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From: Stephen Vavasis <vavasis@CS.Cornell.EDU>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 12:56:36 -0400
Subject: householder quip

Two weeks ago I posted a note to NA Digest asking about the origin of a
quip, supposedly by Alston Householder, that he would be afraid to fly
in an airplane designed using floating point arithmetic.

The most definitive information comes from Frank Olver:

> I heard about this story long ago and have referred to it sometimes
> in lectures about the level-index system of computer arithmetic
> during the past ten years. It did not surprise me because there
> was a great deal of controversy about the floating-point system in its
> very early days. However, before using the quotation I phoned Alston (on
> May 16, 1987) to check whether he had indeed made such a statement
> at a public meeting. He said that he had done so "when he was young
> foolish" and added that this was of course at a time before Jim
> Wilkinson's error analysis of floating-point arithmetic.

Thanks also to respondents Vladik Kreinovich, Francois Robert, G. Sande,
James Lyness, Richard Lehoucq, Rob Schreiber, and Ali Sazegari who
provided some additional interesting and amusing remarks about the quip.

Apparently the exact details about when and where Householder made the
remark are no longer known.


From: Dominique Chapelle <>
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 13:07:18 +0200
Subject: New address for Dominique Chapelle

Dear colleagues,

This is to inform you that I have joined INRIA. My new address is

Dominique Chapelle
Domaine de Voluceau - Rocquencourt - BP 105
78153 Le Chesnay Cedex - France
Tel: (33-1) 39 63 57 46 - Fax: (33-1) 39 63 58 82


From: bogardo <>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 97 09:07:29 -0500
Subject: SIAG/LA Prize Winners

The 1997 SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra Prize will be
awarded jointly to Ming Gu (UCLA) and Stanley Eisenstat
(Yale University) for their paper, "A Divide-and-Conquer
Algorithm for the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenproblem," and
to Gerard Sleijpen and Henk Van Der Vorst (both of the
Mathematical Institute at University of Utrecht, The
Netherlands) for their paper, "A Jacobi-Davidson Iteration
Method for Linear Eigenvalue Problems."

The award ceremony will take place on November 1 during the
Sixth SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra at Snowbird.

Cited for honorable mention was the paper, "A Formula for
Computation of the Real Stability Radius," co-authored by
L. Qui (Hong Kong University of Science), B. Bernhardsson
and A. Rantzer (Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden), E.J.
Davison (University of Toronto), P. M. Young (MIT), and J.C.
Doyle (Caltech).

The selection committee was chaired by Biswa Nath Datta
(Northern Illinois University). Other members of the
committee: Tony Chan (UCLA), Ludwig Elsner (University of
Bielefeld, Germany), Anne Greenbaum (New York University),
and Jim Varah (University of British Columbia).


From: Chunguang Sun <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 17:58:00 -0400
Subject: Change of Address for Chunguang Sun

Dear colleagues:

I have joined the Department of Mathematics and Computer
Science at Drexel University. My new address is:

Chunguang Sun
Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-895-2684
Fax: 215-895-1582


From: Victor A. Bardadym <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 97 17:25:33 +0200
Subject: EURO Working group for Automated Timetabling

The EURO Working Group on Automated TimeTabling (WATT)

EURO Co-ordinators: E.K.Burke and J.A.M.Schreuder

The EURO (European Association of Operational Research Societies)
Working group on Automated TimeTabling was formed to discuss and
promote research into automated timetabling issues and methods.
For more information about the group see our World Wide Web pages at

Membership is free of charge and open to

(1) Anyone with a degree in Computer Science, Operational Research (or
related subject) who has an interest in automated timetabling research.

(2) Any administrators or practitioners in the field who do not fall into
category (1).

(3) Students who may not yet have a degree but are working on the problem.

If you do not fall into any of the above categories but would still like
to join please contact the membership co-ordinator (address below).

