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From: NA Digest <>
Date: Sat May 30 21:22:06 EDT 1998
Subject: NA Digest Calendar

The Netlib Conferences Database is on the Web at:

NA Digest Calendar
Date Topic Place NA Digest #

June 1- 4 Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems Benicassim, Spain 32
June 1- 5 Wave Propagation Golden, CO 42
June 3- 6 Honor Hans Schneider Madison, WI 14
June 6- 8 Derivative Securities Markets Hong Kong 12
June 7-10 Computational Geometry Minneapolic, MN 33
June 8 Fluid Flow on Parallel Machines London, UK 18
June 11-16 Applied and Industrial Mathematics Venice, Italy 14
June 12-13 Industrial Mathematics Logan, UT 09
June 14-17 Applied Parallel Computing Umea, Sweden 20
June 15-17 Honor Alexandre Chorin Berkeley, CA 43
June 15-17 Wavelets for Reconstructing Functions Montecatini, Italy 06
June 15-19 PDE and Numerical Analysis Beijing, China 05
June 15-20 Computational Physics Dubna, Russia 48
June 16-17 Numerical Analysis and Computers Manchester, UK 08
June 16-19 African-American Researchers Houston, TX 17
June 21-23 Vector and Parallel Processing Porto, Portugal 37
June 21-25 Simulation St. Petersburg, Russia 50
June 22-23 Decision-Making & Finance Neuchatel, Switzerland 16
June 22-26 Spectral and High Order Methods Tel Aviv, Israel 52
June 22-26 Monte Carlo Claremont, CA 05
June 22-27 Siberian Congress Novosibirsk, Russia 45
June 25-26 Optimization Days Stockholm, Sweden 51
June 25-27 Scientific Computing Alicante, Spain 43
June 28... Dynamics Days Edinburgh, Scotland 17
June 29-30 Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials Madrid, Spain 47
June 29... Parallel Computing, Economics, Finance Cambridge, UK 45
June 29... Congress on Computational Mechanics Buenos Aires,Argentina 23
June 29... Bifurcation Theory Xi'an, China 30
June 29... Parallel Algorithms in Finance Cambridge, UK 43
June 29... Numerical ODEs Auckland, New Zealand 12

July 1- 3 Optimization Perth, Australia 22
July 3- 5 GAMM, Iterative Processes Kiel, Germany 09
July 5-17 Numerical Analysis Summer School Leicester, UK 10
July 6- 7 Interior-Point Workshop Trier, Germany 17
July 6- 9 Numerical Grid Generation London, UK 40
July 6-10 Air Pollution Modelling Sofia, Bulgaria 10
July 7- 8 Iterative Solution Methods Prague, CZ 15
July 9-10 Applied and Computational Mathematics Hervey Bay, Australia 40
July 12 Optimization Algorithms Orlando, FL 07
July 12-14 Women in Mathematics Workshop Toronto, Canada 05
July 13-15 Parallel Computation Oxford, UK 40
July 13-17 Discrete Mathematics Toronto, Canada 47
July 13-17 SIAM Annual Meeting Toronto, Canada 49
July 13-17 Supercomputing Melbourne, Australia 49
July 14-18 Discrete Simulation of Fluids Oxford, UK 12
July 19-24 Telecommunication Systems Montreal, Canada 40
July 20-22 Optimization Coimbra, Portugal 47
July 20-23 Accurate Solution of Eigenvalue Problems University Park, PA 15
July 20-24 Domain Decomposition Methods Greenwich, UK 36
July 20-24 Black Boxes for Parallel Computing Greenwich, UK 11
July 21-24 Finite Elements Methods Hong Kong 09
July 26... Front Propagation Crete 19
July 27... Computional and Applied Mathematics Leuven, Belgius 38
July 27... Mathematics Modeling Workshop Raleigh, NC 07
July 30... Self-Similar Systems Dubna, Russia 47

