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A. C. Faul and M. J. D. Powell. Proof of convergence of an iterative technique for thin plate spline interpolation in two dimensions. Technical Report NA1998/08, University of Cambridge, 1998.

C. J. Budd and A. Iserles. Geometric integration: Numerical solution of differential equations on manifolds. Technical Report NA1998/10, University of Cambridge, 1998.

P. C. Moan. Efficient approximation of Sturm-Liouville problems using Lie-group methods. Technical Report NA1998/11, University of Cambridge, 1998.

S. Faltinsen. Backward error analysis for Lie-group methods. Technical Report NA1998/12, University of Cambridge, 1998.

Tom Rowan
Wed Oct 21 08:26:42 EDT 1998