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From: Jorg Peters <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 16:09:50 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New Grad Course Book by Gautschi

Dear colleagues,

a very readable, carefully written book with emphasis
on nonlinear aspects of numerical analysis has just appeared.

Walter Gautschi
"Numerical analysis : an introduction"
Boston, Mass. : Birkhauser, 1997

The book is suitable for a first year graduate course and
contains a rich set of examples and exercises.


From: Julia Olkin <>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 13:32:12 -0700
Subject: Change of Address for Julia Olkin

Dear colleagues,

After working at SRI International for 10 years, I am now at:

Vista Research
100 View St. Suite 200
Mountain View, CA 94041
phone: (650) 966-1171 x321
fax: (650) 969-4348

Julia Olkin


From: Xiaoye S. Li <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 14:36:14 -0700
Subject: SuperLU_MT, Parallel Sparse Gaussian Elimination for SMPs

We wish to announce the alpha release of SuperLU_MT, an implementation
of parallel sparse Gaussian Elimination for shared memory machines.
SuperLU_MT is based on the serial library SuperLU.
SuperLU contains a set of subroutines to solve a sparse, possibly
nonsymmetric, linear system A*X=B. It implements Gaussian elimination with
partial pivoting. The algorithm includes efficient structure-prediction
and memory-locality optimization techniques. SuperLU was released
on Netlib in February 1997 (

SuperLU_MT is implemented in ANSI C, with multithreading (e.g. POSIX
threads) used to express parallelism. Currently, only the LU factorization
routine, the most time-consuming part of the solution process, has
been parallelized. We have tested the library on the
Sun Ultra Enterprise servers, the DEC Alpha Servers, the Cray C90/J90,
the SGI Power Challenge, and the SGI/Cray Orgin2000. The library is readily
portable to the other platforms using our POSIX threads interface.
This "alpha" release contains only the double-precision real data type, and
is available at the anonymous FTP site: : pub/src/lapack/SuperLU/superlu_mt.tar.gz

SuperLU_MT is joint work of James Demmel ( at UC
Berkeley, John Gilbert ( at Xerox PARC and
Xiaoye S. Li ( at NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
The project has been funded by DOE, NSF and DARPA. Please send your
comments and bug reports to us.


From: Shi Zhong-ci <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 15:36:54 +0000
Subject: Feng Kang Prize

The Second Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing will be honored to
Dr. Raymond H. CHAN, The Chinese University of Hong Komg, Hong Kong, China
and Dr. Thomas Y. HOU, California Institute of Technology, Pasedena, USA,
for their significant contributions in Numerical Linear Algebra and in
Scientific Computing, respectively.

The Regulation of The Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing

Item 1. The Foundation of Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing
is founded in memory of the contribution of late Professor Feng
Kang to China's Computational Mathematics.

Item 2. The Prize is honored to young Chinese scientists in China or abroad,
working in the fields of Scientific and Engineering Computing whose
age should not exceed 45.

Item 3. The Prize is granted every other year to at most two winners with a
certificate and a premium of 150,000 yuan RMB (may be adjusted in the

Item 4. Chinese universities or research institutes can nominate the
candidates. The application materials should be approved by the
scientific Committee of the relevant universities or institutes.

Item 5. Young scientists satisfying Item 2 may apply to the Prize, if they
are supported by two members of the Committee or five full professors.
The recommendation letters must be directly sent to the Committee.

Item 6. The deadline of application is the 15th March in the selection year
and the Prize will be announced in September of this year.

Item 7. The winners will be voted by the Committee of Feng Kang Prize
of Scientific Computing, which is consisting of nine well established
Chinese mathemnaticians in the field of Scientific and Engineering

Professor Zhong-ci SHI
The Committee of the Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing


From: Hennie De Schepper <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 17:09:24 +0200
Subject: Conference on Computational Methods in Engineering

An international conference on
Ghent, Belgium
September 2-4, 1998
First announcement / Call for papers

Organizing Committee

R. Van Keer, Univ. Ghent, Belgium
B. Verhegghe, Univ. Ghent, Belgium
M. Hogge, Univ. Liege, Belgium

International Advisory Committee

G. Comini, Univ. Udine, Italy
R. Dechaene, Univ. Ghent, Belgium
W.P. De Wilde, Free Univ. Brussels, Belgium
E. Dick, Univ. Ghent, Belgium
J. Kacur, Comenius Univ., Slovak Republic
U. Langer, Univ. Linz, Austria
R.W. Lewis, Univ. Wales, U.K.
K. Rektorys, TU Prague, Czech Republic
A. Verruijt, TU Delft, The Netherlands
L.C. Wrobel, Brunel Univ., U.K.
M. Zerroukat, Wessex Inst. Techn., U.K.

