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Stanford University

G. H. Golub and U. von Matt. Tikhonov regularization for large scale problems. Technical Report SCCM-97-03, Stanford University, 1997.

G. H. Golub and Q. Ye. Inexact preconditioned conjugate gradient method with inner-outer iteration. Technical Report SCCM-97-04, Stanford University, 1997.

M. T. Chu, R. E. Funderlic, and G. H. Golub. Rank modification of semi-definite matrices with applications to secant updates. Technical Report SCCM-97-06, Stanford University, 1997.

S. K. Patch. Simplicity of range conditions for diffuse tomographic systems. Technical Report SCCM-97-07, Stanford University, 1997.

O. Gonzalez, D. J. Higham, and A. M. Stuart. Qualitative properties of modified equations. Technical Report SCCM-97-08, Stanford University, 1997.

Tom Rowan
Thu Jul 31 14:22:12 EDT 1997