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From: Robert Schneiders <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 97 19:01:04 +0200
Subject: Latest News in Mesh Generation

Latest News in Mesh Generation
"Mesh Generation and Grid Generation on the Web":

You can find the same list with hyperlinks at


From: Leo Franca <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 10:53:54 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Finite Element People Followup

I would like to thank the tremendous response for the
``Finite Element People'' message I posted last week.
The list now includes almost 100 names and the page has
received several hundreds of hits in its first week.
Thank you also for the e-mails of encouragement to set
this up!
I would like to take this opportunity to explain further
that the Finite Element People home-page located at:

was created to collect the personnal web pages of people
that use/develop/improve/analyze finite element methods in
several applications.
In order to have your name included, you need first to
have a personnal web page, second to hold a PhD degree or
equivalent, and third have some evidence in your page that
you use/develop/improve/analyze finite element methods in
several applications.
Many distinguished colleagues are not listed because I was
unable to find their home-pages (most likely they do not
exist). If you feel you should be included try to have
a friend, a colleague, your system administrator set up
a personal web page for you. Then send me your URL address
(ie, your web page address) for inclusion. We all want to
see your smile!

Leopoldo P. Franca Phone: (303) 556-8460
Department of Mathematics Fax: (303) 556-8550
University of Colorado at Denver e-mail:
P.O. Box 173364, Campus Box 170
Denver, CO 80217-3364, USA


From: Peter Levin <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 1997 21:44:55 -0400
Subject: Change of Address for Peter Levin

On July 1 I assumed my new duties at Boston University. My coordinates are:

Peter L. Levin
College of Engineering
Boston University
44 Cummington Street
Boston MA 02215

tel. 617 353 2800 / 353 9760


From: Van Henson <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 08:29:16 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Change of Address for Van Henson

I have left the faculty of the Naval Postgraduate School.

I've taken a position with the Center for Applied Scientific Computing
at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. My new contact information

phone: (510) 423-4283
fax: (510) 422-6287

snail mail: Van Emden Henson
Center for Applied Scientific Computing
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-560
Livermore, CA 94551 USA


From: Annick Sartenaer <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 21:55:44 +0200
Subject: Change of Address for Annick Sartenaer

On September 1st, 1997, I will leave the FUNDP in Namur (Belgium)
and move to CERFACS in Toulouse (France).

My new address and e-mail will be:

Annick Sartenaer
42, Avenue Gaspard Coriolis
31057 Toulouse Cedex

E-mail :


From: Michele Benzi <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 09:28:36 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Change of Address for Michele Benzi

Dear Colleagues,

I have moved from CERFACS to LANL. My new address is:

Michele Benzi
Scientific Computing Group (CIC-19)
Computing, Information, and Communications Division
Mail Stop B256
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545

Phone: (505) 665-4778
Fax : (505) 667-1126


With best regards,

Michele Benzi


From: Kendall Atkinson <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 12:30:54 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: New Book on Numerical Solution of Integral Equations

This is to announce the publication of my book "The Numerical
Solution of Integral Equations of the Second Kind". The first six
chapters cover integral equations of the second kind in which the
integral operator is compact. The final three chapters discuss the
numerical solution of boundary integral equation reformulations of
Laplace's equation, in both two and three dimensions.

The book has been published by Cambridge University Press, and their
web page for the book (including ordering information) is located at
The book is published in the series "Cambridge Monographs on Applied
and Computational Mathematics", and its ISBN number is 583918.

My own web page for the book is located at
This web page contains links to the complete table of contents and to
the bibliography for the book (both taken from the manuscript). The
book is approximately 550 pages in length.