Aim and scope

The aim of this conference is to bring together engineers and applied
mathematicians involved in advanced computational methods applied to
various engineering disciplines and to give them the possibility to
present and discuss their latest results or simply to learn about the
state-of-the-art in their own field of interest. The organizers want to
provide a forum for researchers coming from universities, other research
institutes and industrial R&D-groups. The organizers believe that
mathematical modelling and numerical simulation is of continuously
growing importance in engineering disciplines.

Conference themes

The conference will focus on advanced computational methods, such as
(adaptive) finite element and finite difference methods, boundary
element methods, spectral methods and domain decomposition techniques,
applied to direct and inverse problems in:

-Solid Mechanics
-Heat and Mass Transfer
-Environmental Engineering
-Fluid Dynamics

Papers dealing with other engineering disciplines (e.g.electro-
magnetism) are welcomed too.

Structure of the conference

The program of the conference will consist of

-about 7 invited lectures
-a few mini-symposia on specific topics
-contributed papers (oral presentation)
-a software exhibition
-a poster session

Conference secretariat

Ms. M. Botte
Department Applied Mechanics RUG
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41
B-9000 Gent
phone: 32/9/264.34.30
fax: 32/9/264.35.87

Other information

Pre-registration at conference secretariat: from today on!
Deadline for submission of abstracts: December 1st, 1997
Notification of acceptance of presentation: February 1st, 1998
Registration with payment of the fee: April 1st, 1998

Participation fee: 350 USD
Reduced fee for students: 200 USD

The organizers foresee a limited number of grants for young researchers
making evidence for need of financial support.


From: John Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 14:01:30 -0700
Subject: Pacific Northwest Numerical Analysis Seminar

Eleventh Annual Pacific Northwest Numerical Analysis Seminar
October 11, 1997
Museum of Flight
Seattle, Washington, USA

We are pleased to announce that PNWNAS 1997, the Eleventh Annual
Pacific Northwest Numerical Analysis Seminar will be hosted by the
Boeing Company at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

The Museum of Flight is home to an exciting collection of airplanes
including Boeing's first production airplane, the 1916 B & W; the
first 707 and the first jet Air Force 1. The seminar will be held in a
room with a sweeping view from Boeing Field to Mount Rainier. The
traditional optional dinner following the meeting will be held in the
auditorium of Boeing's corporate headquarters.

We are preparing a web page with details on the seminar program,
abstracts of talks, registration, the optional dinner, the Museum
of Flight, the Seattle area, local maps and directions.

Please mark October 11, 1997 on your calendar for PNWNAS and send
in your registration.

Joe Manke

October 11, 1997
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Museum of Flight
9404 E. Marginal Way, So.
Seattle, WA


$10.00 (USA), includes lunch, refreshments and admission to the
Museum of Flight.


Jamie Sethian - UC Berkeley, Mathematics


Anne Greenbaum - UW, Mathematics
Dick Karp - UW, Computer Science and Engineering
Anthony Peirce - UBC, Mathematics
Larry Nazareth - WSU, Pure and Applied Mathematics
Boeing Speaker - to be announced


Seminar attendees are invited to submit contributions to a
poster session.


6:00-8:00 pm
Boeing 2-22 Bldg. Auditorium
7755 E. Marginal Way So.
Seattle, WA


Joesph W. Manke, Boeing Company (Chairman)
John G. Lewis, Boeing Company
David R. Ferguson, Boeing Company
Randy LeVeque, University of Washington


Registration Deadline: September 26, 1997
Regarding conference agenda and registration:

Joe Manke
Voice: (425) 865-3163
Fax: (425) 865-2966

Regarding conference logistics:

Katy Lang
Voice: (425) 865-3507
Fax: (425) 865-2966


From: Juan Meza <>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 14:52:05 -0700
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Sandia National Labs

Research Fellowship
Sandia National Laboratories
Livermore, California

Sandia National Laboratories invites outstanding candidates to apply
for a postdoctoral position in distributed computing. Postdoctoral
positions at Sandia provide an exceptional opportunity for innovative
research in scientific computing on advanced architectures and are
intended to promote the transfer of technology from the laboratory
research environment to industry and academia through the advanced
training of new computational scientists. Candidates should have a
Ph.D. or the equivalent in computer science, computational sciences,
or a related field, and have a strong interest in distributed
computing and computational modeling research.

