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From: Alan Edelman <>
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 10:47:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra Prize

It is a great pleasure to announce the winners of
the SIAG LA prize and the poster prizes awarded at
the Sixth SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra.
The conference took place on October 9 through November 1
in Snowbird, Utah.

The SIAG LA prize is awarded every third year (starting in 1988) at the
triennial SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, the only all SIAG/LA
meeting. The award period is the three calendar years preceding the meeting.
Further details on the prize may be found on .

This year we have two SIAG LA prize winners!:
1) Ming Gu (UCLA) & Stanley Eisenstat (Yale University) for their paper
"A Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for the Symmetric Tridiagonal


2) Gerard Sleijpen and Henk Van Der Vorst (Math Institute at
the University of Utrecht) for their paper
"A Jacobi-Davidson Iteration Method for Linear Eigenvalue

An honorable mention was given for "A Formula for Computation
of the Real Stability Radius" by L. Qui (Hong Kong University
of Science), B. Bernhardsson and A. Rantzer (Lund, Sweden),
E.J. Davison (U. Toronto), P. M. Young (MIT), and J. C.
Doyle (Caltech)

We also had many nice posters at this conference.
The following two were selected for a special recognition
as winners of the poster competition.

On the Perturbation Theory for the Unitary Eigenvalue Problem
B. Bohnhorst, Schmidt, Vogel und Partner, Gesellschaft fur
Organisation, und Management Beratung mbH, Germany; A. Bunse-Gerstner and
Heike Fassbender, Universitat Bremen, Germany

Overview of the Semi-Discrete Matrix Decomposition and Its Applications
Tamara G. Kolda, Oak Ridge National Labs and Dianne P. O'Leary,
University of Maryland, College Park

Many people felt this was a particularly strong meeting --
further details are likely to appear in a SIAM News article.

Alan Edelman
Secretary of SIAG-LA


From: Jim Epperson <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 14:29:07 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Request for Historical Information

I am writing up some lecture notes for an introductory numerical methods
or analysis course, and would like to spice them up by the inclusion of
some historical notes. Getting biographical information on the classic
mathematicians is not difficult, of course, and I have Goldstine's book
on the history of numerical analysis, as well as several other history
of math texts.

What I would like to have are (some pointers to) sources on more modern
people such as Aitken and Richardson, as well as sources on the modern
development of numerical analysis in this century. If anyone has
suggestions, I would be most grateful. Journal articles, pointers to
web sites, or even personal knowledge would be appreciated.

Jim Epperson


From: Dale Olesky <>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 97 09:30:14 PST
Subject: Iterative vs. Direct Methods

With regard to solving nonsingular linear systems (large and sparse, I
believe), I recently heard a claim that iterative methods are less accurate
than direct methods when the coefficient matrix is ill-conditioned. Does
anyone know of any studies or papers on this, or whether or not this claim
is true?

Dale Olesky
Dept of Computer Science
Univ of Victoria
Victoria, BC V8W 3P6


From: Cong Fu <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 14:10:56 -0800
Subject: A Run-time Parallelization System for Irregular Computations

We have made the first version of the RAPID tool (RAPID 1.0) available
on-line. RAPID is a run-time library system for parallelizing irregular
codes using graph scheduling and fast communication support. RAPID has been
used to parallelize several irregular codes including sparse matrix
computations and n-body simulation. In particular, it helps us to parallelize
sparse Gaussian Elimination with partial pivoting on distributed memory
machines. This release is for Cray-T3E. The package and related papers
can be obtained at the RAPID homepage:

The ftp site for this software is: : pub/project/RAPID1.0.tar.gz

Cong Fu
Department of Computer Science
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


From: Allison Bogardo <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 97 08:06:22 -0500
Subject: SIAM Student Travel Awards

SIAM Student Travel Awards
SIAM Conferences and Annual Meeting

During 1998, SIAM will make a number of awards for $300 to
support student travel to each of the following SIAM conferences:

Ninth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms
January 25-27, San Francisco, CA

Fourth SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications
May 7-9, Jacksonville, FL

Fourth International Conference on Mathematical and
Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation
June 1-5, Golden, CO

Ninth SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics
July 12-15, Toronto, CANADA

SIAM Annual Meeting
July 13-17, Toronto, CANADA

Industrial Workshop on Computer-Aided Design
and Manufacturing
October 22-23, Troy, MI

The awards are to be made from the SIAM Student Travel Fund,
created in 1991 and maintained through book royalties
donated by generous SIAM authors.

Any full-time student in good standing is eligible to
receive an award plus gratis meeting registration. Top
priority will be given to students presenting papers at the
meeting, with second priority to students who are co-authors
of papers to be presented at the meetings. Only students
traveling more than 100 miles to the meetings are eligible
for the awards.

An application for a travel award must include:

(1) A letter from the student describing his/her
academic standing and interests, his/her expected
graduation date and degree, advisor's name,
and, if available, a URL for a working Web

(2) A one-page vita that includes the student's
research interests, projects, and papers

(3) A detailed letter from the student's faculty
advisor indicating why the student is deserving
of receiving a travel award and any special circumstances.

