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From: Niloufer Mackey <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 15:30:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Pat Eberlein

I have been asked by SIAM News to write about Pat Eberlein.

I would welcome stories and thoughts about Pat that you may have
to share for inclusion in this article. So many of us have special
memories of her, and I would like the article to reflect that.
Being her last student, I am a comparatively recent arrival
on the NA scene, and a rememberance of Pat would be incomplete
without stories from the "early days".

Thank you for your help,

Nil Mackey


From: Jos van Dorsselaer <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 16:03:05 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Change of Address for Jos van Dorsselaer

Dear colleagues and friends,

I have moved from the University of Tuebingen to the CWI.

With best regards,

Jos van Dorsselaer
P.O. Box 94079
NL-1090 GB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
phone: +31205924091
fax: +31205924199


From: Steven G. Johnson <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 15:09:07 -0400
Subject: Fastest Fourier Transform in the West

We are pleased to announce the release of FFTW 2.0, the latest version of
our C FFT library for real and complex transforms in one or more
dimensions. Source code and information for FFTW are available from:

The major change in this version is a completely-rewritten real-complex
transform library. The new library uses inherently real-complex algorithms
and specialized transforms of small sizes to achieve greatly-increased

Other new features include the use of O(N lg N) algorithms for large prime
lengths/factors. See
for a complete list of changes.

We also have released version 2.0 of our benchFFT benchmark, which now
benchmarks one and two dimensional real-complex transforms for many FFT
implementations. The benchmark, along with results from a number of
machines, can be found at:

Matteo Frigo
Steven G. Johnson


From: Joseph Traub <>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 98 6:32:58 EDT
Subject: Prize for Achievement in Information-Based Complexity


This annual prize is for outstanding achievement in information-based
complexity. It will consist of three thousand dollars ($3,000) and a
certificate and will be awarded at a suitable location. The initial
prize committee will consist of Joseph F. Traub and Henryk Wozniakowski.
Anyone other than current members of the prize committee is eligible.
The members of the prize committee would appreciate nominations for the
prize. However, a person does not have to be nominated to win the award.

The deadline for the first award is March 31, 1999. (Please note that
this is a new date for deadline). The achievement can be based on work
done in a single year, a number of years, or over a lifetime. It can be
published in any journal, number of journals, or monographs.

This prize is separate from the Journal of Complexity's Best Paper Award.


From: Allison Bogardo <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 98 14:10:52 -0500
Subject: SIAM Student Paper Prizes

SIAM Student Paper Prizes

The annual SIAM Student Paper Prizes will be awarded during the
1999 SIAM Annual Meeting, May 12-15, at the Radisson Hotel in
Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are a student or know of a student who would like to take
part in the competition, here are the details:

The authors of the three best papers in applied and computational
mathematics written by students and submitted to SIAM will
present their papers at the meeting and each will receive a
$1,000 cash prize as well as gratis registration for the meeting.
There is no provision for travel expenses associated with the

Papers must be singly authored and not previously published or
submitted for publication to be eligible for consideration. To
qualify, authors must be students in good standing who have not
received their PhDs at the time of submission.

In submitting their work for publication, authors are asked to
consider SIAM journals. However, student paper prize winners are
not guaranteed publication in any SIAM journal; all papers
submitted to SIAM journals are subject to the same refereeing
process and standards.

Submissions must be received in the SIAM office on or before
February 1, 1999.

Submissions, which must be in English, can be sent by regular
mail or fax. Each submission must include (1) an extended
abstract NOT LONGER THAN 5 PAGES (including bibliography); (2)
the complete paper, which will be used solely for clarification
of any questions; (3) a statement by the student's faculty
advisor that the paper has been prepared by the author indicated
and that the author is a student in good standing; (4) a letter
by the student's faculty advisor describing and evaluating the
paper's contribution; and (5) a short biography of the student.

Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, and
quality of exposition.

The winners will be notified by March 15, 1999.