Aug. 2- 5 Honor Olga Ladyzhenskaya i Ames, Iowa 14
Aug. 2- 5 Large Scale Matrix Computations Dalian, China 12
Aug. 6- 7 Expert Systems for Numerical Computing Columbia, MO 07
Aug. 9-11 Applications of Computer Algebra Prague, Czech Republic 20
Aug. 9-11 Irregularly Structured Problems Berkeley, CA 03
Aug. 9-21 Error Control and Adaptivity Antalya, Turkey 08
Aug. 10-13 Integral Methods Houghton, MI 09
Aug. 13-15 Nonlinear and Improperly Posed Problems Kocaeli, Turkey 14
Aug. 18-27 International Congress of Mathematicians Berlin, Germany 14
Aug. 18-27 ICM98 Session on Mathematical Software Berlin, Germany 27
Aug. 18-27 VideoMath Festival Berlin, Germany 52
Aug. 19-23 Numerical Methods and Applications Sofia, Bulgaria 13
Aug. 19-23 Incompressible Visous Flow Sofia, Bulgaria 07
Aug. 24-26 European Symposium on Algorithms Venice, Italy 06
Aug. 24-26 Hydroinformatics Copenhagen, Denmark 25
Aug. 24-27 Computational Mechanics Miskolc, Hungary 03
Aug. 31... Mathematics of Surfaces Birmingham, UK 15
Aug. 31... IFIP World Computer Congress Vienna and Budapest 96:46

Sep. 1- 4 Parallel Computing Southampton, UK 47
Sep. 1- 4 Numerical Methods inParallel Computing Southampton, UK 48
Sep. 1- 5 Solid Mechanics Zakopane, Poland 37
Sep. 2- 4 Computational Methods in Engineering Ghent, Belgium 34
Sep. 2- 5 Computational Physics Granada, Spain 05
Sep. 7- 9 Control and Data Processing Prague, Czech Republic 39
Sep. 7-12 PDE Meeting in the Sun Mission Beach, Austral.11
Sep. 7-14 Analytic Number Theory and Space Tilings Kyiv, Ukraine 11
Sep. 14-16 Software Tools for Scientific Computing Oslo, Norway 49
Sep. 14-18 Partial Differential Equations Marrakech, Morocco 20
Sep. 22-25 Validated Numerics Budapest, Hungary 13
Sep. 23-25 Dutch Numerical Mathematicians Woudschoten, N'lands 17
Sep. 24-26 Computer Mathematics Athens, Greece 04
Sep. 28-30 Iterative Methods for Elasticity Nijmegen, Netherlands 17
Sep. 30... Computing in Electrical Engineering Berlin, Germany 07
Sep. 30... Operational Research Rovinj, Croatia 10

Oct. 1- 3 Industrial Flow Problems Barcelona, Spain 08
Oct. 4- 9 Wavelets in the Geosciences Delft, Netherlands 06
Oct. 5- 8 Multigrid Methods Bonn, Germany 12
Oct. 7-11 Operator Theory Winnipeg, Canada 05
Oct. 14-16 Simulation of Devices and Technologies Cape Town, So. Africa 11
Oct. 14-17 Mathematical Physics Knoxville, TN 48
Oct. 18-20 Iterative Methods Austin, TX 14
Oct. 20-23 SIBGRAPI'98 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 13
Oct. 21-23 Object Oriented Methods Yorktown Heights, NY 11
Oct. 22-23 Mathematical Foundations for CAD Troy, MI 13
Oct. 25-28 Operations Research Seattle, WA 11
Oct. 26-28 Circuits, Systems and Computers Piraeus, Greece 20
Oct. 26-29 Air Pollution Modelling Paris, France 48
Oct. 28-31 Parallel and Distributed Computing Las Vegas, NV 17

Nov. 15-20 ASME, Parallel Computing Anaheim, CA 09
Nov. 30... Complex Systems Sydney, Australia 12

Dec. 6- 9 Modelling and Simulation Hamilton, New Zealand 19
Dec. 7-11 Scientific Computing Hong Kong 10
Dec. 15-18 Nonlinear Programming Hong Kong 43
Dec. 16 Honor Dave Sloan Strathclyde, UK 12
Dec. 19-21 Operations Research Agra, India 09

Jan. 11-15 Independent Component Signal Analysis Aussois, France 16
Apr. 15-20 Scattered Data Fitting Puerto Vallarta, Mex. 06
May 10-14 Theoretical and Computational Acoustics Trieste, Italy 01
June 14-18 Householder Symposium Whistler B.C., Canada 49
June 29-July 2 Numerical Analysis Dundee, Scotland 49
July 1- 7 Curves and Surfaces Saint-Malo, France 15
July 12-16 System Modelling and Optimization Cambridge, UK 04


From: Jack Dongarra <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 16:56:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: LAPACK-to-Java

The first public release of the Java LAPACK (version 0.3 beta) is available
for download at the following URL:

The JLAPACK project provides the LAPACK and BLAS numerical subroutines
translated from their Fortran 77 source into class files, executable by
the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and suitable for use by Java programmers.
This makes it possible for a Java application or applet distributed on
the web to use established legacy numerical code that was originally written
in Fortran. The translation was accomplished using a special purpose
Fortran-to-Java (source-to-source) compiler.