(4) If applicable, the title(s) of the paper(s) to be
presented (co-authored) by the student at the

Applications should be sent to the SIAM office (Attention:
SIAM Student Travel Awards), 3600 University City Science
Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688. Students also may
apply by e-mail to or by fax to 215-386-7999.

Complete applications must be received at the SIAM office no
later than TWO MONTHS before the first day of the meeting for
which support is requested.

Winners will be notified FIVE WEEKS before the first day of the
meeting. Checks for the awards will be given to the winning
students when they arrive at the given meeting and check in at
the SIAM Registration Desk.


From: Chaoqun Liu <cliu@leibnitz.math.LaTech.Edu>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 09:09:19 -0600 (CST)
Subject: New Book, Advances in DNS/LES

NEW BOOK (676 pages)

Edited by Chaoqun Liu, Zhining Liu, and Leonidas Sakell
Published by Greyden Press in November, 1997
ISBN 1-57074-365-7


Conference Chairmen : Chaoqun Liu & Len Sakell

This book is a collection of papers presented in the First AFOSR
International Conference on Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy
Simulation (FAICDL), Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana, USA,
August 4-8, 1997. The conference attracted 93 participants from 16 countries.
The book contains 17 invited papers and 53 regular contributions which cover
a wide range of topics related to DNS and LES. The topics include: DNS/LES
toward understanding fundamental flow physics, DNS/LES for complex flows,
flow transition, fully developed turbulent flow, aeroacoustics,
and combustion applications, DNS/LES for transition and turbulence modeling,
development on filter and subgrid model for LES, boundary condition treatment
for DNS/LES, numerical algorithm developments for DNS/LES, and parallel
computation implementations and applications for DNS/LES. An open forum
discussion on DNS/LES past, present, and future is also documented in this

For more information, please contact

Prof. Chaoqun Liu
FAICDL Chairman
Mathematics and Statistics
Louisiana Tech University
P.O. Box 3189
Ruston, LA 71272-0001
Tel : (318) 257-2257
Fax : (318)257-2437
email :


From: Iain Duff <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 18:05:23 GMT
Subject: IMANA Newsletter

IMANA Newsletter Volume 22(1). October 1997.

The April issue of the IMANA Newsletter is available electronically and
can be accessed through anonymous ftp to RAL.

cd pub/imana
get oct97.gz

If readers wish to receive complete paper copies on a regular basis they
should write to:

Karen Jenkins
Catherine Richards House
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
16 Nelson Street
Essex SS1 1EF
fax: +44-1702-354111


From: Mary Rayward-Smith <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 14:01:35 +1200
Subject: International Journal of Mathematical Algorithms


Prof Vic Rayward-Smith
School of Information Systems
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ

As editor, I am pleased to announce the launch of the new journal-

International Journal of Mathematical Algorithms (IJMA)

IJMA will be concerned with research in the interface of computer science
and mathematics. In particular, the journal will focus on applicable
mathematics such as operational research, discrete mathematics, number
theory and logic where the research reported contains a significant
computing science component. Published papers will have a strong
mathematical foundation and will be concerned with the exploitation of
recent advances in computing generally with a view to solving problems of a
practical nature.

This journal is committed to minimising the delay between submission and
publication of successful papers. The journal has the policy that it will
inform authors of acceptance/rejection within six months of submission.

I would now like to invite authors to submit papers for publication in the
journal. It is foreseen that the first issue will be in early 98. Please
submit manuscripts (3 copies please) to me at the address below, or in the
case of North American workers to Teodor Crainic in Montreal.
Final details of presentation of manuscripts will be sent to authors
following acceptance.

It is hoped that there will also be some special issues - maybe a
collection of selected related papers presented at a meeting. If you have
suggestions for an issue of this nature, I will be pleased to hear from

Topics covered in IJMA include:
artificial intelligence
combinatorial optimisation
computational geometry
cryptographic systems
data structures
graph theory and algorithms
mathematical modelling
mathematical programming
parallel and distributed systems

This list is not meant to be an exhaustive list but rather an indication of
the scope of IJMA.

Below are details of the IJMA editorial board. I am confident that this
new journal will have a wide readership. I hope to receive your suggestions
and/or contributions. I would appreciate it if you could circulate this
memo to your colleagues
and co-workers

Vic Rayward-Smith

Editor in Chief:

Prof Vic J Rayward-Smith,
School of Information Systems,
University of East Anglia,
Norwich NR4 7TJ.
Tel: +44 (0)1603 592850
Fax: +44 (0)1603 593344

North American Editor:

Prof Teodor. Crainic,
Dept. des sciences administratives, U.Q.A.M.,
Centre de recherche sur les transports,
Universite de Montreal,
C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-ville,
Montreal (QC),
Canada H3C 3J7.
tel: +1-514-343-7143
fax: +1-514-343-7121

Editorial Board:

Dr John Beasley
Imperial College, London

Dr G P McKeown,
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Dr Kees Roos
TU Delft, Holland

Prof Stefan Voss
Tech Univ of Braunschweig, Germany

Prof David Woodruff
Graduate School of Management, UC Davis, USA

Prof J. Luis A. Yebra,
UPC Barcelona, Spain


From: Citadel <>
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 00:29:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SIAM Student Conference and Annual Meeting of SEAS

The annual SIAM-SEAS meeting in Spring 1998 will be held at Florida
State University in Tallahassee in conjunction with a SIAM Student Conference,
like the highly successful First SIAM Student Conference at Clemson in March
1996. The Conference dates will be from March 19 to 21, 1998, beginning at
1:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 19. The Student Conference is intended primarily
for graduate students, although undergraduates are welcome as well.