From: Michael Overton <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 14:21:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Conference in Honor of Olof Widlund

A web page for the conference in honor of Olof Widlund's 60th birthday,
to be held at the Courant Institute Jan 23-24, 1998, is now available at

Travel support for a few young investigators and/or Ph.D. students may
be available: see the web page for details. Posters announcing the
conference will be available at the SIAM National Meeting at Stanford
this week: contact me or the registration desk to receive one. Everyone
is welcome at the conference; there will be no parallel sessions and
no registration fee. To register, send email to


From: Goetz Alefeld <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 15:18:09 +0200
Subject: Interval Methods in Global Optimization


April 20-23, Nanjing, China

- Department of Mathematics, Nanjing University
- The Editorial Board of the International Journal "Reliable


G. Alefeld (co-chair, Germany), G. Corliss (USA), A. Cuyt (Belgium),
B. Dobronets (Russia), J. Garloff (Germany), R.B. Kearfott (co-chair, USA),
V. Kreinovich (USA), S. Markov (Bulgaria), G. Mayer (Germany),
M. Nakao (Japan), V.M. Nesterov (co-chair, Russia), H. Ratschek (Germany),
J. Rokne (Canada), S. Rump (Germany), S. Shary (Russia),
Z. Shen (chair, People's Republic of China), B. Walster (USA),
E. Walter (France), D. Wang (People's Republic of China), J. Wolff von
Gudenberg (co-chair, Germany), Z. You (People's Republic of China)

Local organizer: Shen Zuhe


The conferences INTERVAL'XX are significant meetings devoted to various
aspects of reliable numerical computations based on the interval approach.
(Sometimes the terms validated numerics, localizational computations, or
enclosure methods are used). Talks are devoted to development of
corresponding mathematical structures, design of computer tools, and
applications in a wide range of areas.

The first conference was held in September 1992 near Moscow, with impressive
success. The INTERVAL'94 conference emphasized interdisciplinary research with
computer algebra. INTERVAL'96 was focused on computer assisted proofs ranging
from symbolic computation through rigorous error estimation, and including different
paradigms such as functional and logic programming as well as solution of
constraint systems.

INTERVAL'98 will emphasize the application of interval mathematics
and its combination with the interdisciplinary topics from the
two preceding meetings in global optimization. Especially welcome
are contributions which use interval arithmetic tools for solving
problems of practical relevance.


The following topics will be considered: interval mathematics, hardware and
software for interval and computer-algebraic methods, SC-languages, logic
constraint programming, interval modelling, interval constraints, computer
aided proofs in analysis, interval algorithms in control theory,
organization of symbolic-numeric interfaces, programming environments for
scientific computing, and applications in various fields of science and
engineering as well as commercial issues.


The conference will be held April 20-23 in Nanjing, China.

The official language is English.


Prof. Dr. Shen Zuhe

Mail address :
Department of Mathematics
Nanjing University
Nanjing 21008
People's Republic of China


From: Weiwei Sun <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 15:20:07 +0800 (HKT)
Subject: Conference in China on PDEs and NA


Xiangshan Hotel, Beijing, China
June 15-19, 1998

The Conference is being organized jointly by:

Institute of Applied Mathematics, Academia Sinica, China
Liu Bie Ju Centre for Mathematical Sciences, City University of Hong Kong


This conference is to provide a forum for mathematical scientists
to present their latest research on various areas, and aims to
bring senior scientists and young researchers together for personal
interaction and dialogue.

Scientific Program:

The program will consist of one-hour plenary talks, half-hour invited
talks and 20-minute contributed talks on a wide range of topics which include

- Partial Differential Equations
- Mathematical Physics
- Numerical Analysis
- Scientific and Engineering Computation

Plenary Speakers Include:

F. Brezzi (Pavia, Italy)
G.Q. Chen (Northwestern University, USA)
D.T. Li (Fudan University, China)
Q. Lin (Institute of Systems Science, China)
T.P. Liu (Stanford University, USA)
S.A. Orszag (Princeton University, USA)
J.A. Smoller (University of Michigan, USA)
O.B. Widlund (New York University, USA)

Call for Papers

Title and abstracts of contributed papers must be received by 1 March,
1998. The abstracts should be typed by Latex not to exceed one page,
and sent to Dr. Huang by e-mail or floppy disk.

Organizing Committee:

Qianshun Chang, Institute of Applied Mathematics, China
Xiaqi Ding (Co-chair), Institute of Applied Mathematics
Weiwei Sun, City University of Hong Kong
Roderick S.C. Wong (Co-chair), City University of Hong Kong


Please visit our WWW pages which are regularly updated and provide
you with more information on registration, accommodation
travelling, schedule etc.