Benefits of membership include:

(1) An updated list of members with contact addresses. This will be available
via the World Wide Web and will provide
a useful starting point for contacting possible collaborators on European
funding proposals, authors of papers etc. There is also a WATT e-mail group
and new members are automatically added to it.

(2) A digest of up-to-date timetabling news. This will be sent 1out to
members every 3 months.

(3) There is an annual meeting of the group. The first one was
held in Barcelona in 1997.

(4) EURO may help with travel expenses for attending these meetings for
members from Eastern European countries and for student members.

(5) There is a comprehensive and regularly updated WWW automated
timetabling bibliography.

for further information.


From: Annie Cuyt <>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 13:39:12 +0200
Subject: Colloquium on Computer Arithmetic and Numerical Techniques

FWO-Vlaanderen `Wetenschappelijke Onderzoeksgemeenschap'


COLLOQUIUM: `Computer Arithmetic and Numerical Techniques'

WHEN: Thursday, October 23
WHERE: University of Antwerp (UIA), Building Aula
Room V1
REGISTRATION: by email to

Annie CUYT
Dept Mathematics & Computer Science Tel (32)3/820.24.07
University of Antwerp (UIA) Fax (32)3/820.24.21
Universiteitsplein 1 Secr (32)3/820.24.01
B-2610 Wilrijk-Antwerp (Belgium) Email


From: Jean-Marie Chesneaux <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 13:07:11 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: 3rd Conference on Real Numbers and Computers



Location and date :

LIP6 laboratory, Pierre et Marie Curie University
April 27-28-29 1998

The conference continues the series of RNC-symposia which have been held
in St-Etienne (France, 1994) and Marseille (France, 1995). These conferences
traditionally cover all the aspects in relationship with an efficient
handling of real numbers on computers : program portability problems, "exact
arithmetics", numerical reliability, number systems, architectures etc.

Many members of the scientific community are concerned by these problems,
they could share their knowledge and come up with solutions. But they do not
have the opportunity to meet, they do not belong to the same scientific fields
(computer science, number theory, numerical analysis, computer algebra) and
they have a different vocabulary. One of the aims is to put them together
during this meeting.

The topics covered by the conference are

- Algorithms and architectures for "serial" and "on line" arithmetic.
- Relations between number theory, automata theory and computer arithmetic.
- Number systems
- Floating point arithmetic
- Calculability
- Symbolic manipulation of numbers
- Algorithms for "exact" computing
- Multi-precision, interval arithmetic, stochastic arithmetic ...
- Accuracy problems in various fields (geometry, physics,...), and proposed solutions.


January 1st 1998

All informations can be found at the URL address :


From: John-Bill Dold <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 12:41:19 +0100
Subject: Three Lectureships at UMIST

Three Lectureships at UMIST:


The Mathematics Department in UMIST is seeking candidates for three
permanent lectureships to support research in the following areas:

* Measurement and Modelling of Industrial Processes, to assist with
the development of non-invasive imaging techniques in collaboration
with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

* Mathematics of Vision Systems, to assist in developing mathematical
techniques for the study of eye movement control and non-invasive
techniques for the experimental study of neural control circuits in
conjunction with the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences.

* Research in Combustion Theory or related areas of Applied Mathematics.

Applicants should be able to make a strong contribution to research in at
least one of these areas.

Informal enquiries can be made to

Prof. J.W. Dold
(Telephone: 0161-200-3654, or e-mail: or

Prof. D.S. Broomhead
(Telephone: 0161-200-3680, or e-mail:

Details are also available on the internet

Commencing salary will be on the lecturer scale (=A316,045 to =A327,985 per

Application forms and further details are available from:

The Personnel Office
UMIST [ Telephone: (+44/0)-161-200-4054 ]
PO Box 88 [ FAX: (+44/0)-161-200-4037 ]
M60 1QD

Please quote reference MAT/A/146.

The closing date for the receipt of applications is 14th November 1997.

