help numerical approach to elliptic pde

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Posted by Koudella on July 14, 1998 at 17:10:23:


I need to solve the following equation:

div( M(x,y,z) \nabla f(x,y,z) ) = g(x,y,z)

on a cubic boz with periodic bc's using a nice regular

M(x,y,z) is a 3x3 matrix, giving rise to mixed
derivatives in the pde. M is made up from a scalar
field, the result of a turbulence simulation and
thus M can vary strongly, though not discontinuously

I want to solve this equation using either finite
differences, finite vol or anything else.

Maybe you can give me a few hints concerning earlier
work, the discretisation and the inversion of the
big linear system I end up with.

by the way I am working with high resolution

thank you,


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