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file	chapman
for	documentstyle for Chapman+Hall conference proceedings

file	chem
for	troff preprocessor for chemical structure diagrams
by	John Bentley, Lynn Jelinski, and Brian Kernighan.

file	cmd-latex
for	some useful commands for Latex: r2bib, textr, texoff, delatex

file	imappt-amstex
for	a style file for IMA preprints for AmSTeX,  Jan 1990

file	indexing.tools
for	tools for preparing indexes (mostly for the troff world)
ref	EP-ODD, Vol 1, #1
by	J. L. Bentley and B. W. Kernighan

file	ltexpprt.all
for	LaTeX macros for SIAM/ACM Preprint series (book chapters)

file	ltexfrnt.all
for	LaTeX macros for SIAM Frontiers book series

file	mathtim.sty
for	LaTeX documentstyle option for MathTime fonts
by	Eric Grosse <ehg@research.bell-labs.com>
see	builds on ftp://ftp.urc.tue.nl/pub/tex/MathTime/mathtime.sty

file	ptexpprt.all
for	corresponding Plain TeX macros

file	sampltex.all
for	sample paper for LaTeX style

file	siamatex.tar.gz
for	AMS-TeX
by	Arnold, Lucier, and SIAM

file	siamltex.tar.gz
for	LaTeX
by	Howard Trickey, Dec 1988

file	siamptex.tar.gz
for	Plain TeX
by	SIAM Publications and AMS, Apr 1989

file	siamtrof.all
for	troff, in the style of -ms, May 1987

file	ptexproc.all
for	SIAM Proceedings Series, Plain TeX macros

file	ltexproc.all
for	SIAM Proceedings Series, LaTeX macros

file	changes

file	tcilatex.tex
for	macros used by TCI Scientific Word
by	TCI Software Research, Las Cruces NM <support@tcisoft.com>

file	times.sty

lib	elsevier
for	Elsevier book macros