The Java LAPACK is distributed as several packages of class files
which the Java programmer may import similarly to the java.lang.Math
package. Source code is also included for reference, although for
technical reasons, it may not be possible for users to recompile code
containing GOTOs.

These class files are provided to enable LAPACK capabilities, not to
provide a highly efficient version of the library.
Although over time we expect an efficient Java version of the BLAS to
be available.

There is some javadoc-generated documentation for BLAS and LAPACK at:

For general information on the Java LAPACK and Fortran-to-Java translation,
visit us at:

Jack Dongarra and Keith Seymour


From: Mike Heroux <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 14:58:37 -0500
Subject: Change of Address for Mike Heroux

Dear Colleagues,

I have joined the Applied and Numerical Mathematics Department at Sandia
National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. I will be working primarily from
my remote office in Avon, MN. My new contact information is:

Remote office address:
Mike Heroux
18125 Kreigle Lake Road
Avon, MN 56310

Lab address:
Mike Heroux
Applied and Numerical Mathematics Dept, 9222
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM 87185-1110

Email Address:
Phone: 320-845-7695



From: Mahesh Joshi <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 21:23:59 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Announcing PSPASES 1.0 and WSSMP 3.7

"PSPASES : A Scalable Parallel Direct Solver Library for Sparse Symmetric
Positive Definite Systems"

by Mahesh Joshi, George Karypis, Vipin Kumar
Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota, Mineapolis.
Anshul Gupta
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York.

We are glad to announce a new version (1.0) of PSPASES.

PSPASES is a stand-alone MPI-based parallel library for solving linear
systems of equations involving sparse symmetric positive definite matrices.
The library efficiently implements the scalable parallel algorithms
developed by authors, for each of the four phases of direct solution
method; viz. ordering, symbolic factorization, numerical Cholesky
factorization, and solution of triangular systems.

PSPASES is implemented using standard MPI and BLAS calls, which makes it
portable to most of today's parallel computers and networks of
workstations. We have tested PSPASES extensively on IBM SP, network of
IBM RS6000 workstations, Cray T3E, SGI Origin 2000 and PowerChallenge

PSPASES uses ParMETIS and METIS as default libraries for computing fill-
reducing ordering, but it also accepts user supplied ordering. Different
functional interfaces are provided for each of the phases of the solver
and a simple interface is also provided for easy use. The user can use
these interfaces to solve multiple systems with same nonzero structures;
to solve same system for multiple right hand sides; and to get different
statistical information such as the memory requirements of the solver
and the quality of the ordering.

Visit the PSPASES web site at

to obtain the software, the manual, related technical papers, usage notes,
and to see some performance benchmarking results. Please read the terms
and conditions for use, given at the website, before downloading and
using the PSPASES software.

If your machine does not have access to the web, then you may obtain the
software via an anonymous ftp to "". Change the directory to
users/kumar/mahesh and get the files pspases-1.0.tar.gz, README.INSTALL,
and README.USAGE (remember to use binary transfer mode).

Any comments, questions or bugs regarding PSPASES can be directed to
Mahesh Joshi (

"WSSMP: Watson Symmetric Sparse Matrix Package"

We are pleased to announce a new version (3.7) of WSSMP.

for IBM SP and RS6000 systems, as WSSMP. The WSSMP package contains
robust industrial strength code for serial and parallel solution of
sparse symmetric positive definite and indefinite systems. WSSMP has
been clocked at up to 450 MFLOPS on an RS6000/397 workstation and up to
24 GFLOPS on a 64-processor SP with model-397 nodes. Documentation for
WSSMP is available at

Please read the terms and conditions of use, given in the manual, before
using the WSSMP software.

Any questions pertaining to WSSMP may be directed to Anshul Gupta
A faster version of the solver with enhanced functionality is available.


