LSODES and sparse matrix structure

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Posted by Sherri Arrieta on July 06, 1998 at 17:18:35:

I am trying to integrate LSODES to another program
which already has a subroutine to compute the arrays
ia and ja (descriptors of the sparsity structure). My
present program has set these up in a column-wise
fashion (reading the non-zero terms down each column).
LSODES' original description of the arrays seems to fit
this but later in the program it seems they should be
arranged row-wise (reading the non-zero terms across
each row). Which is correct, or does LSODES read them
in column-wise and then reorder them row-wise? Also,
what is the difference between the version of LSODES
under "Alliant" and that under "sodepack"?
Thanks for your help.

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