PARKBENCH (PARallel Kernels and BENCHmarks)

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a bench

The Release 2.1.1 of ParkBench is available.

We also provide a patch file from ParkBench 2.0.

The release 2.1.1 contains mainly fixes to bugs.

New in the 2.0 release:

  • Full Integration of Kernel and Compact Application Benchmarks
  • All Benchmarks are now available through PVM and MPI
  • Inclusion and integration of all necessary libraries
  • New Set of Run Rules: HTML or PostScript
  • More efficient NPB Benchmarks included
  • Maximal message sizes extended to 10MB
  • Improved Makefiles and Documentation

    The Parkbench suite contains:

  • 5 Low Level Sequential codes
  • 5 Low Level Communication codes
  • 5 Parallel Linear Algebra Kernels
  • 2 Nasa Ames Parallel Benchmark Kernels
  • 3 Nasa Ames Compact Application codes
  • PSTSWM - Parallel Spectral Transform Shallow Water Model code
  • Support of both PVM and MPI as Message Passing APIs.

    In-depth information, software contacts, and performance results:

  • the Parkbench HTML pages
  • Thanks to ...

    for	postscript file containing the current version
    ,	of a paper describing the activity.
    for	postscript file containing help and documentation
    ,	for parkbench install.
    for	postscript file containing the run and report rules
    ,	for parkbench.
    lib	html
    for	Subdirectory containing the html material
    ,	for parkbench.
    lib	distribution
    for	Subdirectory containing the current distribution
    ,	of the parkbench package.
    lib	correspondence
    for	Subdirectory containing PARKBENCH submission,
    ,	correspondence, and result reporting information.
    lib	gbis/html
    for	Subdirectory containing the GBIS www interface for
    ,	the parkbench performance database.
    lib	future-compapps
    for	Subdirectory containing the future compact application
    ,	benchmarks for parkbench.
    lib	other
    for	Subdirectory containing other things (i.e. HPF benchmark
    ,	and other applications).