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Posted by Scott Betts on September 03, 1997 at 10:42:09:

In Reply to: cfft3d posted by Amir Gil on August 21, 1997 at 11:39:58:

: Hello!
: I'm looking for a freeware 3D FFT function that matches the
: SGI math lib function cfft3d., but for alpha station.
: I saw that SGI are relying on the netlib FFTPACK,
: but no cfft3D is there.
: The specifications I need are:
: 1. FFT that operates on a discrete 3D function with dimensions NxNxN.
: 2. As few limits on N as possible. 2 to the power of n is not acceptable.
: 3. Forward and backward transformations.
: Thanks in advance
: Amir

I asked the various gurus and none of them
had any suggestions. The only thing I can think
of is to contact the originator of the FFTPACK package
to see if he knows of any 3D FFT functions you could
use. The developer of the FFT package is

Paul N. Swarztrauber, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO

We do not have his email address on file.

Hope this helps!

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