From: Claude Brezinski <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 08:51:16 +0200
Subject: PDE in Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco
September 14-18, 1998

The deadline for registration is JUNE 15.
All informations could be found at


From: Arie Quist <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 09:05:58 +0200
Subject: High Performance Optimization Techniques

Last Announcement
Third workshop on
High Performance Optimization Techniques

Wednesday, June 17 to Friday, June 19, 1998
World Trade Center, Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Including a one-day Tutorial on semidefinite programming

Registration still possible

Separate registration is possible for the first part, i.e. tutorial
on Wednesday (NLG 150, about $75), and for the second part i.e.
conference on Thursday and Friday (NLG 250).

Coffee, tea, lunches and conference dinner are included in the
registration fee. Accomodation is not included. For more information
and registration, we have a web page at

Preliminary Program

A complete program is at our web-page. The scheduled talks are:

Wednesday June 17 (Tutorial on SDO)

Etienne de Klerk: Theory, initialization by use of self-dual
Shuzhong Zhang: Primal-Dual Algorithms for SDO
Fahrid Alizadeh: Implementation issues and applications of SDO
Franz Rendl: Applications of SDO in Combinatorial Optimization
Lieven Vandenberghe: Engineering Applications of SDO

Thursday June 18

Yinyu Ye: Mixed Linear and SDO in Combinatorial Optimization
Tianruo Yang: Large Parallel Implementation of IPM for Large
Scale LP
Jean Phillipe Vial: title to be announced
John Mitchell: The computational performance of interior point
cutting plane algorithms for integer
programming problems
Michael Overton: Degeneracy and Conditioning of Semidefinite
Tibor Illes: A strongly polynomial rounding procedure for LCP
Vladimir Prodanovic: Application of SDO to CD Player
Jochem Zowe: What is the best material? -
The answer of a Mathematician

Friday June 19

Christoph Helmberg: The Spectral Bundle Method
Knud Andersen: Exploiting parallel hardware within the XPRESS
optimization software
Mike Saunders: Solving KKT Systems in Barrier Methods for LO
Erling Andersen: On the homogeneous algorithm for convex quadratic
Arkadi Nemirovski: title to be announced
Jiming Peng: A new analysis of large update IPM methods for LCP
Dmitri Pasechnik: An implementation of an approximation algorithm for
a class of combinatorial optimization problems
Michael Todd: Detecting infeasibility of SDO

Program Committee

TU Delft, Optimization Group (C. Roos, T. Terlaky)
TU Eindhoven (Jan Karel Lenstra)
Erasmus University (Jan Brinkhuis, Shuzhong Zhang)
University of Utrecht (Henk van der Vorst)

Local Organizing Committee and Address information

C. Roos (chairman), T. Terlaky, E. de Klerk,
A.J. Quist, V. Prodanovic, J. Peng
(Delft University of Technology)

Address: Organization Committee HPOPT98
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Information Technology and Systems
Optimization Group
Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 15 2782520 Fax: +31 15 2787255


From: Erik Elmroth <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 17:03:40 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Workshop on Applied Parallel Computing


Umea University
June 14-17, 1998


High Performance Computing Center North (HPC2N) is hosting the
fourth International Workshop on Applied Parallel Computing
(PARA98) in June 14-17, 1998 at Umea University, Umea, Sweden.
The general theme for PARA98 is Large Scale Scientific and
Industrial Problems focusing on:

* High-performance computing applications in academia and industry,
* Tools, languages and environments for high-performance computing,
* Scientific visualization and virtual reality applications in
academia and industry,
* Future directions in high-performance computing and networking.

The PARA98 meeting is aimed to be an international forum for idea and
competence exchange for specialists in parallel computing,
visualization, etc and scientists from industry and academia solving
large scale computational problems. Another important aim of the
PARA meetings is to strengthen the ties between HPC centers,
academia, and industry in the Nordic countries as well as worldwide.

The meeting starts with a one day tutorial followed by a three day
workshop. There will be 20 invited 45 minutes lectures and around
70 contributed 20-25 minutes presentations. The PARA98 Proceedings
will be published by Springer-Verlag in their Lecture Notes in
Computer Science series.