The conference program will focus on applications of mathematics
in a wide variety of areas, and include presentations from some recent
mathematics graduates working in industry. There will be a select group of
invited student speakers, as well as many opportunities for students
to present contributed papers. SIAM president John Guckenheimer of
Cornell University, Mary Wheeler of the University of Texas at Austin,
and Michael Waterman of the University of Southern California have all
agreed to give plenary addresses. An industrial mathematician is being
sought as a fourth plenary speaker. Michael Waterman's talk on the
afternoon of Friday, March 20, will be followed by a special session
on Mathematical and Molecular Biology, organized by the inter-university
Program in that area. The other special sessions planned so far are one on
Imaging, organized by Dave Wilson (UF) and one on Higher Order Methods for
Multi-Domain Decomposition, organized by Gordon Erlebacher (FSU). Please
contact Chris Hunter if you are interested in organizing some other special

The conference will merge with the annual meeting of SIAM-SEAS on
the afternoon of Friday, March 20. The student emphasis will continue and
papers contributed by students will be given priority in the scheduling. The
meeting will end by 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 21, and there will be a tour
of the National High Magnetic Field Lab. that afternoon for those interested.

Chris Hunter (, chair of FSU's Mathematics
Department, is the host and chair of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC).
The most current information about the conference, its program, scheduling,
housing, and transportation can be obtained through the FSU Mathematics
Department's home page on the World Wide Web (
(As of 10/30/97, the Conference item is at a very early stage of development,
and is due for substantial improvement.) Costs for students will be kept
to a minimum; the LOC hopes to be able to offer a limited amount of cheap
accommodation on a first-come, first served, basis. The deadline for
submission of abstracts (no more than 200 words) for contributed student
and faculty papers is February 15, 1998. Faculty are welcome to nominate
as invited speakers students who are excellent speakers and who have done
particularly interesting work. Abstracts and questions about the conference
can be directed to


From: Erricos John Kontoghiorghes <>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 19:17:07 +0000
Subject: Parallel Computing and Algorithms in Economics and Finance


Sessions to be held at the 1998 International Meeting of the
Society for Computational Economics

June 29 - July 1, 1998
University of Cambridge, UK


Erricos John Kontoghiorghes, Institut d'informatique, Neuchatel
Hans-Heinrich Naegeli, Institut d'informatique, Neuchatel

This session will deal with papers addressing methods for solving
economic and finance problems on parallel computers. Contributions on
parallel computing and algorithms that potentially can be used in
economics and finance are welcome. Session themes include, but are
not limited to:

* Parallel computing applications to economics and finance
* Software developments
* Tools and parallel algorithms useful for large-scale estimation

Authors wishing to present a paper are invited to submit an abstract
(maximum two pages) by January 10, 1998. Full length manuscripts of
papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication
in a special issue of the journal PARALLEL ALGORITHMS AND APPLICATIONS.
The deadline for the manuscripts will be advised at a later stage, but
this deadline will not be earlier than the conference date.

Contributions by post (hard copy), email or fax should be submitted to:

Erricos John Kontoghiorghes
Institut d'informatique
Universite de Neuchatel
Rue Emile-Argand 11
CH-2007 Neuchatel

Fax: +41 (0) 32 718 27 01


From: Bob Russell <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 14:33:18 -0800
Subject: Siberian Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics

dedicated to the memory of S.L.Sobolev (1908-1989)


The Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, the Institute of Numerical Mathematics
and Mathematical Geophysics, the Joint Institute of Informatics of the
Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, together with Novosibirsk
State University, Novosibirsk State Technical University, and the Siberian
Society for Promotion of Science and Education convene the International
Congress INPRIM--98. The Congress will take place at Novosibirsk Akademgorodok
from June 22 to June 27, 1998. The working languages of the Congress are
English and Russian. The plenary lectures will be accompanied by simultaneous
translation. The slide-projectors will be provided for presentation of papers.

The Program Committee plans that the plenary lectures will be made by the
speakers as follows:
and S.K.Vodop'yanov.

The Chairman of the Program Committee is M.M.Lavrent'ev. The Vice-Chairmen
are Yu.G.Reshetnyak and L.A.Bokut'.

Please inform the organizers about your decision to participate in
the Congress by February 1, 1998. Forward your mail to the Organizers of
sections or to INPRIM-98 Secretariat, The Sobolev Institute of Mathematics,
630090 Novosibirsk, RUSSIA, phone: 7(3832)351560, fax: 7(3832)350652, e-mail:

An official invitation will be send to you by air-mail or fax at request.

