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file	almost.f
for	Brown Almost Linear

file	badscb.f
for	Brown Badly Scaled

file	badscp.f
for	Powell Badly Scaled

file	band.f
for	Broyden Banded

file	bard.f
for	Bard

file	bd.f
for	Brown and Dennis

file	beale.f
for	Beale

file	biggs.f
for	Biggs EXP6

file	box.f
for	Box 3-Dimensional

file	bv.f
for	Discrete Boundary Value

file	cheb.f
for	Chebyquad

file	devg1.f
for	De Villiers and Glasser 1

file	devg2.f
for	De Villiers and Glasser 2

file	dgv6.f
for	Dennis, Gay, and Vu

file	dgv8.f
for	Dennis, Gay, and Vu

file	froth.f
for	Freudenstein and Roth

file	gauss.f
for	Gaussian

file	gulf.f
for	Gulf Research and Development

file	han1.f
for	Hanson 1

file	han2.f
for	Hanson 2

file	helix.f
for	Helical Valley

file	ie.f
for	Discrete Integral Equation

file	jensam.f
for	Jennrich and Sampson

file	kowosb.f
for	Kowalik and Osborne

file	lin.f
for	Linear --- Full Rank

file	lin0.f
for	Linear --- Rank 1 with Zero Columns and Rows

file	lin1.f
for	Linear --- Rank 1

file	mck1.f
for	McKeown 1

file	mck2.f
for	McKeown 2

file	mck3.f
for	McKeown 3

file	meyer.f
for	Meyer

file	msqrt2.f
for	Matrix Square Root Problems

file	msqrt3.f
for	Matrix Square Root Problems

file	osb1.f
for	Osborne 1

file	osb2.f
for	Osborne 2

file	pen1.f
for	Penalty I

file	pen2.f
for	Penalty II

file	rose.f
for	Rosenbrock

file	rosex.f
for	Extended Rosenbrock

file	sing.f
for	Powell Singular

file	singx.f
for	Extended Powell Singular

file	trid.f
for	Broyden Tridiagonal

file	trig.f
for	Trigonometric

file	vardim.f
for	Variably Dimensioned

file	watson.f
for	Watson

file	wood.f
for	Wood

file	changes

file	readme