Who is the NetSolve User?

There are two types of NetSolve users. The first type of user is one who installs and accesses only the client interface(s) and utilizes existing pools of resources (agent(s) and server(s)). The second type of NetSolve user installs and administrates his own NetSolve system (client, agent(s), server(s)), and potentially enables his software to be used by NetSolve. This Users' Guide addresses the needs of both types of users. If the user wishes to only install the client interface(s), he should follow instructions in Part II. The User's Manual. However, if the users wishes to install client, agent(s), and server(s), he should follow the instructions in Part III. The Administrator's Manual.

Note that the term "administrates" or "administrator" here simply refers to the person setting up and maintaining the NetSolve agent and server components -- NO ROOT PRIVILEGES ARE NEEDED TO INSTALL OR USE ANY COMPONENT OF THE NetSolve SYSTEM.