Chairman of the Program
Committee of the Congress
Academician M.M.Lavrent'ev


From: Carole Hayakawa <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 14:17:58 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Methods

Third International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte
Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing will be held in Claremont,
California at The Claremont Colleges on June 22-26,1998.

The Conference web page can found at

Carole Hayakawa (


From: Tom Manteuffel <tmanteuf@sobolev.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 10:51:14 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods

The Fifth Copper Mountain Conference
Iterative Methods
March 30 - April 3, 1998
Copper Mountain Colorado

Details on Conference on Web Site:

Important Dates:

Student Papers: Dec 15, 1997
Author Abstracts: Jan 15, 1998
Lodging Guarantee: Feb 25, 1998
Early Registration: Feb 25, 1998


From: Paul Loach <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 14:35:37 +0000
Subject: Computational Electromagnetics in an Ocean Environment

On 23-26th June 1997 the Defence, Evaluation and Research Agency
organised a conference on computational electromagnetics in an ocean
environment. The conference took place at Imperial College, London
and over 150 people attended from a total of 22 countres. Details of
the conference are available on our website:

I am now jointly organising the next conference, MARELEC '99, in
collaboration with GESMA. It is planned that it will take place in Brest,
France in September 1999. If anyone would like further information or would
like to be added to the mailing address then please email:


From: Vladik Kreinovich <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 97 09:16:02 MST
Subject: Interval Methods in Global Optimization

International Conference on Interval Methods and their Application
in Global Optimization (INTERVAL'98), April 20-23, 1998, Nanjing, China

Biannual conferences INTERVAL'XX are devoted to various
aspects of reliable numerical computations based on the interval approach.
(Sometimes the terms validated numerics, localizational computations, or
enclosure methods are used). Talks are devoted to development of
corresponding mathematical structures, design of computer tools, and
applications in a wide range of areas.

INTERVAL'98 will emphasize the application of interval mathematics
and its combination with the interdisciplinary topics from the
two preceding meetings in global optimization. Especially welcome
are contributions which use interval arithmetic tools for solving
problems of practical relevance.

The following topics will be considered: interval mathematics, hardware and
software for interval and computer-algebraic methods, SC-languages, logic
constraint programming, interval modelling, interval constraints, computer
aided proofs in analysis, interval algorithms in control theory,
organization of symbolic-numeric interfaces, programming environments for
scientific computing, and applications in various fields of science and
engineering as well as commercial issues.

Two copies of an extended abstract of maximum 2 pages are requested for
selection purposes. Electronic submission is strongly recommended.
Please send abstracts to Prof. Dr. Shen Zuhe at;
mailing address: Department of Mathematics, Nanjing University, Nanjing 21008
People's Republic of China

A more detailed information about this and other conferences related to
interval computations can be found on the interval website (click on conferences).


From: Jorge More' <>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 09:44:13 -0600
Subject: Wilkinson Fellowship at Argonne National Laboratory


Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory

The Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National
Laboratory invites outstanding candidates to apply for the J. H. Wilkinson
Fellowship in Scientific Computing. The appointment is for one year and
may be renewed for a second year.

This fellowship was created in memory of Dr. James Hardy Wilkinson, F.R.S.,
who had a close association with the Mathematics and Computer Science
Division as a consultant and guiding spirit for the EISPACK and LINPACK
projects. The Wilkinson Fellowship is intended to encourage young
scientists actively engaged in state-of-the-art research in scientific
computing. Candidates must have received their Ph.D. not more than three
years prior to the beginning of the appointment. The benefits of the
appointment include a highly competitive salary, moving expenses, and a
generous professional travel allowance.

The appointment will be in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division,
which has strong programs in scientific computing, software tools, and
computational mathematics. Of special interest are algorithms and software
for linear algebra, optimization, unstructured mesh computations, and
computational differentiation; software tools for parallel computing; and
numerical methods for computational science problems.

Internationally recognized for innovative research in high-performance
computing, the Mathematics and Computer Science Division is expanding its
activities in conjunction with the newly established Center for
Computational Science and Technology. At the core of the center are
scalable parallel computers, a distributed supercomputing laboratory, and a
virtual environments laboratory. For further information, see

Argonne is located in the southwestern Chicago suburbs, offering the
advantages of affordable housing, good schools, and easy access to the
cultural attractions of the city.

Resumes should be addressed to Walter McFall, Box mcs-wilkinson, Employment
and Placement, Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Avenue, Argonne,
IL 60439, and must include a statement of research goals, and the names and
addresses of three references. The closing date for applications is
January 9, 1998. The applications will be reviewed by a selection committee
and a candidate announced in April 1998. For further inquiries and to
submit resumes electronically, please send e-mail to

Argonne is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.


From: Nick Trefethen <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 23:27:47 GMT
Subject: Professorship at Oxford

In the upcoming months the University of Oxford intends to appoint a
Professor of Mathematics and its Applications. The holder of this
chair will be expected to play a leading role in applied mathematics
at Oxford in the years ahead.

The text of the advertisement for this post is attached. Information
about the mathematical sciences at Oxford can be found at, and informal questions can
be directed to Prof. L. N. Trefethen at,


The electors intend to proceed to an election to the newly-established
Professorship of Mathematics and Its Applications with effect from 1
October 1998 or such later date as may be arranged.