Sandia has strong research programs in parallel computing and
computational sciences. We seek a candidate with a research agenda to
augment these programs in addition to a strong interest in the
development of state-of-the-art methods for solving computational
science problems. Sandia supports an excellent computational
environment that includes high-performance scientific workstations and
access to state-of-the-art parallel computers.

The postdoctoral position can be for periods of one, two, or three
years. Applications should be addressed to: Sandia National
Laboratories, c/o Anna Isham, Mail Stop 9111, HR Dept-CA 0038,
P.O. Box 969, Livermore, CA 94551-0969, and must include a resume' and
the names and addresses of three references.

For further information contact Juan Meza (e-mail:,

U.S. Citizenship is normally required. Sandia National Laboratories
is an Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action Employer.


From: Michael Mascagni <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 05:28:40 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Positions at the Stennis Space Center

Two (2) Numerical Modeling Positions at the Stennis Space Center MSRC

The Center of Higher Learning (CHL) and the University Corporation for
Atmospheric Research (UCAR) EACH seek a numerical modeler to work at the
Stennis Space Center. Both positions require a background in geophysical fluid
dynamics and familiarity with code development and optimization on modern
computer architectures. In addition, both positions require US citizenship.
The main computing facilities to be used by the successful applicants is the
Department of Defense Major Shared Resource Center (MSRC) located at the Naval
Oceanographic Office at the Stennis Space Center. The modeling required will
also be guided by Naval Oceanographic Office requirements. The work location
for both positions is at the Stennis Space Center which is on the Mississippi
Gulf Coast. This is convenient to many desirable locations on the Mississippi
Gulf Coast, and to New Orleans, Louisiana and environs. Salary and benefits
are competitive. Interested parties should contact Mr. Keith Long of CHL:
(601) 688-7662 or by e-mail at


UCAR, on behalf of the Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command,
seeks a post-doctoral researcher to work on numerical weather/ocean/ice
models. This position is under the auspices of the UCAR Visiting Scientist
Program, and the incumbent would have a UCAR affiliation while working at the
Stennis Space Center. US citizenship is required. More information for this
position can be found on the web:

CHL seeks a researcher with a background in computational fluid dynamics
for atmospheric and/or oceanographic modeling. The minimal job qualifications
include an advanced degree and several years of modeling experience. However,
post-doctoral applicants with less experience are also encouraged to apply.
US citizenship is required, and the successful candidate must also be eligible
for a Department of Defense security clearance. For more information please
look under the following web page: or
contact Mr. Keith Long of CHL: (601) 688-7662 or by e-mail at


From: Weierstrass Institute <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 97 13:35:33 +0200
Subject: Positions at the Weierstrass Institute, Berlin

The Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastik
at the Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V. offers the following new jobs:

For further general information, please contact the WIAS-Server

Sign.: 97/22

Starting from October, 1st 1997, the Weierstrass Institute offers a research
position in the field of nonlinear dynamics with special emphasize on travelling
waves (existence, stability, numerical approximation) and their applications in
optics and continuum mechanics.

Our institute provides the opportunity for interdisciplinary research in a
creative environment.

The position is available for a period of 3 years.

The salary is regulated by the German BAT contract: BAT-O IIa.

The Weierstrass Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We
particularly encourage applications by women. Among equally qualified
applicants, disabled candidates will be preferred.

Applications with Curriculum Vitae, photocopies of certificates and a
list of publications should be submitted by September, 15, 1997 to:

Prof. Dr. J. Sprekels
Director of the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
at the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. (WIAS)
Mohrenstrasse 39
D-10117 Berlin

For further information for sign. 97/22, please contact


Starting from October 1, 1997, the Weierstrass Institute offers a research
position in the project:

Numerical Methods for Schroedinger-Poisson Systems for Modelling of

supported by the German Research Foundation.