Prof Dennis Gannon, USA
Prof Dan Sandin, USA
Prof Chris Johnson, USA


Prof Jack Dongarra, USA Dr Richard Lehoucq, USA
Prof Iain Duff, UK and France Dr Jamshed Mirza, USA
Prof Peter Fritzson, Sweden Prof Cherri Pancake, USA
Prof Dennis Gannon, USA Prof John Perram, Denmark
Dr Anshul Gupta, USA Dr Sami Poykko, Finland
Dr Fred Gustavson, USA Prof Axel Ruhe, Sweden
Dr Carl-Birger Jenssen, Norway Prof Dan Sandin, USA
Prof Chris Johnson, USA Prof Stig Skelboe, Denmark
Prof Markku Kallio, Finland Dr Anne Trefethen, England
Prof Carl Kesselman, USA Prof Hans Zima, Austria


From: IMACS Administration <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 11:40:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

I M A C S - A C A ' 9 8
The Fourth International IMACS Conference
on Applications of Computer Algebra

(IMACS = International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation)

August 9-11, 1998
Czech Technical University
Hotel Krystal
Prague, Czech Republic
Just before ISSAC'98, August 13-15, Rostock, Germany

General Chair:
Richard Liska (

Program Chairs:
Victor Edneral (,
Wolfgang Kuchlin (

Organizing Committee:
Stanly Steinberg (,
Michael Wester (

Local Arrangements:
Jiri Limpouch (,
Milan Sinor(,
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering,
Czech Technical University

The meeting will focus on actual or possible applications of
nontrivial computer algebra techniques to other fields and substantial
interactions of computer algebra with other fields.

List of Sessions and Sessions Organizers:(preliminary)
High Energy Physics
D. Perret-Gallix,
A. Pukhov,
General Relativity
T. Wolf,
Quantum Theory
L. Kocbach,
Control Theory
P. Dorato,
C. Abdallah,
J. Pfalzgraf,
Computer Algebra Methods in Integration and Symmetry Analysis of ODEs
F. Schwarz,
V. Gerdt,
Dynamical Systems and Mechanics
V. Edneral,
N. Vassiliev,,
Approximate Algebraic Computation
M. Noda,
T. Sasaki,
Computation in Algebra and Geometry
A.V. Mikhalev,
Applications of Grobner Bases
Quoc-Nam Tran,
High Performance Symbolic Computing
L. Bernardin,
Industrial Applications
S. Stifter,
Financial Modeling
R. Maeder,
CA Applications in Biology, Ecology and Medicine
N.I. Gurin,
N.K. Zaitsev,
Problem Solving Environments
J. Johnson,
S. Steinberg,
Automatic Differentiation for adjoint codes generation
C. Faure,
Applications to Artificial Intelligence,
E. Roanes-Lozano,
Education meets Computer Algebra: A Double Challenge
B. Kutzler,
History of Computer Algebra Applications

More Information and Registration Forms:
For more information see
or US mirror
or send e-mail to


From: IMACS Administration <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 11:42:22 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: IMACS Conference on Circuits, Systems and Computers


2nd IMACS International Conference on:
"Circuits, Systems and Computers " (IMACS-CSC'98)
October 26-28, 1998
Hellenic Naval Academy, Terma Hatzikyriakou, 18539,
Piraeus, GREECE.

The objective of the Conference is to promote the study of

MASTORAKIS N.,(Organizer & General Chairman),
Military Institutions of University Education, Hellenic Naval Academy,
BORNE P., (Honorary Chairman), Ecole Centralle de Lille, France.
KACZOREK T., (Honorary Chairman), Technical University of Warszaw, Poland.
TZAFESTAS S. (Honorary Chairman), National Technical University of Athens.
VICHNEVETSKY R., President of IMACS, (Horonary Chairman), Rutgers
University, (USA).

For any question or for further technical details, please contact:

Professor N.E.Mastorakis,Military Institutions of University Education,
Hellenic Naval Academy, Terma Hatzikyriakou, 18539, Piraeus, GREECE. Email:
Fax: (Office) first priotity: (+301) 7775660,
Fax: (Office) second priority: (+301) 4181768,
Tel: (Office) (+301) 7775660,
Tel: (Office) (+301) 4512701, ext. 2370

Information about registration:


From: Andreas Brieden <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 17:10:20 +0200
Subject: Graduate Program at Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Graduate and Postdoctoral positions in
Technische Universitaet Muenchen

As of October 1st, 1998 scholarships will be
available in the following research areas of the

- Optimal Control, Simulation of Technical Systems

- Strongly Structured Stochastic Systems
(Fahrmeir, Pigeot)