The University attaches the greatest importance to the election to this
professorship of a person of mathematical distinction who will be able to
offer leadership in research, teaching and academic policy-making. The
University welcomes applicants working in any area of applied mathematics
but the primary aim is to elect an outstanding mathematician who would
lead and direct research in the analysis and modelling of practical
problems. While this clearly covers a broad range, applications would be
particularly welcome from those working in areas such as industry,
commerce, communications, or the biological sciences, which would
strengthen existing groups already working in the Mathematical Institute.

A non-stipendiary professorial fellowship at Mansfield College is attached
to the professorship.

Applications (ten copies, or one only from overseas candidates), naming
three persons who have agreed to act as referees on this occasion, should
be received not later than 24 November by the Registrar, University
Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, from whom further particulars
may be obtained.


From: Chaoqun Liu <cliu@leibnitz.math.LaTech.Edu>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 09:02:27 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Fellowships at Louisiana Tech

Student Fellowship Announcement

I am pleased to announce that one PhD Student Fellowships are open for
application now at the Applied Computational Analysis and Modeling
(ACAM) PhD program, College of Engineering and Science, Louisiana Tech

The requirements for the fellowship include the following:
1. Must be an American citizen or a resident alien holding permanent
visa status,
2. Must have a GRE score (V+Q) of at least 1200,
3. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 on all graduate work. Furthermore,
the recipient will be required to maintain a GPA of at least 3.5.
4. Must submit 3 letters of recommendation from persons familiar with the
student's academic ability and potential for success in the graduate
5. Must submit a statement of their research interests after reviewing
the research interests of the faculty.
6. All requirements of the Graduate School of Louisiana Tech University
must be met.

Applicants should contact the graduate school to get application forms
for admission and should send their fellowship application letter
with a short vita to:

Dr. Chaoqun Liu, Associate Professor
Mathematics and Statistics
Louisiana Tech University
P.O. Box 3189
Ruston, LA 71272-0001
Tel : (318) 257-2257
Fax : (318) 257-2437
email :


From: Trenda Whiteman <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 11:20:29 -0500
Subject: Faculty Positions at Ball State University



Applications are invited for two tenure-track positions at the rank of Assistant
Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Ball State University.
The positions begin August 21, 1998. All requirements for a doctorate in one
of the mathematical sciences must be completed by this time. Preference will
be given to candidates whose research interests are compatible with present
faculty, particularly candidates in the areas of Lie Groups, Computational/
Numerical Mathematics, and Stochastic Analysis. Applications from women and
minorities are strongly encouraged. In addition, one or more fixed term (not
tenure-track) positions may also be available August 21, 1998.

Documentation of successful college or university teaching and evidence of
research potential are required. Salary and benefits are competitive and
commensurate with qualifications. Duties for the tenure-track positions
include teaching approximately 8 to 9 hours per semester, predominantly at the
undergraduate level; research in mathematics; and professional service.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences includes faculty in Pure and Applied
Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, and Mathematics Education. The
Department offers a range of academic programs leading to B.A., B.S., M.A.,
M.S., and M.A.E. degrees in these areas. The Department's URL is

Review of completed applications begins immediately. The position remains
open until filled or until the search is terminated. An applicant's file is
complete when all of the following have been received: letter of application;
AMS Standard Cover Sheet, available from the AMS or from our Department;
curriculum vitae; research summary; and three letters of reference, at least
one of which substantially addresses the candidate's teaching ability and
performance. Interested applicants should also notify the Committee Chair if
they intend to attend the 1998 AMS/MAA Joint Meetings in Baltimore.

Prof. Ralph Bremigan, Chair
Mathematics Search Committee
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306-0490


Ball State University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and
is strongly and actively committed to diversity within its community.


From: Hans-Emmnauel Ngodock <>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 14:28:58 -0800
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Oregon State University

Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Physical Oceanography/Oregon State University

The College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University
invites recent or imminent Ph.D. graduates to join a small group which is
developing ocean circulation models and data assimilation schemes, executing
them on TMC CM-5 and IBM SP-2 computers at COAS and elsewhere, and analyzing
the results. The focus includes, but is not limited to, the equatorial
Pacific, the Tropical Atmosphere-Ocean (TAO) data, and TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter
data. This is a collaborative activity with the NOAA Pacific Marine
Environmental Laboratory in Seattle, WA.

QUALIFICATIONS: A Ph.D. degree in: physical oceanography or dynamical
meteorology or computational fluid dynamics or another broadly-related area of
computational physics; familiarity with or an interest in data-parallel
languages such as CM Fortran and in message-passing libraries such as MPI; an
interest in real ocean data and in the rational development of ocean
circulation models; excellence in written and spoken communication.


Send a statement of interest, curriculum vitae, and names, addresses and
telephone numbers of three references to:

CORVALLIS OR 97331-5503

Applications must be received by December 1, 1997. Questions about the
position may be directed to A. F. Bennett by telephone (541-737-2849),
electronic mail ( or by FAX (541-737-2064).