UMIST is an equal opportunity employer.


From: Hamid Bellout <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 10:02:36 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Position at Northern Illinois University

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Anticipated assistant professorship with a specialization in numerical
partial differential equations. Research program in computational
methods is essential. The successful candidate should have
a strong background in theoretical partial differential equations.
Strong preference will be given for a candidate with a demonstrated
interest in a field of applications outside mathematics.
Ph.D. or equivalent and strong potential in research and teaching required.
Application (vita), transcripts, three letters of
reference, and a description of research program should
be sent to: Numerical PDE Position, c/o
Professor William D. Blair, Chair, Department of Mathematical
Sciences, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115 and
received by January 15, 1998. NIU is an equal employment
opportunity, affirmative action employer.


From: Folkert Tangerman <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 10:49:32 -0400
Subject: Position at AMS at Stony Brook

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The department anticipates a faculty position and one or more
postdoctoral research position in computational applied mathematics
starting January 1998 and/or September 1998. Candidates for
all positions must have experience in one or more of the areas
of fluid dynamics, parallel computing, hyperbolic conservation laws,
deformation of elastic and plastic media, and flow in porous media.
Further, research of candidates should mesh with the current faculty's
research activities. See for
information concerning the department and its research programs.
Applications for a tenured-level position must have a well established
research program.
The department has a large research program ($3M annually), one
of the mathematical science community's top computing facilities
and numerous opportunities for collaborative research on and off campus.
Applicants should send a vita, description of research interests,
and three letters of reference to: James Glimm, Chair, Department of
Applied Mathematics and Statistics, SUNY-Stony Brook, Stony Brook,
NY 11794-3600
SUNY-Stony Brook is an equal employer and educator.
Folkert M. Tangerman | phones: 516 -632-9340
Dept of Applied Math& Statistics | -757-1989 (home)
SUNY Stony Brook | FAX: 516-632-8490
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3600 | email :


From: Max Gunzburger <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 07:55:53 -0500
Subject: Position at Iowa State University



The Department invites applications for two tenure-track
position at the rank of Assitant Professor, to begin in August,
1998. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in mathematics or applied
mathematics or a related field and should exhibit evidence of
outstanding research potential, normally including significant
contributions beyond the doctoral dissertation. A strong
commitment to excellence in teaching is also expected.

The area of priority for one of the positions is mathematical
control theory, including control of dynamical systems and of
PDE's. Iowa State University has a campus wide control group,
including faculty from the departments of Mathematics,
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and
Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, and Statistics.
The successful applicant is expected to collaborate in an
interdisciplinary setting.

The area of priority for the second position is stochastic
analyses and applications. Although applications from strong
candidates in all areas of probability theory are welcome,
preference will be given to candidates specializing in
stochastic differential equations. We especically seek an
individual who can collaborate with one or more of our strong
groups in probability, PDE's, control theory, and numerical
PDE's, all of whom have an interest in stochastic processes.

Iowa State Univeristy is a Category I research university
according to the classification of the Carnegie Foundation. We
are a land grant university with special strenghts in
engineering and the applied sciences. The University operates
the Ames Laboratory, a research laboratory of the Department of
Energy. As a result, campus-wide opportunities for
interdisciplinary interactions are especially rich. Additional
information about the activities of the Department of
Mathematics can be found at our web site

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae that includes a publication
list, graduate school transcripts, and a brief statement about their
current and future research programs to: Dr. Max Gunzburger, Chair,
Department of Mathematics, Iowa State University, 400 Carver Hall, Ames IA
50011-2064. They should also arrange to have three letters of
recommendation concerning research and one concerning teaching sent
directly to the above address. The
deadline for completed applications is February 15, 1998,
although applications will be considered until the positions
are filled.

Iowa State University is an affirmative action, equal
opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications
from women, minorities, and underrepresentted groups.


