SPIN96, Second International SPIN Workshop, Call for Papers

Date:     Monday, August 5, 1996
Place:    Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Duration: One day (tentatively: 9am - 5pm)

SPIN is a reachability analysis tool designed for the general
verification of distributed systems. First made
available publicly in 1991, SPIN is widely used both for teaching
and for industrial applications. It has inspired many other tools in
various ways. 

The SPIN95 workshop, held on 16 October 1995 in Montreal,
created a first opportunity for SPIN users to meet and
exchange experiences, ideas, theories, wishes, gripes
about formal verification tools.

The SPIN96 workshop will take place in New Jersey as part of the
DIMACS Special Year on Logic and Algorithms, one of whose focus
areas is computer-aided verification. The workshop is part of a
series of workshops on formal methods and verification. See
http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/ for more information.

SPIN96 will take place following the 1996 Federated Logic 
Conference (FLoC), which will be held in New Brunswick on
July 27 - August 3, 1996.  FLoC brings four together synergetic 
conferences that apply logic to computer science: Conference on 
Automated Deduction (CADE), Conference on Computer-Aided Verification 
(CAV), IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS), and
Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (RTA).
See http://www.research.att.com/lics/floc/ for more information.

The workshop will be held at Rutgers University on Monday,
August 5, 1996. (With a small possibility of moving to Bell
Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey -- stay tuned.)

Demo sessions of extensions, restrictions, and variations of SPIN
will be organized (or of any comparable tool that is suggested).

Keynote speaker: Moshe Y. Vardi, Rice University

Papers: Papers can be up to 20 pages in length and can be
        either a report on work in progress or a regular
        research paper on work that is somehow related to
        the SPIN system .

Demos:  Tool demonstrations, of extensions, restrictions
        variations, or alternatives, to SPIN, are invited.
        Please tell us as early as possible if you plan
        to demonstrate software - so that we can make sure
        we can set it up properly and make it work.

Dates:  The deadline for all contributions is:
                Saturday, June 15, 1996.
        Papers can be submitted electronically, in PostScript
        form to any one of the organizers.  We will make available
        a Proceedings of the workshop in both printed and also, for
        the authors that permit us to do so, in electronic form.

        Jean-Charles Gre'goire - gregoire@inrs-telecom.uquebec.ca
        Gerard J. Holzmann        - gerard@research.bell-labs.com
        Doron Peled            - doron@research.bell-labs.com
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