Oregon State University is an AA/EO employer and has a policy of being
responsive to the needs of dual-career couples.


From: Heinz W. Engl <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 18:50:18 MET
Subject: Postdoctoral Research Positions with European Consortium

European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry
ECMI Research Fellowships 1998
TMR Network: Differential Equations in Industry and Commerce

Applications are invited from post-doctoral researchers to participate in
the new "Training and Mobility in Research" network entitled "Differential
Equations in Industry and Commerce" (DEIC). This network (which is still
subject to contract negotiations) is a successor to the HCM network
"Mathematics as an Industrial Resource", which, like DEIC, was organized
by the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI).
Experience with the earlier network has enabled ECMI to target two
research areas as being of timely industrial relevance and also offering
interesting possibilities for theoretical development. These are
(1) deterministic differential equations of parabolic or mixed types
with applications to glass, steel and polymer manufacture, and to
coating industries and
(2) stochastic differential equations applied to finance, risk,
polymeric microstructures and aerospace technology.

DEIC will be supervised by ECMI's research committee and it will link
centres at Eindhoven, Kaiserslautern, Linz, Milan, Strathclyde and Oxford.
All these centres have expertise in the two strands of the research theme
and the principal objective will be to expand this research base by
appointing six Research Fellows, one in each centre, starting sometime in
1998 and with a duration of up to 3 years. These fellows will be trained in
applied mathematics or numerical analysis but, as with the HCM network,
each fellow will be expected to spend much time collaborating directly with
industry and with other centres, as well as pursuing his/her own research.
Hence preference will be given to applicants who have an aptitude for
finding industrial and commercial problems that are susceptible to
innovative mathematics in either research strand and who will help to
build up the cache of researchers working in this style in Europe.

The Research Fellowships are open to Nationals of a Member State or
Associated State of the European Union who have the equivalent of a
doctoral degree in mathematical science and will be under the age of 35
at the time of appointment. The fellowships may NOT be held in the
country of which the fellow has nationality. Salary is in local currency on
the appropriate local scale and social security, working facilities and travel
allowances will be the responsibility of the host centre, following EC
guidelines and approval by the network.

Further details and an application form may be obtained from

Adrienne Hart-Davis
Mathematical Institute
24-29 St Giles'
Oxford OX1 3LB

or from the World Wide Web

Closing date December 7th 1997


From: Bob Ward <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 19:20:43 -0500
Subject: Faculty Position at University of Tennessee

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science seeks to fill a tenure-track faculty
position at the rank of Assistant Professor beginning Fall 1998.
Applicants should have a strong interest in research, preferably in
the areas of networking or databases, but all major fields in computer
science may be considered. Applicants are required to have a doctoral
degree in computer science or a related area.

The Department has numerous, fully networked workstations (SUN, IBM,
SGI, DEC) for students and faculty. In addition, the department has
parallel computers of various architectures available in-house, as well
as an ATM-connected cluster of high-performance workstations. As one
of the major developers of PVM and MPI, both prototype and production
versions are available to link these computers into a single, extremely
powerful resource. The department is part of two national consortia:
the NSF Science and Technology Center for Research in Parallel
Computing and the DOE Partnership in Computational Science. Faculty
members collaborate with scientists at the Oak Ridge National
Laboratory and have access to their facilities, including a
2048-processor and 512-processor Intel Paragons.

Please respond to The mailing address is Search
Coordinator, Department of Computer Science, 107 Ayres Hall, The
University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN 37996-1301. Additional
information about the department is available from URL

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville does not discriminate on the
basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability
or veteran status in provision of educational programs and services or
employment opportunities and benefits. This policy extends to both
employment by and admission to the University. The University does not
discriminate on the basis of sex or disability in the education
programs and activities pursuant to requirements of Title VI of the
Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972,
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans With
Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. This policy extends to both employment
by and admission to the University. Inquiries and charges of violation
concerning Title VI, Title IX, Section 504, ADA or the Age
Discrimination of Employment Act (ADEA) or any of the other referenced
policies should be directed to the Office of Diversity Resources and
Educational Services (DRES), 1818 Lake Avenue, The University of
Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-3650, (423) 974-2498 (TTY
available). Requests for accommodation of a disability should be
directed to the ADA Coordinator at the Office of Human Resources
Management, 600 Henley Street, Knoxville TN 37996-4125.

Robert C. Ward 107 Ayres Hall
Professor and Department Head Department of Computer Science
phone: 423-974-5067 (fax: -4404) University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN 37996-1301


From: Univ. Southern Mississippi <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 10:25:25 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Faculty Position at University of Southern Mississippi

Tenure-Track Mathematics Position

The University of Southern Mississippi
Department of Mathematics
Southern Station, Box 5045
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5045

Applications are invited for a tenure-track mathematics position at the
Assistant Professor level beginning August, 1998. The successful candidate
will be a serious computational mathematician able to contribute actively to
the doctoral program in Scientific Computing. A doctorate in Pure or Applied
Mathematics or a closely related discipline is required. Closing date is
open, but selection will begin as early as February, 1998.

