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file	na-digest/87/v87n01
,	                            stanford phd's
,	                   Conference announcement/program
,	                         Householder Award VI
,	                         Wilkinson Fellowship
,	                         Householder Award VI
,	                   Conference announcement/program
,	                             na.lastname
,	                            stanford grads
,	                         Meeting announcement
,	                Eloge and Anecdotes for Jim Wilkinson
,	                               Inquiry
,	                        Wilkinson announcement

file	na-digest/87/v87n02
,	                    na.lastname status message II
,	                         Mathematics Editors
,	                         sabbatical planning
,	                             Office phone
,	                          notice of NATO ASI
,	                               At last
,	                         Lectureship at Bath
,	                        Public Domian Macsyma
,	                         SHARE classification
,	                          Temporary Address

file	na-digest/87/v87n03
,	                         Stanford NA Reunion
,	                       Networking paper in CACM
,	                            na.<last name>
,	                         Lectureship at Bath
,	                    na.lastname status message II
,	                          notice of NATO ASI
,	                      MPS standard form for LPs?

file	na-digest/87/v87n04
,	                          References Request
,	                LINPACK and SPARSEPACK written in C ?

file	na-digest/87/v87n05
,	                         Argonne's ACRF Class
,	                              invitation
,	                        Dear colleague letter

file	na-digest/87/v87n06
,	                              references
,	             U. of MO-Columbia

file	na-digest/87/v87n07

file	na-digest/87/v87n12
,	                               New Mail
,	                           rotator position
,	                   b-board

file	na-digest/87/v87n13
,	                        POSITION ANNOUNCEMENTS

file	na-digest/87/v87n14
,	                        HELP: software needed!
,	                             SPIE Program
,	                             Gatlinburg.
,	                          Re:  announcement

file	na-digest/87/v87n15
,	                        Director of MCS at ANL

file	na-digest/87/v87n16
,	                    A new floating-point standard
,	                    Reunion/Symposium March 26-28
,	                       Announcement for NA-net

file	na-digest/87/v87n17
,	                            Sad, sad news
,	                            Very sad news

file	na-digest/87/v87n21
,	                        Letters of Condolence
,	                  Tribute to Henrici from Dahlquist

file	na-digest/87/v87n22
,	      Program Director Position in Advanced Scientific Computing

file	na-digest/87/v87n23
,	                     MORE on Stanford NA reunion

file	na-digest/87/v87n24
,	                       Program for Histiory of

file	na-digest/87/v87n25
,	                    parallel computation workshop

file	na-digest/87/v87n26
,	                    parallel computation workshop

file	na-digest/87/v87n28

file	na-digest/87/v87n31
,	                         BITNET mail follows

file	na-digest/87/v87n32
,	      Program Director Position in Advanced Scientific Computing
,	                          Italian connection

file	na-digest/87/v87n33
,	                          A NEW SIAM JOURNAL

file	na-digest/87/v87n35
,	                       Where is Oliver McBryan

file	na-digest/87/v87n36
,	                       History of NA Conference

file	na-digest/87/v87n37
,	                     Re:  Where is Oliver McBryan

file	na-digest/87/v87n38
,	                           Field of Values
,	                  Hypercube Conference Announcement

file	na-digest/87/v87n39
,	                         Wilkinson Fellowship

file	na-digest/87/v87n40
,	                        SDSC Summer Institute

file	na-digest/87/v87n41
,	                         NA-net introduction
,	                           NA-net addresses

file	na-digest/87/v87n42
,	                Argonne's class on parallel computing

file	na-digest/87/v87n43
,	                    Parallel Short Course at ORNL

file	na-digest/87/v87n44
,	        1988 Conference on Numerical Methods for IVPs for ODEs

file	na-digest/87/v87n47
,	                           Singular values

file	na-digest/87/v87n48
,	                            PDE Symposium

file	na-digest/87/v87n49
,	    Wilkinson Meeting: Advances in Reliable Numerical Computation