From: Dimitris Noutsos <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 97 15:05:32 +0200
Subject: Position at Mathematics Dept, Univ. of Ioannina


The Division of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics at the Mathematics
Department of the University of Ioannina, Greece, invites applications
for a three years position financed jointly by the General Secretariat
of Research and Technology (GSRT) and the European Union in the
framework of "The Career Awarding Program". The level of the position
is close to that of Assistant Professor. The duties of the successful
candidate will be mainly in research. Some teaching duties will be
assigned at postgraduate level.

The applicants should
* Have at least two years postdoctoral experience and an interest for
research in mechanics, numerical analysis or computer science.
* Can speak the Greek language.
* Live and work abroad at the time of this announcement, for a period
not less than two years.

Note that the grant will be obtained after the submission of an
application from our Division to the GSRT before November 10, in which
the name of the candidate will be included. Hence, a distinguished
researcher will be very helpful for a successful application.

The Division of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics has 12 staff members
and support two post-graduate courses in computational mathematics and
mechanics, respectively. The research interests of the staff members are
in the general regions of numerical analysis, computer science and
mechanics. More information about the research directions in the
Division could be found at
The Department of Mathematics has about 40 staff members, 600 students
and 30 post-graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. In the
Department there are also other three Divisions in Mathematical Analysis,
Algebra and Geometry, Statistics and Operational Research.
The University of Ioannina is the third older University in Greece and
has an excellent modern campus. There are a lot of facilities for
residence, research and education for the researchers and the students.
Ioannina is an old city with a long tradition in culture and education,
located by the lake Pamvotis, at North-western Greece in a mountain region
famous for its wild beauty.

Interested persons should submit by e-mail (or FAX) a curriculum vitae
with a list of publications and two letters of recommendation before
October 31, 1997 to Dr. V.K. Kalpakides (e-mail:,
FAX: +30 651 98252, Tel. +30 651 98262), to Dr. D Noutsos
(e-mail:, FAX: +30 651 98252, Tel. +30 651 98254)
or to Dr. N. Glinos (e-mail: , FAX: +30 651 98252,
Tel. +30 651 98251)

More information about Mathematics Department, University of Ioannina
and the city of Ioannina can be found at the home page of the University

Division of Appl. Math & Mechanics
Department of Mathematics
University of Ioannina
Ioannina, 45110


From: Evans Harrell <>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 17:06:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: open position at Southeast Applied Analysis Center (SAAC)

The Southeast Applied Analysis Center, in the School of Mathematics,
invites applications for postdoctoral/visiting positions in applied
mathematics. Fields of interest include combinatorics and
algorithms, scientific computing, stochastic analysis, differential equations
and modelling. Applicants should arrange for a curriculum vitae, at
least three letters of recommendation, and a summary of research plans
to be sent to Professor Leonid A. Bunimovich, Director, SAAC,
School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0160.
Georgia Tech, a member of the University System of Georgia, is an
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
(See for more information about the SAAC.)


From: Stephen Davis <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 10:48:59 -0400
Subject: Senior Research Position at Army Research Office

There is an opening at the Army Research Office for a Senior Research
Scientist (Mathematical Sciences). The person filling this position will
conduct their own research program, forecast future trends in research
areas which impact the Army, contribute to the determination of future
directions for Army mathematical and computer sciences research
programs and promote the transfer of technology from Army
mathematical and computer sciences research programs to the Army
technical community and industry. This person will also serve as an
Army spokesperson in the mathematical and computer sciences
community. The complete position announcement is on the ARO web
page at


From: Dr. Bruce Suter <>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 17:03:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: New book on Multirate and Wavelet Signal Processing


Multirate and Wavelet Signal Processing by Bruce W. Suter

Academic Press (a volume in Charles Chui's Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications Series),
October 1997, ISBN 0-12-677560-5.