At the above address send letter of application, research summary,
transcripts, Curriculum Vitae, brief statement of professional goals, and
the names of three references to:

Dr. Michael Mascagni, Search Committee Chair


From: Brent Lindquist <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 97 11:26:00 EST
Subject: Postdoctoral Positions at Stony Brook

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The department currently has a postdoctoral position available in
the area of computational applied mathematics. Additionally, the
department will have one or more such positions available beginning
September 1998. Qualified candidates should have computational
experience in one or more areas of: fluid dynamics, parallel computing,
hyperbolic conservation laws, flows in elastic and plastic media,
and flows in porous media.

Additional information concerning the department and its research
activities is available from the WWW home page

Applicants should send vita, descriptions of research interests, and
three recommendation letters to: James Glimm, Chair, Department of
Applied Mathematics and Statistics, SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook,
NY 11794-3600.

SUNY at Stony Brook is an equal opportunity/affirmative action
employer and educator and encourages applications from women and


From: Univ. Tennessee <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 11:43:51 -0500
Subject: Research Position at University of Tennessee


University of Tennessee's Innovative Computing Laboratories
( has an opening for an experienced
computer scientist in the area of enabling technologies for parallel
and distributed computing.
Areas of research include network-centric high performance computing
over networks of MPPs and workstations, performance evaluation
and optimization, and debugging and performance analysis tools.

The position is for a period of one year, and will
be renewable subject to availability of funds and satisfactory performance.
Additional benefits of the position include a competitive salary,
travel opportunities, access to state-of-the-art computational facilities
(including both parallel architectures and high-performance workstations),
and collaborative research opportunities in national high performance
computing programs.

Requirements are a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in Computer Science
or a related field; experience with parallel and distributed computing;
experience with software development, testing, and maintenance;
experience programming in Fortran and C, MPI and HPF;
and good oral and written communication skills.
Experience with scientific computing, C++ and Java,
high-speed networking, and distributed memory and distributed
shared memory architectures is desirable.

To apply for this position, send a letter of application, resume listing
recent experience and publications, and names and addresses of three
references to:

Jack Dongarra
University of Tennessee
107 Ayres Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996


From: Emily Stone <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 15:09:43 -0700
Subject: Department Head Position at Utah State University

Position Opening:

Department Head
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, Utah State University

Applications are being invited for the position of Head of the
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, Utah State University, a
Carnegie Research I, Land-Grant institution.

The Department is one of six in the College of Science. It offers
degree programs at the bachelors and masters levels in mathematics,
statistics, and mathematics education, and a Ph.D. in Mathematical
Sciences. The Department has approximately 35 faculty members
whose research interests span a variety of areas in pure mathematics,
applied mathematics, computational mathematics and statistics.

The applicant must qualify for a full professorship at USU, have
an earned doctorate in any area of pure or applied mathematics
or statistics, have strong administrative skills, an established
research record, preferably with external funding, and a commitment
to excellence in teaching, research and service. The applicant
must also support scholarly activity in all areas of mathematics,
statistics and mathematics education.

The salary is negotiable. The University offers excellent medical,
retirement, and professional benefits. With a student body of
20,000, USU is located a valley at the northern end of the Wasatch
Range of the Rocky Mountains. Opportunities for a wide range of
outdoor activities are plentiful. More information about the
University and the department can be found at the web site:, and information regarding professional amenities
and benefits can be found at

The committee will begin screening applications on Feb. 10, 1998,
and the position will be open until filled. Employment begins
July 1, 1998. By regular mail, send a letter of application,
a resume, a telephone number, and an email address, and have four
letters of recommendation sent to the address below. Two of the
letters should address administrative skills.

Chairman, Screening Committee
Mathematics and Statistics Head
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-3900

Utah State is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

For more info on selected research/education projects of the
faculty see the following web sites:


From: Scott Hutchinson <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 11:34:23 -0700
Subject: Research Position at Sandia National Laboratores

Computational Plasma Research Position at Sandia National Laboratories

The Computational Sciences, Computer Sciences and Mathematics Center at Sandia
National Laboratories invites outstanding applicants for a research position in
its Parallel Computational Sciences Department. This position offers an
exceptional opportunity for innovative research in scientific computing on
advanced architectures. The successful candidate will have significant
experience in the areas of computational plasmas and/or E&M including fluid
models, finite-element methods, high performance computing and numerical
algorithms. The work will require programming of massively parallel, high
performance computers in a small team environment.

The Center maintains strong research programs in a variety of areas, including
analytical and computational mathematics, discrete mathematics and algorithms,
computational physics and engineering, and advanced systems software and
tools. A unique parallel computing environment is supported which includes a
1,872-processor Intel Paragon and the 9000-processor ASCI Sandia-Intel TFlop
computer with 512 GBytes of memory.

The position includes a competitive salary, moving expenses, and a professional
travel allowance.

Requirements: Ph.D. in physics or electrical engineering or closely related
field. U.S. citizenship is also a requirement for this position.

Interested persons should submit a complete resume with names and addresses of
three references to:

Scott A. Hutchinson
Sandia National Laboratories
Department 9221 / MS 1111
P.O. Box 5800
Albuquerque, NM 87185-1111

Applications will be accepted through 31 July 1996 or until the position is
Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/H.