Please direct your submission and any questions you may have to
A. Bogardo at SIAM, 3600 University City Science Center,
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688;telephone (215) 382-9800; e-mail to


From: Hershkowitz Daniel <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 08:41:42 +0200 (IST)
Subject: Hans Schneider Prize in Linear Algebra

The Hans Schneider Prize in Linear Algebra

The Hans Schneider Prize in Linear Algebra is awarded by the International
Linear Algebra Society (ILAS) for research contributions and achievements
at the highest level in Linear Algebra. The Prize may be awarded for an
outstanding scientific achievement or for lifetime contribution. The Prize
is awarded every three years at an appropriate ILAS meeting, as decided
upon by the ILAS Executive Board. In any year in which a Prize is awarded,
there may be more than one recipient, within the discretion of the Board.
The first prize was awarded in 1993 to Miroslav Fiedler, Shmuel Friedland
and Israel Gohberg. The second prize was awarded in 1996 to Mike Boyle and
David Handelman (jointly), and to Robert Thompson (posthumously).

The funding for the Prize comes from the interest accruing on a large
donation made to ILAS by Hans Schneider and a number of small
contributions from other people.

The third prize will be awarded at the ILAS conference in Barcelona,
Spain, in July 1999. The Prize Committee consists of:

Angelika Bunse-Gerstner
Biswa Datta
Miroslav Fiedler
Russell Merris
Hans Schneider (chair)
Richard A, Brualdi (ILAS President, ex-officio).

Nominations are now being invited from members of ILAS and the linear
algebra community in general of distinguished individuals judged worthy of
consideration for the Prize. In nominating a person, the nominator should
include a brief biographical sketch together with a statement explaining
why the nominee is considered worthy of the Prize. The nominator should
include references to the publications or other contributions of the
nominee which are considered most significant in making this assessment.
Nominations received by Nov 15 will receive full consideration. They
should be sent to the chair of the committee

Hans Schneider
Department of Mathematics
Van Vleck Hall
480 Lincoln Drive
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison WI 53706 USA


From: Geza Seriani <>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 11:35:48 +0200 (METDST)
Subject: Conference on Theoretical and Computational Acoustics

(Stazione Marittima, Trieste, Italy, May 10-14, 1999)

The conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for active
researchers in academia and industry and of varying backgrounds
to discuss the state-of-the-art developments and results
in theoretical and computational acoustics and related topics.
Papers presented at the meeting will cover acoustical problems
of common interest across disciplines and their accurate
mathematical and numerical modelling .

The topics of the conference will include, but are not limited to:

- Computational aero-, seismo-, and ocean-acoustics; hydro-acoustics,
bio-engineering acoustics, non-linear acoustics, structural acoustics;
- Multidimensional wave propagation modelling: grid methods (spectral, FD,
FEM, FV, BIE, BEM, etc), particle and meshless methods, ray techniques,
symbolic methods, ODE methods;
- Solution methods for large-scale problems (iterative solvers for
indefinite systems, multi-frequency methods, etc.);
- Supercomputing and parallel methods;
- Exterior problems: local and global radiation boundary conditions,
infinite elements, absorbing layers;
- Wave propagation in bore-holes, rocks, fluid-solid interfaces,
anisotropic media, viscoelastic, porous and fractured media, as well as
in random media;
- Ultrasonic wave propagation and nondestructive testing;
- Engineering and Computational seismology;
- Shallow water acoustics and environmental/bottom parameter extraction;
- Random Wave Fields and Ambient Noise;
- Global acoustics and large-scale monitoring;
- Inverse scattering problems;
- Acoustic tomography and full-field inversion;
- Optimization in acoustics;
- Real applications, case histories, and data compression.

Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale di Trieste (Italy); Charles University
of Prague (Czech Republic); Roma Tre University (Italy); DAMTP University
of Cambridge (UK); IACM Foundation for Research & Technology (Crete, Greece);
Tel Aviv University (Israel); Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
(Israel); Yale University (USA); Columbia University (USA); Boston University
(USA); University of Colorado (USA); Scripps Institution of Oceanography,
University of California (USA); U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Division (NUWC); U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR); U.S. Naval Research
Laboratory (NRL); NATO SACLANT, Undersea Research Center (Italy);
SEG (USA); STATOIL (Norway).

Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale di Trieste (Italy).

Angela Marchetto
Conference Secretariat, ICTCA'99
Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale Phone: ( +39 40 ) 2140339
P.O. Box 2011 - Opicina Fax: ( +39 40 ) 327040 / 327307
34016 Trieste, Italy E-mail:

For more information contact, by electronic or regular mail, the
conference office requesting to be included on the ICTCA'99 mailing list
or turn to WWW Home Page at URL:

October 5, 1998 - Deadline for submission of special session proposals
and speakers abstracts and of regular paper abstracts.
December 4, 1998 - Notification of acceptance of special session proposals
and of regular papers.
May 10-14, 1999 - ICTCA'99 Conference.
June 15, 1999 - Submission of final papers for proceedings.

Details will be posted, as they become available, at the web site.


From: Josep Veh <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 12:59:25 +0200
Subject: Applications of Interval Analysis to Systems and Control


Workshop on Applications of Interval Analysis to Systems and Control
with special emphasis on recent advances in Modal Interval Analysis

February 24-26, 1999, Universitat de Girona, Girona, Spain

Dear colleague,

Remember that the deadline for full paper submissions is SEPTEMBER 30,

If you want detailed information about MISC'99, please visit its WWW

Best regards,

Josep Veh


From: Graham de Vahl Davis <>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 15:38:57 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Postdoctoral Positions at University of New South Wales

UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES - Vice Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship

Recent PhD graduates are invited to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship at
UNSW to work on computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer, with
emphasis on directional solidification and crystal growth, pyrolysis and
fire modelling, refrigeration and air conditioning and similar topics.

To be eligible to apply, candidates must have held a doctoral degree for
no more than 3 years at 16 October 1998. The award includes a stipend of
$A43,079 to $A46,243 per annum; a minimum cost return airfare for the
Fellow; and an annual allowance of $A1,500.

Deadline(s):16 October 1998 (late applications will not be accepted)
Guidelines and application forms:

Some information is available at or from
Professor Graham de Vahl Davis ( or from
Associate Professor Eddie Leonardi (


From: Daniel Hershkowitz <>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 09:00:09 +0200 (IST)
Subject: Contents, Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra

We are happy to announce the completion of Volume 3 of ELA -
the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, published by ILAS -
the International Linear Algebra Society. This volume is
dedicated to Hans Schneider on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

ELA Volume 3 (1998). TABLE OF CONTENTS:

1.The editors, Dedication, p. 1.

2.Daniel Hershkowitz and Richard A. Brualdi, Preface, pp. 2-3.

3.Roger A. Horn and Fuad Kittaneh, Two applications of a bound on the
Hadamard Product with a Cauchy Matrix, pp. 4-12.

4.K.-H. Foerster and B. Nagy, On nonnegative operators and fully cyclic
peripheral spectrum, pp. 13-22.

5.Miroslav Fiedler, Ultrametric sets in Euclidean point spaces, pp. 23-30.

6.Chi-Kwong Li and Leiba Rodman, Shapes and computer generation of
numerical ranges of Krein space operators, pp. 31-47.

7.Shaun Fallat and Steve Kirkland, Extremizing Algebraic Connectivity
Subject to Graph Theoretic Constraints, pp. 48-74.

8.Frank Uhlig, Partial Convergence and Sign Convergence of Matrix Powers
via Eigen c--ads, pp. 75-92.

9.Mao-Ting Chien and Michael Neumann, Positive definiteness of tridiagonal
matrices via the numerical range, pp. 93-102.

10.Cristina Jordan, Juan R. Torregrosa and Ana M. Urbano, On the
Rodman-Shalom conjecture regarding the Jordan form of completions of
partial upper triangular matrices, pp. 103-118.

