SPEC Benchmark CINT92 Homogeneous Capacity Summary

SPECrate_int92 (Volume 6, Issue 1, March 1994)

Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme

RM600 Model 140

       Benchmark name of copies Time(Sec) SPEC rate 
       -------------- --------- --------- --------- 
       008.espresso          24       133      9715 
       022.li                 8        88     13390 
       023.eqntott           16        35     11927 
       026.compress          16       247      4256 
       072.sc                16       127     13536 
       085.gcc               16       277      7480 

Geometric Mean (SPECrate_int92): 9351

Model Number: RM600-140
CPU: 50/100MHz R4400MC
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPUs: 8
Primary Cache: 16KBI+16KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 1MB(I+D) off chip per CPU
Other Cache: None
Memory: 512MB
Disk Subsystem: 4 x 1GB
Other Hardware: None
O/S & Version: SINIX-Y V5.41 B
Compilers & Version: C-DS-Y V1.0B
Other Software: None
File System Type: UFS
System State: Multi-user

Hardware Availability: Nov-93
Software Availability: Feb-94

License #: 22
Tested : Jan-94
Of: Paderborn, Germany

Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
All benchmarks: -W0 -FI -FU -O3 -KOlimit,2000 -Kold -dn; Disks used as striped disk
008.espresso: -WM,-G1598 -Wo,-loopunroll,8,-unrolllimit,2000,-docodehoist -Wb,-mips3 -Kr4000; espresso.h.sni from src.alt used
022.li: -WM,-G1598 -0Wo,-loopunroll,8,-unrolllimit,2000 -Wc,-afep,6 -Wm,-i,xfeedback -Kr4000 -lm_s; Feedback optimization used
023.eqntott: -WM,-G1598 -Wo,-loopunroll,16,-unrolllimit,2000,-docodehoist -Knoinline -Kr4000 -Wb,-mips3 -DSYSV
026.compress: -WM,-G1598 -Wo,-loopunroll,2,-unrolllimit,2000,-docodehoist -Kr4000 -Wb,-mips3
072.sc: -WM,G1598 -Wo,-loopunroll,0 -Kr4000 -DSYSV -DSIGVOID -DSIMPLE -lm_s -lcurses -lgen
085.gcc: -Knoinline -Kr4000 -Wb,-mips3; stddef.h from src.alt used
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