Heapsort.c results are included below.

The program (heapsort.c) and latest results (heapsort.tbl) can be obtained via anonymous ftp from 'ftp.nosc.mil' in directory 'pub/aburto'. The ftp.nosc.mil IP address is:

Please send new results (new machines, compilers, compiler options) to: aburto@marlin.nosc.mil. I will keep the results up-dated and post periodically to 'comp.benchmarks'. Any comments or advice or whatever greatly appreciated too.

Heapsort.c Test Results: MIPS is relative to unoptimized gcc 2.1 (gcc -DUNIX) instruction count using assembly output for 80486 (80386 code). The instruction count is divided by the average runtime (for 1 loop) to obtain the RELATIVE MIPS rating for memory sizes from 8000 bytes up to 2048000 bytes. These will not necessarily be like other MIPS results because the instruction mix and weightings are different. This is just a heap sort test program which I have attempted to calibrate to a relative MIPS rating. I suppose we can call this a 'HeapMIPS' rating ...

PLEASE NOTE: The Sun system results can be quite erratic unless the '-Bstatic'option is used.

Results as of 10 Oct 1993.

NOTE: A00 gcc 2.1 A01 gcc -DUNIX -fexpensive-optimizations A02 gcc -DUNIX A03 gcc -DUNIX -fstrength-reduce A04 gcc -DUNIX -funroll-loops A05 gcc -DUNIX -finline-functions A06 gcc -DUNIX -funroll-all-loops A07 gcc -DUNIX -m486 A08 gcc -DUNIX -m486 -fexpensive-optimizations A09 gcc -DUNIX -m486 -O A10 gcc -DUNIX -m486 -O2 A11 gcc -DUNIX -O -fexpensive-optimizations A12 gcc -DUNIX -O A13 gcc -DUNIX -O2 -fexpensive-optimizations A14 gcc -DUNIX -O2 A15 gcc -DUNIX -O2 -funroll-loops

B00 gcc 2.2.2 B01 gcc -DUNIX -O9 -finline-functions B02 gcc -DUNIX -O9 -funroll-loops B03 gcc -DUNIX -O9 -fexpensive-optimizations B04 gcc -DUNIX -O9 B05 gcc -DUNIX -O5 B06 gcc -DUNIX -O4 B07 gcc -DUNIX -O3 B08 gcc -DUNIX -O2 B09 gcc -DUNIX -O1 B10 gcc -DUNIX -O2 -fexpensive-optimizations -static B11 gcc -DUNIX -O2 -fexpensive-optimizations -static -funroll-loops B12 gcc -DUNIX -O2 -fexpensive-optimizations B13 gcc -DUNIX -O B14 gcc -DUNIX -m486 -fexpensive-optimizations B15 gcc -DUNIX -fexpensive-optimizations B16 gcc -DUNIX B17 gcc -DUNIX -m486 -O2 -funroll-all-loops -fexpensive-optimizations

C00 Sun C 2.0.1 C01 acc -DUNIX -fast -O4 -Bstatic C02 cc -DUNIX -fast -O4 C03 acc -DUNIX -fast -O4 C04 cc -DUNIX -fast -O4 -Bstatic -dalign C05 cc -DUNIX -fast -O4 -Bstatic C06 cc -DUNIX -O4 -Bstatic C07 cc -DUNIX -O3 -Bstatic C08 cc -DUNIX -fast -Bstatic C09 cc -DUNIX -O2 -Bstatic C10 cc -DUNIX -O4 C11 cc -DUNIX -fast C12 cc -DUNIX -O3 C13 cc -DUNIX -O2 C14 cc -DUNIX -O1 C15 cc -DUNIX C16 cc -DUNIX -O1 -Bstatic C17 cc -DUNIX -Bstatic C18 cc -DUNIX -dalign

D00 cc D01 cc -DUNIX -O4 -Bstatic D02 cc -DUNIX -O2 -Bstatic D03 cc -DUNIX -O2 D04 cc -DUNIX -O4 D05 cc -DUNIX -O3 D06 cc -DUNIX -Bstatic D07 cc -DUNIX -O1 D08 cc -DUNIX

E00 gcc 2.3.2 E01 gcc -O2 -mv8 -mno-epilogue -static E02 gcc -O2 -mv8 -static E03 gcc -O2 -static E04 gcc -O2 -fno-strength-reduce -static

