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NAG Ltd.

Arnold Krommer, Mishi Derakshan, and Sven Hammarling. Solving PDE problems on parallel and distributed computer systems using the NAG parallel library. Technical Report TR1/97, Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd., 1997.

Stefano Salvini and Jerzy Wasniewski. Experiences in developing numerical subprograms on a parallel, shared memory computer. Technical Report TR5/96, Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd., 1996.

K. V. Fernando. Accurately counting singular values of bidiagonal matrices. Technical Report TR4/96, Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd., 1996.

Mir S. Derakhshan and Lon Waters. Speed-up results for NAG numerical PVM library routines on an IBM SP-2. Technical Report TR3/96, Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd., 1996.

Stefano Salvini and Gareth Shaw. An evaluation of new NAG library solvers for large sparse unsymmetric linear systems. Technical Report TR2/96, Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd., 1996.

Tom Rowan
Fri May 9 17:37:26 EDT 1997