Running a Kerberized Server

  1. You must have a NetSolve agent running somewhere first.

  2. You must be logged into UNIX as the owner of the /etc/netsolve.keytab file, since the server needs to be able to read this file.

  3. Set up the environment variables:
    UNIX> setenv NETSOLVE_KEYTAB /etc/netsolve.keytab
    UNIX> setenv NETSOLVE_USERS /etc/netsolve.users
    The NETSOLVE_USERS file is a text file that contains a list of Kerberos principal names, one per line, who are authorized to use the server. It is reopened each time a user tries to authenticate to the server, so you can add users while the server is running.

  4. Start the server
    UNIX> /path/to/netsolve/server -k &
    If you do not use the -k flag, the server will not require authentication.