He/She will take part in the development and implementation of efficient
algorithms for the Schroedinger-Poisson system. We look for a numerical analyst
with high knowledge and experience in the field of numerical methods for partial
differential equations as well as eigenvalue problems. Skills in designing
scientific software are necessary. Basic knowledge of semiconductor physics is

For further information, please contact

The position is available for two years.
The salary is regulated by the German BAT contract: BAT-O IIa.
It is a part time position with 20 hours a week.

The Weierstrass institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We particulary
encourage applications by female candidates.Among equally qualified applicants,
disabled candidates will be preferred.

Applications with reference to be above signature containing Curriculum Vitae,
photocopies of certificates and a list of publications should be submitted by
September 15, 1997 to:

Prof. Dr. J. Sprekels
Director of the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
at the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.
Mohrenstr. 39
D-10117 Berlin


From: Dugald Duncan <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 12:32:31 +0100
Subject: Position at Edinburgh Petroleum Services

Heriot-Watt University, Department of Mathematics
Edinburgh Petroleum Services Ltd

Teaching Company Associateship

Applications are invited for a 2-year Teaching Company Scheme post
starting in November 1997, or on a date to be agreed. The associate will
be based at Edinburgh Petroleum Systems Ltd on the Heriot-Watt Research
Park and will work on mathematical modelling and numerical analysis
of multi-phase flow in pipes and pipe networks. It is intended that
this two-year appointment will lead to a permanent job with Edinburgh
Petroleum Services Ltd, subject to good performance by the associate
and other factors affecting the company.

The associate should have a higher degree in a numerate discipline,
preferably with experience in mathematical modelling and numerical
analysis. The associate should have good communications and interpersonal
skills. Extensive training and opportunities for career development
will be provided.

Salary is negotiable and will be based on experience.

Further particulars may be obtained on
or from the address below.

To apply, submit a CV and the details of two referees to the Personnel
Office, Heriot- Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, telephone
+44 (0) 131 451 3475 (24 hours), quoting reference number 134/97.

Overseas candidates may apply by email to

Closing date: Tuesday 30th September 1997.


From: Magrijn <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 23:37:07 +-200
Subject: Contents, Math. of Control, Signals, and System

Volume 10, Number 1

Z. Artstein and V. Gaitsgory,
Linear-quadratic tracking of coupled slow and fast targets,
MCSS 10 (1997), 1-30.

J.N. Tsitsiklis and V.D. Blondel,
The Lyapunov exponent and joint spectral radius of
pairs of matrices are hard - when not impossible - to
compute and to approximate,
MCSS 10 (1997), 31-40.

I.-J. Wang, E.K.P. Chong and S. R. Kulkarni,
Weighted averaging and stochastic approximation,
MCSS 10 (1997), 41-60.

M.S. Ravi, J. Rosenthal and J.M. Schumacher,
Homogeneous Behaviors,
MCSS 10 (1997), 61-75.

M.A. Peters and P.A. Iglesias,
Continuous-time time-varying entropy,
MCSS 10 (1997), 76-96.


From: Kelly Thomas <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 97 09:03:08 -0500
Subject: Contents, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics
Volume 57, Number 5, OCTOBER 1997

An Organizing Center for Wave Bifurcation in Multiphase Flow Models
Dan Marchesin, Bradley J. Plohr, and Stephen Schecter

Taylor Dispersion in Curved Channels
Steve Rosencrans

On the Critical Conditions for the Initiation of a Detonation in a Nonuniformly
Perturbed Reactive Fluid
Mark Short

Competition in the Chemostat: A Distributed Delay Model and Its Global
Asymptotic Behavior
Gail S. K. Wolkowicz, Huaxing Xia, and Shigui Ruan

On Competition-Mediated Coexistence
Robert Stephen Cantrell and James R. Ward, Jr.