OR contact:

Dr Feimin Huang
Institute of Applied Mathematics
Academia Sinica
Beijing 100080, China


From: Venkat Sastry <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 13:47:01 +0000
Subject: Two-Day Courses at RMCS Shrivenham

The following two-day courses may be of interest to NA-Digest readers.
Further information on these courses may be found at

1. MATLAB - a tutorial introduction, 15 - 16 September 1997

2. Mathematica - a tutorial introduction, 3 - 4 November 1997

3. Building GUIs for FORTRAN programs
with Tcl/Tk 8 - 9 June 1998

Alternatively, send an email to

Dr. Venkat V S S Sastry
Department of Applied Mathematics and Operational Research
Cranfield University, RMCS Shrivenham,
Swindon, Wilts, SN6 8LA, UK
Tel: 01793 785315
Fax: 01793 784196


From: Daniel Szyld <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 16:20:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Report on Czech-U.S. Workshop on Iterative Methods

Report on the
Czech-U.S. Workshop on Iterative Methods and Parallel Computing (IMPC'97),
June 16-21, 1997, Milovy, Czech Republic.

Submited by Daniel Szyld and Zdenek Strakos

Over 120 scientists from 20 countries met at the hotel Devet Skal in
Milovy (literally ``Nine Rocks") near the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands
(Central part of the Czech Republic). About half the participants were
from the Czech Republic and the United States. The rest came from almost
every (Eastern and Western) European country as well as Turkey, and Israel.
All enjoyed the moderate weather, the wonderful atmosphere of camaraderie,
and the lake view (and a few even dared a swim in it).

The meeting was supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation and
the Czech Ministry of Education. Graduate student and young Ph.D. paper
competitions were held in both countries. Over a dozen winners attended
the workshop and presented their work. These, and other young participants
could be seen engaging in lively conversations until very late hours.

The structure of the program, i.e., plenary sessions in the mornings,
parallel sessions in the late afternoons, with early afternoons and
evenings free, gave the possibility of one-to-one and small groups
discussions. Everyone seem to have liked this, which together with the
high-quality of the talks, the location, the good humor of the
participants, and the smoothness of the local arrangements, made the
meeting a great success. This fact convinced the organizers to try
to hold a similar event in three years.

The speakers of the plenary sessions with the titles of their talks were:

Daniel B Szyld (Temple U.): Parallel Asynchronous Weighted Additive
Schwarz Methods
Beresford Parlett (U. Cal. Berkeley): Variants on Two-Sided Lanczos
Valeria Simoncini (Pavia): Stagnation of Restarted GMRES and the Role of
the Right-Hand Side
Martin Gutknecht (ETH-Zurich): Look-Ahead Procedures for Lanczos-Type
Product Methods
Olof Widlund (NYU): Some New Domain Decomposition Methods for Linear
Elasticity and Helmholtz's Equation
Anne Greenbaum (NYU): On the Role of the Left Starting Vector in the
Two-Sided Lanczos Algorithm
Ake Bjorck (Linkoping): Stability of Conjugate Gradient-Type Methods for
Linear Least Squares Problems
Chris Paige (Mc Gill): Sensitivity Analysis of the Unsymmetric Lanczos
Michele Benzi (CERFACS): Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioners:
A Comparative Study
Daniela Calvetti (Stevens Inst. Tech.): A Regularizing Lanczos Iteration
Method for Underdetermined Linear Systems of Equations
Lothar Reichel (Kent State): An Iterative Block Method for Computing a Few
Close Eigenvalues of a Large Sparse Symmetric Matrix
Mario Arioli (Pavia): The Use of QR Factorization in Building Preconditioners
for Augmented Systems
Miroslav Fiedler (Czech Academy Sc.): Numerical Mathematics and Graph Theory
Vlastimil Ptak (Czech Academy Sc.): Measuring Convergence
Roland Freund (Bell Labs, Lucent): A Symmetric Lanczos-Type Algorithm for
Multiple Starting Vectors and Its Applications
Ralph Byers (Kansas): Spectral Projection Methods for Large Scale Eigenvalue
and Invariant Subspace Problems
Nancy Nichols (Reading): The Solution of Uncertain Matrix Equations by Iteration
Charles Broyden (Bologna): The Gram-Schmidt Method - A Hierarchy of Algorithms
Peter Arbenz (ETH-Zurich): Eigenvalue Solvers for Electromagnetic Fields in
Julio Cesar Diaz (Tulsa): The Incomplete Domain Decomposition LU Factorizations
Howard Elman (Maryland, College Park): Efficient Iterative Solution of the
Three-Dimensional Helmholtz Equation
Jiri Rohn (Czech Academy Sci.): Computing ||A||_{\infnty,1} is NP-Hard:
The Result and Its Consequences
Martyn Field (Hitachi Dublin Lab): Parallel Finite Element Analysis:
Element Versus Node Partitioning
Achiya Dax (Hydrological Svc. Jerusalem): Dual Iterative Methods - a Review
Zdenek Strakos (Czech Academy Sci.): Is Forward Error Analysis of the
GMRES Possible?

