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Dhrystone 2.1 and 1.1 MIPS Results (Language: C).

The Dhrystone programs are by Reinhold Weicker. His email address is: weicker.muc@sni.de (in general), or weicker.muc@sni-usa.com (from North America).

Dhrystone is a short synthetic benchmark program intended to be representative for system (integer) programming. Based on published statistics on use of programming language features: see original publication in CACM 27,10 (Oct 1984). Orginally published in ADA, now mostly used in C. Version 2 (in C) published in SIGPLAN Notices 23,8 (Aug 1988), together with measurement rules. Version 1 is no longer recommended since state-of-the-art compilers can eliminate too much 'dead code' from the benchmark (However, quoted MIPS numbers are often based on version 1). Problems: Due to its small size (100 HLL statements, 1-1.5 KB code), the memory system outside the cache is not tested; compilers can too easily optimize for Dhrystone; string operations are somewhat over-represented. Recommendation: Use it for controlled experiments only; don't blindly trust single Dhrystone MIPS numbers quoted somewhere (don't do this for any benchmark).

The Dhrystone C Programs (dhry.shar), and latest table of results (dhry.tbl) are available via anonymous ftp from 'ftp.nosc.mil' in directory 'pub/aburto'. The ftp.nosc.mil IP address is: . Please send new results (systems, machines, compilers, compiler options) to 'aburto@nosc.mil'. I will keep results updated, post to 'comp.benchmarks' periodically, and send results to Reinhold Weicker. Please read the 'dhry.doc' file first for information regarding running the programs and submitting results. If you need the individual files please send email to aburto@nosc.mil .

These Dhrystone source and results are also available via ftp from netlib@ornl.gov .

The VAX 11/780 MIPS reference is 1757 for both Dhrystone V1.1 and V2.1.

I used the same VAX 11/780 MIPS reference (1757) for both V1.1 and V2.1 since the results for unoptimized code in general were very similar, if not identical, in this case.

Reinhold Weicker recommended that both V1.1 and V2.1 MIPS results be collected in this table as this would give a reference on how much more V1.1 can be optimized relative to V2.1. When quoting Dhrystone VAX MIPS ratings it is preferrable to use the V2.1 numbers. Reinhold Weicker has asked me to add the following statement: "Dhrystone author says: Relying on MIPS V1.1 numbers can be hazardous to your professional health" ...

Some compiler results which appear 'too high' compared to other compiler results on the same machine are indicated by an '*' --- just my way of keeping track of exceptional results from certain compilers.

Results as of 11 Nov 1996: