THE POSTSCRIPT PRINTER BENCHMARK. Select the icon to download the shar file, unpack it, and print the results. It tells you benchmark information on your printer. #Hello, Here is a little program I have worked on a while back and think might #be useful to a lot of people. It's a benchmark test for PostScript devices. #It will give you the total time to test including three seperate tests #(Maths, graphics and RAM/fonts) and an index value based on the first PS #printer (The Apple LaserWriter) of X times faster than... #Enjoy #--------- #Jean-Serge Gagnon e-mail: Hardware Maintenance Specialist voice: (613) 564-7517 #Ottawa, University, Canada fax: (613) 564-7819

file performance/papers/postscript/post.shar for postscript performance printer benchmark by Jean-Serge Gagnon, Ottawa