The complete program can be found in
and the booklet of abstracts is still available upon request
A special issue of Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications will
contain some of the papers presented at the Workshop (with the usual
refereeing process). Roland Freund and Ivo Marek are the editors of the
special issue.

On Wednesday afternoon, an excursion was organized to Litomysl, a
thousand-year-old town, with many baroque buildings and preserved
market squares.
On Thursday evening, during an emotional ceremony and speaches
given by Ivo Marek and Karel Segeth, three awards were
presented: The Bolzano Medal, the highest honor from the Academy of Sciences,
to Anne Greenbaum, and two Commemorative medals from the School of
Mathematics and Physics of Charles University (turning 650 years old this
year) to Olof B. Widlund and Daniel B. Szyld.


From: Candy Ellis <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 13:53:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Faculty Positions at University of Michigan

Please post the following open position advertisement. Please let me know
what other information you will need from me.

University of Michigan - Department of Mathematics - The Department
expects to have several tenure eligible or tenured positions available, to
begin in September 1998. Several are part of an interdisciplinary/applied
initiative, including numerical analysis and actuarial science. Besides
this initiative, the Department is searching broadly for individuals who
would significantly broaden and strengthen areas currently represented and
who cut across areas. Some preference will be given to candidates in
algebraic number theory and topology. Exceptional research and teaching
experience required. Rank and salary negotiable. Applicants should send a
curriculum vitae, description of research and teaching and have three
letters of recommendation sent to: J.B. Rauch, Chair, Department of
Mathematics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1109.
Applications received by November 30, 1997, will be assured full
consideration. Additional information is available on the departmental
home page at The University of Michigan is
a nondiscriminatory affirmative action employer.


From: Charles Fulton <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 97 20:45:24 EDT
Subject: Faculty Positions at Florida Institute of Technology

INSTITUTION: Florida Institute of Technology
DEPARTMENT: Department of Applied Mathematics


The Applied Mathematics Department expects to offer two
visiting positions at the assistant or associate professor
level, starting Aug. 16, 1997, for 1997-98. Preference will be given to
candidates in one or more of the following areas: nonlinear analysis,
statistics, operations research, stochastic analysis, numerical
linear algebra, discrete mathematics, nonlinear analysis, ordinary
differential equations and spectral theory, theoretical partial
differential equations. Florida Tech offers Ph.D. degrees in Applied
Mathematics and Operations Research.
Information about Florida Tech is available on
the web site To apply send resume and
names, telephone, and email addresses of 2-3 references (including
one who can comment on undergraduate teaching) to Donn Kermani,
Applied Mathematics Program, Florida Instute of Technology,
150 W. University Blvd., Melbourne, FL. 32901- 6988, or send
by Email: or FAX: 407-984-8461.
Closing date: July 16, or until positions filled.


From: Wayne Joubert <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 11:22:52 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Postdoctoral Fellowships at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Post Doctoral Fellowship Positions
Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Scientific Computing Group (CIC-19) at Los Alamos National Laboratory is
currently seeking highly motivated Ph.D. graduates to participate in
the Post Doctoral Fellowship program. Graduates with experience in any
or all of the following categories are encouraged to apply:

Numerical Linear Algebra
Iterative Linear Equation Solvers
Multigrid Methods
Parallel Computer Programming
Parallel Software Engineering and Library Development

Experience with Fortran 90, HPF and MPI on parallel machines such as
the Cray T3E, IBM SP-2, SGI/Cray Origin 2000 and workstation clusters is
desirable. Experience with iterative linear solver methods such
as conjugate gradient methods, incomplete Cholesky preconditioners and
multigrid methods is also desirable.