The Perona-Malik Paradox
Satyanad Kichenassamy

Asymptotic Behavior of an Initial-Boundary Value Problem for the
Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck System
L. L. Bonilla, J. A. Carrillo, and J. Soler

Existence, Uniqueness, and Causality Theorems for Wave Propagation in
Stratified, Temporally Dispersive, Complex Media
Sten Rikte

Homogenization of Two-Dimensional Linear Flows with Integral Invariance
Tamir Tassa

Near-Threshold Bursting Is Delayed by a Slow Passage Near a Limit Point
Victoria Booth, Thomas W. Carr, and Thomas Erneux

A Metaphor for Adiabatic Evolution to Symmetry
R. J. A. G. Huveneers and F. Verhulst

The Buckley-Leverett Equation with Spatially Stochastic Flux Function
Lars Holden

Variable Step Size Control in the Numerical Solution of Stochastic Differential
J. G. Gaines and T. J. Lyons


From: Hans Schneider <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 13:56:33 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and its Applications

Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Volume 265/01-3

pp. 1-28
Perturbation Bounds Of The Krylov Bases And Associated Hessenberg Forms
SV Kuznetsov

pp. 29-54
Optimal 2-Cyclic MSOR For Bow-Tie Spectra And The "Continous" Manteuffel
G Avdelas

pp. 55-69
The Rank Of A Graph After Vertex Addition
Bevis, Miller

pp. 71-92
On The Existence Of Sequences And Matrices With Prescribed Partial Sums Of
D Hershkowitz, H Schneider

pp. 93-100
A New Upper Bound For Eigenvalues Of The Laplacian Matrix Of A Graph
L Jiong-Sheng

pp. 101-117
Cogrowth Of Groups And A Matrix Of Redheffer
SP Humphries

pp. 119-121
Numerical Radii Of Simple Powers
V Chkliar

pp. 123-145
A Minimum Principle And Estimates Of The Eigenvalues For Schur Complements Of
Positive Semidefinite Hermitian Matrices
J Liu

pp. 147-163
Diagonalization Of Matrices Over Regular Rings
KR Goodearl

pp. 165-172
Every Unit Matrix Is A LULU
G Strang

pp. 173-183
On The Largest Polytope Of Polynomials With A Precise Number Of Distinct Real
CB Soh

pp. 185-202
A Constrained Least Squares Approach To The Rapid Reanalysis Of Structures
HJ Jang

pp. 203-229
Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury Formula-Based Algorithms For The Surface Smoothing
BC Vemuri

pp. 231-245
On Feedback Equivalence And Completion Problems
FC Silva

pp. 247-298
The Unit Mass Ball Of Three-Vectors In R6


From: Vladik Kreinovich <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 97 14:30:00 MDT
Subject: Contents, Reliable Computing

Content of Reliable Computing, 1997, Vol. 3, No. 4

Slope Methods of Higher Order for the Inclusion
of Complex Roots of Polynomials
Ljiljana D. Petkovic, Slobodan Trickovic, and
Miodrag S. Petkovic 349 - 362

On Overestimations Produced by the Interval
Gaussian Algorithm (Dedicated to
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heindl on the occasion
of his 60th birthday)
Jiri Rohn 363 - 368

Interval and Twin Arithmetics
Vyacheslav M. Nesterov 369 - 380

Finding Global Minima of Maximum Functions
by Using Exclusion Functions
without Derivatives
Ferenc Kalovics and Gabriella Meszaros 381 - 399

A New Approach to the Modal Regulator
Synthesis for Interval Plant with Scalar Input
Yelena M. Smagina 401 - 410

Error Reduction of the Taylor Centered Form
by Half and an Inner Estimation of the Range
Volker Stahl 411 - 420

How to Compute Interval Inclusions of
Geodetic Coordinates from
Interval Inclusions of Cartesian Coordinates
Gerhard Heindl 421 - 435

On a Theoretical Justification of the
Choice of Epsilon-Inflation in PASCAL-XSC
Vladik Kreinovich, Scott Starks,
and Guenter Mayer 437 - 445

Applications of Reliable Scientific Computing 447 - 452

Interval and Complexity Workshops Back-to-Back
with 1997 ACM Symposium on
Theory of Computing (STOC'97)
Luc Longpre and Martin Berz 453 - 457

Interval-Related Talks at NASA URC Conference
Monica Nogueira 459 - 460

Reliable Computing
Special Issue on Reliable Geometric Computations
Co-editors: H. Ratschek and J. Rokne 461 - 462

Best Paper Award to Zdzislaw Pawlak 463

Patrick Suppes is 75 464


End of NA Digest