This innovative and in-depth book integrats the well-developed theory and practical
applications of one dimensional and multidimensional multirate signal processing. Using
a rigorous mathematical framework, it carefully examines the fundamentals of this rapidly
growing field. Areas covered include: building blocks of multirate signal processing,
fundamentals of multidimensional multirate signal processing, multirate filter banks,
lossless lattice structures, and an introduction to wavelet signal processing. The book
forms the basis of a graduate course in multirate signal processing. It includes an
introduction to wavelet signal processing and emphasizes topics of ever-increasing
importance for a wide range of applications. Concise and easy-to-read, this book is also
a useful primer for professional engineers.


From: Journal of Molecular Modeling <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 16:01:00 +0200 (MET)
Subject: J.Mol.Model.: Review and Open Discussion

The Journal of Molecular Modeling presents the new section

Review and Open Dicussion

Journal of Molecular Modeling Reviews are invited reviews of
unlimited length on important modeling topics. The full text
of J. Mol. Model. Reviews are freely available for three
months after the publication date for email comments from
other researchers and replies from the authors. This email
discussion will then become part of the final published version
of the review. In this way, we hope to encourage open and
constructive discussion on subjects of current interest.

Don't miss the first review - Virtual Reality in Chemistry - written by
Wolf-Dietrich Ihlenfeldt available now via WWW at:
and take part in the Open Discussion


From: Deidre Wunderlich <>
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 97 16:21:28 -0500
Subject: Contents, SIAM Journal on Optimization

Volume 7, Number 4, NOVEMBER 1997

A Study of General Dynamic Network Programs with Arc Time-Delays
Malcolm C. Pullan

A New Class of Incremental Gradient Methods for Least Squares Problems
Dimitri P. Bertsekas

On the Convergence Theory of Trust-Region-Based Algorithms for=20
Equality-Constrained Optimization
J. E. Dennis and Lu=EDs N. Vicente

Alternating Projection-Proximal Methods for Convex Programming and=20
Variational Inequalities
Paul Tseng

Abadie's Constraint Qualification, Metric Regularity, and Error Bounds =
Differentiable Convex Inequalities
Wu Li

Mathematical Study of Very High Voltage Power Networks I: The Optimal =
Power Flow Problem
J. Fr=E9d=E9ric Bonnans

Robust Truss Topology Design via Semidefinite Programming
A. Ben-Tal and A. Nemirovski

An Efficient Algorithm for Minimizing a Sum of Euclidean Norms with=20
Guoliang Xue and Yinyu Ye

A Dynamic Adaptive Relaxation Scheme Applied to the Euclidean Steiner=20=
=0AMinimal Tree Problem
Fran=E7ois Chapeau-Blondeau, Fabrice Janez, and Jean-Louis Ferrier

Shortest Networks for Smooth Curves
J. F. Weng

Convergence of Proximal-Like Algorithms
Marc Teboulle

Surrogate Projection Methods for Finding Fixed Points of Firmly=20
Nonexpansive Mappings
Krzysztof C. Kiwiel and Bozena Lopuch

On Generic One-Parametric Semi-infinite Optimization
H. Th. Jongen and O. Stein

Stability Theory for Linear Inequality Systems II: Upper Semicontinuit=
y of=20
the Solution Set Mapping
M. A. Goberna, M. A. L=F3pez, and M. I. Todorov

Integer Isotone Optimization
Ming-Hong Liu and Vasant A. Ubhaya


From: tschoban <>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 97 12:36:42 -0500
Subject: Contents, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing

from - Edward Sisson, Production Editor
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
Volume 18, Number 6, NOVEMBER 1997

Two-Grid Solution of Shock Problems
Lars Ferm and Per Lotstedt

On the Choice of Wavespeeds for the HLLC Riemann Solver
P. Batten, N. Clarke, C. Lambert, and D. M. Causon

The Numerical Solution of the Biharmonic Equation by Conformal Mapping
Raymond H. Chan, Thomas K. DeLillo, and Mark A. Horn