- Algorithmical Illumination Geometry

- Geometric Algorithms for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

- Discrete Optimization

- Computational Convexity

- Stochastic Optimization of Composit Materials with Adaptive Elements

- Modelling of Telecommunication Traffic

- Stochastic Analysis of Financial Markets

- Wavelet-Algorithms and Time-Frequency-Methods

- Computer Algebra

- Complexity Theory and Efficient Algorithms
(Mayr, Steger)

- Dynamical Systems

- Wavelet-Theory and Group Representations

- Randomized Algorithms

- Algorithmical Graph Theory

According to the regulations of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft,
the scholarships are DM 1.600 (Graduate Position) and
DM 2.790 (Postdoctoral Position) per month.

The letter of application should include

- a short description of intended research interests,
- curriculum vitae, copy of degree certificates,
- copies of scientific papers (thesis, etc.),
- letter(s) of recommendation.

The applications should be sent by July 16th, 1998, to

Prof. Dr. P. Gritzmann
Sprecher des Graduiertenkollegs
Angewandte Algorithmische Mathematik
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
D-80290 Muenchen

For further information see

or contact the office:

Telephone +49 89 289-28288
Telefax +49 89 289-25150


From: Klaus Giebermann <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 10:28:42 +0000
Subject: Research Position at the University of Bonn

Am Institut fuer Angewandte Mathematik der Universitaet Bonn ist ab sofort
eine Stelle als

wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin bzw.
wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

in der Abteilung Wissenschaftliches Rechnen und Numerische Simulation
(Prof. Dr. Griebel) zu besetzen. Zu Beginn erfolgt die Verguetung gemaess
BAT IIa/2, eine Aufwertung der Stelle auf BAT IIa ist zu einem
spaeteren Zeitpunkt vorgesehen. Das zu bearbeitende Projekt ist
interdisziplinaer ausgelegt und schliesst das Geologischen Institut und das
Institut fuer Photogrammetrie der Universitaet Bonn ein. Die Bewerberin bzw.
der Bewerber soll ein abgeschlossenes Studium der Mathematik mit Schwerpunkt
Angewandte Mathematik und Numerik sowie einen ueberdurchschnittlichen Abschluss
vorweisen. Gelegenheit zur Promotion ist gegeben.

Die Universitaet Bonn bemueht sich um die Foerderung von Frauen in Forschung
und Lehre. Qualifizierte Frauen werden deshalb nachdruecklich aufgefordert
sich zu bewerben.

Weitere Informationen unter:


Dr. Klaus Giebermann
Institut fur Angewandte Mathematik
Universitat Bonn
Wegelerstr. 4
Tel.: 0228/73-3173


From: Clemens-August Thole <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 14:34:07 +0100
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at the German National Research Center

At the GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology a
PostDoc position available in its Institute SCAI - Institute for Algorithms
and Scientific Computing ( from summer 1998. Objective
of the work is a collaboration with the Italian federal research center
CNR/CNUCE (Pisa) on the improvement of the structural analysis code NOSA,
which has been developed by CNUCE for the simulation of historic buildings.
Parallel, adaptive and hierarchical sparse matrix solvers will be
integrated into NOSA and new solvers will be developed.

For further details see:

Clemens-August Thole
Schlo? Birlinghoven, D-53754 Sankt Augustin

Tel: +49 2241 14 2739
Fax: +49 2241 14 2102


From: Kevin Burrage <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 12:03:46 +1000
Subject: Research Position at University of Queensland

Research Position Available
Mathematics Department
University of Queensland

Post Doctoral fellowship
available for 2.5 years
Initially HALF TIME for 1998
may be upgraded to 75% of full time in 1999

with Professor Kevin Burrage (Mathematics), and Professor Ray Volker
(Civil Engineering)

Salary: 0.5* ($37,550) to 0.5 *($44,908) per annum


To work on ARC Large Grant 'Models and efficient numerical techniques for stocahstic differential equations in environmental modelling'.

Duties are:

The development of numerical methods for stochastic differential equations
for solving large scale environmental modelling problems. These new
methods should be capable of being used for stiff problmes and be of
variable step size in nature. Some implementations will be done on the
University of Queensland's supercomputer and there will be a
visualisation component.

The appointee will be responsible to the Chief Investigators Profs Burrage
and Volker.


E1. A PhD in computational mathematics and, in particular, numerical
methods for stochastic ordinary differential equations.

