Papers from SPIN96

Second SPIN Workshop, 5 August 1996

Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

Index of Papers:

  1. Automated Verification = Logic + Algorithms
  2. Modelling and Analysis of a Collision Avoidance Protocol using SPIN and UPPAAL
  3. Proposed Analysis of Synchronous Dual Distributed Systems (no paper)
  4. Memory efficient storage in SPIN
  5. Dynamic analysis of SA/RT Models Using SPIN
  6. The Application of PROMELA and SPIN in the BOS Project
  7. Modeling and verification of the ITU-T multipoint communication service with SPIN
  8. Creating Implementations from PROMELA Models
  9. On Nested Depth-First Search
  10. State space compression in SPIN with GETSs
  11. Protocol verification with Reactive PROMELA/RSPIN
  12. Implementing and Verifying Scenario-Based specifications using PROMELA/SPIN
  13. Simulation and Validation Tool for self-stabilizing protocols
  14. Not Checking for Closure Under Stuttering

Index of Complementary Material:

  1. Exploration of the syntactical modeling capabilities in PROMELA/SPIN of synergestic distributed systems based on any type of omega-automata
  2. Outline for an operational semantics definition of PROMELA

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