file	na-digest/87/v87n50
,	                        Workshop announcement

file	na-digest/87/v87n51
,	                        Word Processing System

file	na-digest/87/v87n52
,	                       UTK/ORNL NLA Year Update

file	na-digest/87/v87n53
,	        New Director of the Division of Mathematical Sciences
,	                     Change of phones at Courant

file	na-digest/87/v87n54
,	                         HYP. Conf. in Aachen

file	na-digest/87/v87n55
,	                       Submission for nadigest
,	                           sabbatical leave

file	na-digest/87/v87n56
,	                  Symposium on Parallel Optimization

file	na-digest/87/v87n57

file	na-digest/87/v87n58
,	                 UCLA meeting on Domain Decomposition
,	                  Moler & Kent substitute for Golub

file	na-digest/87/v87n59
,	                       Position at Simon Fraser
,	       Positions at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research
,	                       SVD meeting in Grenoble

file	na-digest/87/v87n61
,	              Private enterprise or the demise of matlab
,	                Position At Intel Scientific Computers
,	                    Fourth Haifa Matrix Conference
,	                             7-POINT-STAR
,	                    Computational Math at SIGGRAPH

file	na-digest/87/v87n62
,	                          Season's Greetings
,	                             Kent Curtis
,	                           Summer Workshops
,	                         Job opening at IMSL
,	                            Happy Holidays
,	               Job Opportunity at CONVEX Computer Corp.
,	    Proram Announcement for Computational Science and Engineering
,	            Chair Applied Math. & Stat. Dept. Stony Brook

file	na-digest/87/v87n63
,	                        Symbolic Manipulators
,	                 Whereabouts of one Bernadette Miara
,	                           Position Wanted
,	                   Conference Honoring Jim Douglas

file	na-digest/87/v87n64
,	                                netlib
,	                         Random Vortex Method
,	                         Position at Cal Tech
,	      Program Director Position in Advanced Scientific Computing

file	na-digest/87/v87n65
,	                            e-mail in july
,	                             paper wanted
,	                        John Gilbert is moving
,	                  Eigenvector Eigenvalue Test Suite

file	na-digest/87/v87n66
,	                    Parallel and Vector Algorithms
,	                    Ulrich Hornung Address Change
,	                         GAUSS and PC-MATLAB
,	                      B. and K. Datta visit UCSD
,	               Chicago Conference Honoring Jim Douglas
,	       Domain Decomposition Conference, UCLA, Jan 14-16, 1988.
,	              Availability of SCHEDULE package on Netlib

file	na-digest/87/v87n67
,	                    Fourth Haifa Matrix Conference
,	              Nonlinear PDE Conference at Arizona State
,	             Temporary Address Change for David M. Young
,	                    Request for help from readers

file	na-digest/87/v87n68
,	   Report of Workshop on Environments for Computational Mathematics

file	na-digest/87/v87n69
,	                          Positions at RIACS
,	                 SIAM meeting, Denver, October 12-15
,	                       Re: Random Vortex Method
,	              Junior visiting 1 year position in Aachen
,	                         Ron Dembo's address
,	            Help interpolating function of three variables
,	            New phone and Fax numbers for Philips Research
,	                          Response to Sadler

file	na-digest/87/v87n70
,	          Hyperbolic Problems, Aachen, Germany, March 1988.
,	                       Golub's sabbatical leave
,	                    Peter K. Henrici Memorial Fund
,	       Seeking software for bifurcation and inverse conduction.
,	               Leshner to speak at Denver SIAM meeting
,	           Seeking software for rational linear equations.

