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Input File for Testing the Symmetric Eigenvalue Routines and Drivers

An annotated example of an input file for testing the symmetric eigenvalue routines and drivers is shown below.

'ScaLAPACK Symmetric Eigensolver Test File'
' '
'sep.out'                       output file name (if any)
6                               device out (13 & 14 reserved for internal testing)
4 				maximum number of processes
'N'				disable pxsyev tests, recommended for heterogeneous systems.
' '
'TEST 1 - test tiny matrices - different process configurations'
3                               number of matrices
0 1 2				matrix size
1				number of uplo choices
'L'				uplo choices
2				number of processor configurations (P, Q, NB)
1 1	         		values of P (NPROW)
2 1	 			values of Q (NPCOL)
1 1	 			values of NB 
1				number of matrix types
8 			 	matrix types (see pdseptst.f)
'N'				perform subset tests?
80.0				Threshold (* 5 for generalized tests) 
-1 				Absolute Tolerance
' '
'End of tests'

Susan Blackford 2001-08-12