E2. A background in numerical methods for ordinary differential
equations as a basis for developing innovative methods for stochastic
ordinary differentuial equations.

E3. A knowledge of Matlab and Fortran77-90.

E4. Expertise in high performance computing.

E5. Evidence of a "track record" in terms of papers written or submitted.

E6. Substantial exposure to real world applications including
environmental modelling.

Interested individuals should contact Prof Kevin Burrage as soon as

Prof Kevin Burrage
Department of Mathematics
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland 4072

Phone: 61-7-3365-3487
Fax: 61-7-3365-1477

Application deadline: June 4, 1998


From: Adrian Swift <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 13:10:39 +1300
Subject: Positions at Massey University, Auckland


Lectureships/Senior Lectureships in
Computer Science, Information
Engineering, Information Systems,
Mathematics and Statistics
Albany Campus
Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences

The Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences, based at the
Albany Campus on Auckland's North Shore, contains academic staff in
Computer Science, Electronics, Information Engineering, Information
Systems, Mathematics and Statistics as part of Massey University's
College of Sciences. As a result of an expansion of offerings within
these disciplines, in particular the introduction of the Bachelor of
Technology in Information Engineering in 1998 and postgraduate
programmes in the Information and Mathematical Sciences in 1999, five
new positions at Lecturer or Senior Lecturer levels are available
from July 1998 for applicants with the following backgrounds.
Computer Science - any field of computer science and an ability to
teach a variety of undergraduate courses.
Information Engineering - communication engineering, electronic
engineering, digital signal processing, computer network engineering.
Information Systems - electronic commerce, distributed systems,
systems analysis, systems design, management information systems.
Mathematics - mathematical modelling, applied or engineering
Statistics - applied or industrial statistics.
Applicants with a doctorate in an appropriate field, demonstrated
ability as a teacher, research expertise in any of the aforementioned
disciplines and possibly having an interest in contributing to
interdisciplinary teaching and research with an applied emphasis are
invited to apply. Depending on experience, some positions may be
made at Senior Lecturer level.
Alternatively joint appointments across the disciplines in areas such
as data mining, operations research, scientific computation,
information technology and the engineering sciences would be
favourably considered.
Enquiries of an academic nature should be directed to Professor
Jeffrey J Hunter, Head of the Institute (telephone 64-9-441-8148, fax
64-9-441-8181, or email
Reference number: 4/98LA NZHD must be quoted.
Closing date: 30 July 1998 (Positions to remain open until filled).
General information about the University can be found on the Web at and at for
information about Albany.
The University reserves the right not to make an appointment or to
appoint by invitation. An information package including the
Conditions of Appointment can be obtained from the Human Resources
Section (telephone 64-6-350-5299 or email
Applications, including a full curriculum vitae and the names,
addresses and fax numbers of three referees must be sent to 'Academic
Vacancies', Human Resources Section before the closing date
Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Telephone: 64-6-350-9099
Fax : 64-6-350-5615
Equality of opportunity is University policy.

Mr Adrian Swift
Mathematics, IIMS
College of Sciences
Massey University, Albany Campus
Private Bag 102-904
North Shore Mail Centre
New Zealand
Ph: 09 441 8172
Fax: 09 441 8181


From: Oleg Burdakov <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 16:56:49 -0300 (EST)
Subject: Contents, Optimization Methods and Software

Table of Contents
Optimization Methods and Software (OMS)
Volume 9, Number 4 (June, 1998)

P. Tseng
Search directions and convergence analysis of some infeasible
path-following methods for the monotone semi-definite LCP

E.K. Kostousova
State estimation for dynamic systems via parallelotopes:
optimization and parallel computations

B. Christianson
Reverse accumulation and implicit functions

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From: Arieh Iserles <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 98 09:43:28 BST
Subject: Contents, Acta Numerica 1998

The 7th volume of Acta Numerica has just appeared. The contents are

Russel E. Caflisch: "Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods".....1

Ronald A. DeVore: "Nonlinear approximation"........................51

Ilse C.F. Ipsen: "Relative perturbation results for matrix
eigenvalues and singular values"..................................151

Heinz-Otto Kreiss and Jens Lorenz: "Stability for time-dependent
differential equations"...........................................203

M.J.D. Powell: "Direct search algorithms for optimization

G.A. Watson: "Choice of norms for data fitting and function


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