file	na-digest/87/v87n71
,	                           Future Meetings
,	                        C Math Library Needed
,	           Briggs Tutorial on Multigrid Available from SIAM
,	                   Need Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithm
,	                   Faculty Position at Stony Brook
,	                      Announcement of Fortran 8x
,	         ODE Conference, Imperial College, London, July 1989
,	                    Pascal Graph Algorithms Sought

file	na-digest/87/v87n72
,	                     Query on Topological Closure
,	                         Underflow in EISPACK
,	                    Workshop on Parallel Computing
,	                      Parallel Programming Class

file	na-digest/87/v87n73
,	               Faculty Positions at University of Utah
,	               Addendum to the Fortran 8x Announcement
,	                Software for Generalized Eigenproblem
,	                        Alternative to EISPACK
,	                      Augment that runs on UNIX
,	                         The EUROMATH Project
,	                    Kyoto Supercomputer Symposium

file	na-digest/87/v87n74
,	                             Club Modulef
,	                        Karmarkar's Algorithm
,	                         Special Issue of LAA
,	                       Position at N. C. State
,	                   Sparse Matrix Symposium in Japan
,	                   Conference on Iterative Methods

file	na-digest/87/v87n75
,	                  Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	                 Faculty Positions at Oklahoma State
,	            Grad Students Wanted at University of Alabama
,	                 Simularators for parallel computers
,	                             Kolmorgorov
,	                       Haifa Matrix Conference

file	na-digest/87/v87n76
,	              Generating Normal Deviates With A DSP Chip
,	                  Postdoctoral Positions at Courant
,	                       Faculty Positions at WPI
,	                       A Workshop Announcement
,	                Evaluation of Hypergeometric Functions
,	                  Positions at University of Florida
,	             Special Issue of LAA on Image Reconstruction
,	                      Positions at Cray Research
,	                      20th "Interface" Symposium
,	                 Golub Receives Guggenheim Fellowship

file	na-digest/87/v87n77
,	       Numerical Analysis Position at the University of Toronto
,	                           Position at UMBC
,	                          LAA Special Issue
,	       IMA Journal Special Issue Commemorating L. Fox Birthday
,	                           Leslie Fox Prize
,	                  Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	                    Positions at Temple University
,	            Conference on Nonlinear PDE's at Arizona State

file	na-digest/87/v87n78
,	            Supercomputing Conference, France, July, 1988
,	     1988 Conference on the Numerical Solution of IVPs for ODEs.
,	            CERFACS -- European Centre for Supercomputing
,	              Corrected Announcement of the L. Fox Prize
,	              Wanted: BFGS routine with Cholesky updates
,	                          Gordon Bell Award

file	na-digest/87/v87n79
,	                    Positions at Temple University
,	                          Out-of-print Books
,	         Tromsoe Conference on Vector and Parallel Computing
,	        Supercomputing '88 -- Announcement and Call for Papers
,	                            Status update.
,	         Linear Algebra and Its Applications -- News Bulletin

file	na-digest/87/v87n80
,	                         Request for CERNLIB
,	                               IMG-NET
,	                     Position at New South Wales
,	                Applied Math at University of Colorado
,	                      SIAM Linear Algebra Prize
,	                   Positions at Courant and Argonne

file	na-digest/87/v87n81
,	                      Pascal version of LINPACK
,	         ICS88 -- International Conference on Supercomputing
,	                       Honorary degree for Gear

file	na-digest/87/v87n82
,	                  Optimization Position at Waterloo
,	                        FFT's in Finite Fields
,	                   Position at North Carolina State

file	na-digest/87/v87n83
,	                           CERFACS meeting
,	                      Query about REDUCE on PC's
,	               Second International SUPRENUM Colloquium
,	            Conference on Computer Aided Geometric Design
,	           Third SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra
,	                          Supercomputing '88

file	na-digest/87/v87n84
,	                    NATO Advanced Study Institute
,	                 Job Opportunity at Thinking Machines
,	              Applied Math Position at West Virginia U.
,	                      Positions at Arizona State
,	                                "Hols"
,	                   Domain Decomposition Conference
,	                          Season's Greetings