Efficient Spectral-Galerkin Methods III: Polar and Cylindrical Geometries
Jie Shen

Fast Radix 2, 3, 4, and 5 Kernels for Fast Fourier Transformations on Computers
with Overlapping Multiply-Add Instructions
S. Goedecker

Artificial Boundary Conditions for Computation of Oscillating External Flows
S. V. Tsynkov

Approximate Inverse Techniques for Block-Partitioned Matrices
Edmond Chow and Yousef Saad

Multi-p Preconditioners
Ning Hu, Xian-Zhong Guo, and I. Norman Katz

Analysis of Projection Methods for Solving Linear Systems with Multiple
Right-Hand Sides
Tony F. Chan and W. L. Wan

Numerical Solution of the Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Real Symmetric Toeplitz
William F. Trench

Multiple Bifurcation in the von Karman Equations
C.-S. Chien and M.-S. Chen

Element-by-Element Preconditioners for Large Partially Separable Optimization
Michel J. Dayde, Jean-Yves L'Excellent, and Nicholas I. M. Gould

Automatic Determination of an Initial Trust Region in Nonlinear Programming
A. Sartenaer

Author Index


From: Petr Prikryl <prikryl@MATH.CAS.CZ>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 13:03:58 -0100
Subject: Contents, Applications of Mathematics

Volume 42, Number 6, December 1997


A one parameter method for the matrix inverse square root
S. Lakic

Existence and asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a nonlinear
evolution problem
N. N. de Oliveira Castro

Spatial patterns for reaction-diffusion systems with conditions
described by inclusions
J. Eisner and M. Kucera

Mathematical models of suspension bridges
G. Tajcova


From: Hans Schneider <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 09:06:25 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: ContentsDirect - Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 7738, , Vol , 267.

Contents Direct From Elsevier Science
Journal Code : 7738
Journal : Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Volume issue : 267/01-3
Year : 1997
Anticipated Publication Date: 07-NOV-97

pp. 1-10
Multilinear Operators And Weighted L1 Norms
M Goldberg

pp. 11-40
On Arov-Normalized Jqq - Jq-Elementary Factors
B Fritzsche

pp. 41-52
A Fast Algorithm For Generalized Hankel Matrices Arising In Finite Moment

pp. 53-63
Criterion Of High-Codimensional Bifurcations With Several Pairs Of Purely
Imaginary Eigenvalues
WM Liu

pp. 65-100
On The Permanent Of Certain (0,1) Toeplitz Matrices
B Codenotti

pp. 101-111
The Boundary Of Numerical Range Of Matrix Polynomials
J Maroulas

pp. 113-123
Improving The Modified Gauss-Seidel Method For Z-Matrices
T Kohno, H Niki

pp. 125-137
Quadratic Forms in Unitary Operators
G Pisier

pp. 139-161
The Extension of the Concept of the Generating Function to a Class of
Preconditioned Toeplitz Matrices
S Serra

pp. 163-174
An Inequality for Positive-Definite Matrices with Applications to Combinatorial
MG Neubauer

pp. 175-186
External Flats to Varieties in PG(Mn,n(GF(q)))
BN Cooperstein

pp. 187-219
Generalized Updating and Computation of the Eigenvalues of Rational Toeplitz
F Di Benedetto

pp. 221-240
Applications of linear transformations to matrix equations

pp. 241-246
A new statement about the theorem determining the region of eigenvalues of
stochastic matrices
H Ito

pp. 247-279
Fernando's solution to Wilkinson's problem: an application of double

pp. 281-315
Parallel hybrid algebraic multilevel iterative methods

pp. 317-334
Differential properties of the numerical range map of pairs of matrices
Hillman, Ricker

pp. 335-358
On the convergence of power scaled Cesaro sums
Chen, Hartwig

pp. 359-373
Ray patterns of matrices and nonsingularity
JJ Mcdonald


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