F00 Sun C 1.0 F01 cc -DUNIX -fast -O4 F02 cc -DUNIX -Bstatic -O4

001 cc -DUNIX -O4 -non_shared -migrate, using KAP 002 cc -DUNIX -O4 -non_shared -migrate 003 HP92453-01 A.09.19, cc -DUNIX -J +O3 -Wl,-a,archive 004 HP92453-01 A.09.19, cc -DUNIX -O 005 HP92453-01 A.09.19, cc -DUNIX 006 cc 8.71, optimizer 8.07.03, cc -O +DA1.1 007 MIPS C compiler 3.10, cc -DUNIX -O4 008 gcc 2.3, gcc -O2 -mpa-risc-1-1 009 Metaware High C with '-pentium' and '-O4' options, 8 MB 64-bit RAM. 010 gcc 2.4.5, gcc -DUNIX -static -O2 -mv8 011 cc 2.11, cc -DUNIX -O -systype bsd43 012 cc -DUNIX -DHPUNX -O 013 Borland C++ V1.0 for OS/2 V1.0, AMI Enterprise Mk III motherboard, 16MB RAM, 256KB cache. 014 gcc 2.2.2d, gcc -DUNIX -O2 015 gcc 2.2.2d, gcc -DUNIX -O 016 IBM C Set/2 V1.0, CSD Level CS00050, icc /G4 /O+ /Gs+ /DMSC, ISA, 256KB SRAM External cache, 16MB RAM. 017 gcc 2.4.5, gcc -DUNIX -static -O2 018 cc -DUNIX -O -target sun4 019 Metaware High C with '-486' and '-O4' options. 020 Watcom 32 9.5 LA, wcl386 -4r -oeatx -zp4 -dMSC 021 gcc 2.3.3, gcc -DUNIX -m486 -O6 -finline-functions -fomit-frame-pointer 022 gcc 2.3.3, gcc -DUNIX -O2

REF: 1 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 04 Oct 1992 Using '-O' or '-O2' degrades performance somewhat. 2 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 10 Oct 1992 The Sun results can be quite erratic unless the '-Bstatic' option is used. It appears important to use the '-Bstatic' option. 3 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 10 Oct 1992 4 Dale Lyndon, dale!ucsd!uunet!unbc.edu!lyndon, 16 Oct 1992 5 Roger Uzun, uzun@crash.cts.com, 31 Oct 1992 6 Andres Kruse, kruse@aritra.desy.de, 03 Dec 1992 7 Jeffrey A Law, law@schirf.cs.utah.edu, 06 Dec 1992 8 Dana Jacobsen, jacobsd@solar.cor2.epa.gov, 11 Dec 1992 9 Gustaf Neumann, neumann@dec4.wu-wien.ac.at, 13 Dec 1992 10 John Hascall, john@iastate.edu, 13 Dec 1992 11 Gustaf Neumann, neumann@dec4.wu-wien.ac.at, 23 Dec 1992 12 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 10 Jan 1993 13 Mike Mellinger, mmellinger@trirex.com, 10 Jan 1993 14 Roger Uzun, uzun@crash.cts.com, 23 Jan 1993 15 David Hinds, dhinds@allegro.stanford.edu, 27 Jan 1993 16 Pedro A.M. Vazquez, vazquez@iqm.unicamp.br, 04 Feb 1993 17 Huub van Baal, huubb@neth.hp.com, 21 Feb 1993 18 Huub van Baal, huubb@neth.hp.com, 23 Feb 1993 19 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 01 Mar 1993 20 Marc GINGOLD, marc@tobit.saclay.cea.fr, 05 Mar 1993 21 Fred Liu, mliu@pt.com, 20 Mar 1993 PT-SYS5K is a SPARC system designed for real time application. 22 Jeff Ungar, ungar@embezzle.Stanford.EDU, 22 Mar 1993 23 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 22 Mar 1993 24 Michael Fingerhut, mf@ircam.fr, 23 Mar 1993 25 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 27 Mar 1993 26 Sherm Riemenschneider, sherm@approx.math.ualberta.ca, 27 Mar 1993 27 Mario A. Guerra, mguerra@inforisc.cr, 02 Apr 1993 28 Burkhard Neidecker-Lutz, neideck@nestvx.enet.dec.com, 18 May 1993 29 Roger Uzun, uzun@crash.cts.com, 23 Jun 1993 30 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 24 Jun 1993 31 Hennie Rautenbach, hennie@info1.sabinet.co.za, 08 Jul 1993 32 Dana Jacobsen, jacobsd@solar.cor2.epa.gov, 14 Jul 1993 33 John E. Stone, johns@cs.umr.edu, 27 Jul 1993 34 Gail L. Grant, grant@pa.dec.com, 03 Aug 1993 35 Roger Uzun, uzun@crash.cts.com, 19 Aug 1993 36 Lionel Lacassagne, lacass_l@boson.epita.fr, 10 Sep 1993 37 Al Aburto, aburto@marlin.nosc.mil, 10 Oct 1993