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file	photo/golub92/audience.gif
size	227 kB
for	photo of lecture room

file	photo/golub92/cake.gif
size	271 kB
for	photo of Gene blowing out candles

file	photo/golub92/group1a.gif
size	392 kB
for	photo of Alan George, ..., Gene Golub, Dianne O'Leary

file	photo/golub92/group2.gif
size	617 kB
for	photo of Alan George, ..., Nick Trefethen

file	photo/golub92/oleary.gif
for	photo of Dianne O'Leary

file	photo/golub92/phone.gif
size	206 kB
for	photo of Gene Golub getting honorary degree

file	photo/golub92/saunders.gif
for	photo of Michael Saunders, Gene Golub