11.Thomas J. Laffey and Eleanor Meehan, A refinement of an inequality of
Johnson, Loewy and London on nonnegative matrices and some applications,
pp. 119-128.

12.Jeffrey L. Stuart, A polynomial time spectral decomposition test for
certain classes of inverse M-matrices, pp. 129-141.

13.Raphael Loewy and Nizar Radwan, On Spaces of Matrices with a Bounded
Number of Eigenvalues, pp. 142-152.


From: Elsevier Science <>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 21:39:52 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Contents, Computer Physics Communications

Vol./Iss. : 112 / 2-3

Length-scale ill conditioning in linear-scaling DFT
Bowler , D.R.
pp.: 103-111

Accurate computation of individual and tables of 3-j and 6-j
Tuzun , Robert E.
pp.: 112-148

Solving the gluon Dyson--Schwinger equation in the
Mandelstam approximation
Hauck , A.
pp.: 149-165

Solving a coupled set of truncated QCD Dyson--Schwinger
Hauck , A.
pp.: 166-182

JavaFit: a platform independent program for interactive
nonlinear least-squares fitting using the
Levenberg--Marquardt method
Robinson , A.W.
pp.: 183-190

Partial level densities for nuclear data calculations
Avrigeanu , M.
pp.: 191-226

SUSYGEN 2.2 -- A Monte Carlo event generator for MSSM
sparticle production at e+ e- colliders
Katsanevas , Stavros
pp.: 227-269


From: Petr Prikryl <PRIKRYL@MATH.CAS.CZ>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 12:52:27 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Contents, Applications of Mathematics


Applications of Mathematics, No. 5/98

Jan Zitko
Using successive approximations for improving the convergence
of GMRES method

Jiri Vala
On the mathematical model of creep in superalloys

Petr Tichy, Jan Zitko
Derivation of BiCG from the conditions defining Lanczos'
method for solving a system of linear equations

Jiri Andel
An estimator for parameters of a nonlinear nonnegative
multidimensional AR(1) process


From: Hans Schneider <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 12:14:43 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and its Applications

Journal: Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Volume : 282
Issue : 1-3
Date : 28-Sep-1998

pp 1-24
A class of parallel decomposition-type ralaxation methods for large sparse
systems of linear equations
ZZ Bai

pp 25-45
Computing hermite and smith normal forms of triangular integer matrices
A Storjohann

pp 47-61
Eigenvalues and eigen-functionals of diagonally dominant endomorphisms in
min-max analysis
M Minoux, M Gondran

pp 63-81
Invariant theory, orbits and non-decomposable quadruples of subspaces
having non-zero defect
FD Grosshans

pp 83-95
Combinatorially orthogonal matrices and related graphs
PM Gibson

pp 97-121
Exact and approximate solutions of some operator equations based on the
cayley transform
IP Gavrilyuk

pp 123-129
Dynamic feedback(A,B)-invariant submodules for linear systems over
commutative noetherian domains
N Ito

pp 131-143
On block cocyclic pairs of nonnegative matrices

pp 145-160
Completions of inverse M-matrix patterns
L Hogben

pp 161-183
An ergodic theorem for classes of preconditioned matrices
S Serra Capizzano

pp 185-198
Numerical ranges of large toeplitz matrices
S Roch

pp 199-220
Minimal null designs of subspace lattice over finite fields
S Cho

pp 221-232
On digraphs and forbidden configurations of strong sign nonsingular
JY Shao

pp 233-247
Global analytic block similarity to a brunovsky form
JM Gracia

pp 249-261
Some asymptotics for triangular matrices over finite fields
F Gerth Iii

pp 263-274
Weak block diagonally dominant matrices, weak block H-matrix and their
SH Xiang

pp 275-295
A fast hankel solver based on an inversion formula for leowner matrices
P Kravanja, M Van Barel

pp 297-310
On the sensitivity of the SR decomposition
XW Chang

pp 311-324
Generalized optimal lattice covering of finite-dimensional euclidean space
D Bryant, P Diamond

pp 325-325
Author index to Volume 282


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