamc2.f is part of the dlamch.f file.


Hope this helps!
Scott Betts

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