From: Vladik Kreinovich <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 97 12:18:05 MST
Subject: Contents, Reliable Computing

Contents of
Reliable Computing, 1998, Vol. 4, No. 1 (special student issue)

General numerical methods

Ralf Hungerb"uhler and J"urgen Garloff
Bounds for the Range of a Bivariate Polynomial over a Triangle

Huang Zhenyu
An Interval Entropy Penalty Method for Nonlinear Global Optimization

Chenyi Hu, Angelina Cardenas, Stephanie Hoogendoorn, Pedro Sepulveda Jr.
An Interval Polynomial Interpolation Problem and Its Lagrange

Maria Beltran, Gilbert Castillo, Vladik Kreinovich
Algorithms That Still Produce a Solution (Maybe Not Optimal)
Even When Interrupted: Shary's Idea Justified


David Morales, Tran Cao Son
Interval Methods in Robot Navigation

Zhihui Huey Hu
Reliable Optimal Production Control with Cobb-Douglas Model

Generalizations of interval computations

Daniel Berleant, Hang Cheng
A Software Tool for Automatically Verified Operations on Intervals
and Probability Distributions

Martin Berz, Georg Hoffst"atter
Computation and Application of Taylor Polynomials with Interval
Remainder Bounds

Short communications

Clifton Davis
A New Application of Local Minima of Interval Functions:
Interval-Valued Fuzzy Control

Graciela Gonzalez
Intervals Help to Design an Imaging System

Letters to the editor

Misha Koshelev, Luc Longpr'e
A Brief Description of Gell-Mann's Lecture and How Intervals May
Help to Describe Complexity in the Real World

Alexander Levichev, Olga Kosheleva
Intervals in Space-Time: A. D. Alexandrov is 85


Reliable Computing
Special Issue on Applications to Control, Signals, and Systems

The complete table of contents of all the issues is placed at, click on Journals;
for more information about the journal, see
on Kluwer's website.


From: Edit Kurali <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 18:44:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Contents, J. Approximation Theory

Table of Contents: J. Approx. Theory, Volume 91, Number 1, October 1997

D. S. Lubinsky
Forward and converse theorems of polynomial approximation for
exponential weights on $[-1,1]$, I

D. S. Lubinsky
Forward and converse theorems of polynomial approximation for
exponential weights on $[-1,1]$, II

E. Kochneff
Weighted norm inequalities for fractional integrals with an
application to mean convergence of Laguerre series

Zhongkai Li
On the Ces\'aro means of conjugate Jacobi series

W. Gautschi and A. B. J. Kuijlaars
Zeros and critical points of Sobolev orthogonal polynomials


From: Heinz W. Engl <>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 12:43:28 MET
Subject: Contents, Surveys on Mathematics for Industry

Surveys on Mathematics for Industry
(Springer Vienna/New York),
Vol 7 No 2, table of contents:

F.Talamucci, Analysis of coupled heat-mass transport in freezing porous
media, pp.93-139

T.Lohmann, Numerical parameter estimation in a kinetic model of
coal pyrolysis, pp.141-166


From: Hans Schneider <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 16:27:07 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and Its Applications

Journal : Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Volume issue : 269/01-3
Year : 1997
Anticipated Publication Date: 11-NOV-97

pp. 1-16
Comparison Theorems For A Class Of Parallel Multisplitting AOR Type Iterative
W Xinmin

pp. 17-32
Structure of Bernstein Populations of type (3, n-3)
JCG Fernandez

pp. 33-46
Characterization of Jordan homomorphisms on Mn using preserving properties

pp. 47-52
On the extreme points of the majorization polytope 3(y x)

pp. 53-63
Linear operators strongly preserving matrices whose sign-patterns require the
Perron property
SG Lee

pp. 65-89
Operator blocks and quadruples of subspaces: classification and the eigenvalue
completion problem
Gohberg, MA Kaashoek

pp. 91-103
On Whittaker function of matrix argument
AM Mathai

pp. 105-114
An analytical characterization of both effective and irreducible groups inducing
cone orderings
M Niezgoda

pp. 115-137
A local characterization of observability
W Kratz

pp. 139-157
Matrix extension and biorthogonal multiwavelet construction
SS Goh

pp. 159-181
Eigenvalue-constrained faces
AS Lewis

pp. 183-195
New interpretation of related Huang's methods
Bellalij, H Sadok

pp. 197-217
On the Delsarte inequalities
Ashikhmin, J Simonis

pp. 219-232
On K-EP matrices
AR Meenakshi

pp. 233-240
Majorizations of Hadamard products of matrix powers
G Visick

pp. 241-255
Linear preservers on triangular matrices
WL Chooi

pp. 257-305
Algebra norms on tensor products of algebras, and the norm extension problem
AM Galindo

pp. 307-329
A singular vlaue decomposition of a k-ways array for a principal components
annalysis of multi-way data, the PTA-kmodes
D Leibovici

pp. 331-365
Extreme of sums of heterogenous quadratic forms
G Michaletzky


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