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Bell Labs

P. Fiebach, R. W. Freund, and A. Frommer. Variants of the block-QMR method and applications in quantum chromodynamics. Technical Report 97-3-01, Bell Labs, 1997.

R. W. Freund and M. Malhotra. The block-QMR method for the solution of multiple radiation and scattering problems in structural acoustics. Technical Report 97-3-02, Bell Labs, 1997.

R. W. Freund. Preconditioning of symmetric, but highly indefinite linear systems. Technical Report 97-3-03, Bell Labs, 1997.

R. W. Freund and P. Feldmann. The SyMPVL algorithm and its applications to interconnect simulation. Technical Report 97-3-04, Bell Labs, 1997.

Jr. W. M. Coughran and R. W. Freund. Recent advances in Krylov-subspace solvers for linear systems and applications in device simulation. Technical Report 97-3-05, Bell Labs, 1997.

R. W. Freund and P. Feldmann. Reduced-order modeling of large linear passive multi-terminal circuits using matrix-Pade approximation. Technical Report 97-4-03, Bell Labs, 1997.

P. Feldmann and R. W. Freund. Interconnect-delay computation and signal-integrity verification using the SyMPVL algorithm. Technical Report 97-4-05, Bell Labs, 1997.

Tom Rowan
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