A Ph.D. completed within the last three years or soon to be completed is
required. Appointments have a duration of two years, with the possibility
of extension for a third year.

To receive fullest consideration for all fellowship possibilities, we must
receive your application as soon as possible. Interested individuals are
encouraged to send a copy of their resume by e-mail, fax, or U.S. mail to:

Wayne Joubert
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Group CIC-19, MS B256
Los Alamos, NM 87545

FAX: 505-667-1126

Los Alamos National Laboratory is an equal-opportunity employer.


From: Harry Yserentant <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 10:49:48 +0200
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at the University of Tuebingen, Germany

The SFB 382 at the University of Tuebingen (which
is a large research group financed by the German National
Science Foundation DFG and is devoted to scientific computing
in physics) invites applications for a postdoctoral position
in numerical mathematics. Candidates should show a strong
research potential and will get the opportunity to build up
their own group. Salary is above that of an assistant
professor in Germany. The advertisement is as follows:


Am Sonderforschungsbereich 382 "Verfahren und Algorithmen
zur Simulation physikalischer Prozesse auf Hoechstleistungs-
rechnern" ist zum 1. Januar 1998 die Position eines

Leiters einer Nachwuchsgruppe (BAT Ib)

zu besetzen. Die Nachwuchsgruppe soll auf einem der Arbeit
des Sonderforschungsbereiches nahestehenden Teilgebiet der

Numerischen Mathematik

eingerichtet werden. Die Stelle ist zunaechst bis zum
31.12.2000 befristet, kann aber auf eine Gesamtdauer von
fuenf Jahren verlaengert werden.

Der Leiter bzw. die Leiterin der Nachwuchsgruppe beantragt
ein eigenes Teilprojekt im Rahmen des Sonderforschungs-
bereichs, das mit einer zusaetzlichen BAT IIa- und bis zu
zwei BAT IIa/2-Stellen ausgestattet werden kann. Dieses
Teilprojekt wird von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft
begutachtet. Die Besetzung der ausgeschriebenen Stelle ist
an den Erfolg dieses Antrags geknuepft.

Einstellungsvoraussetzung ist eine erfolgreich
abgeschlossene Promotion in einem einschlaegigen Gebiet.
Bewerbungen mit den mit den ueblichen Unterlagen und einer
aussagekraeftigen Skizze des geplanten Forschungsvorhabens
werden bis zum 1. Oktober 1997 an den Sprecher des SFB,
Prof. Dr. Hanns Ruder, Institut fuer Astronomie und
Astrophysik, Universitaet Tuebingen, Auf der Morgenstelle
10, D-72076 Tuebingen, erbeten.

Naehere Informationen ueber den SFB 382 finden Sie unter

Die Universitaet Tuebingen strebt eine Erhoehung des
Anteils der Frauen am wissenschaftlichen Personal
an und fordert qualifizierte Frauen nachdruecklich
auf, sich zu bewerben. Schwerbehinderte werden bei
gleicher Qualifikation bevorzugt.


From: Dan Marinescu <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 17:23:03 -0500
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Purdue University

Post doctoral appointment for two to three years in a group working
on a Grand Challange Application.

Start up date: Fall 1997.

Qualifications: PhD in Computer Science. Interest in metacomputing.
Familiarity with Operating Systems, Computer Networks, and Java


Prof. Dan C. Marinescu, Computer Sciences Department,
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 47907.
Phone: (765) 494 6018
PAX: (765) 494 0739


From: Karl Kunisch <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 10:13:34 +0200
Subject: Postdoctoral Positions at University of Graz


Within the Research Center on Control and Optimization
at the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Graz,
Austria there are two openings for post-doctorial positions.
Requirements: University degree in mathematics
Qualifications: Solid knowledge of numerical analysis,
partial differential equations, optimization, UNIX, and
for position one: fluid mechanics
for position two: inverse problems, (possibly image reconstruction).

Deadline for application: August 15, 1997 (extendable)

The first contract can be for three years. It is renewable.

In case of questions please contact:

Please send your application to
Frau I. Leitner
Institut fuer Mathematik
Universitaet Graz
A-8010 Graz
email :


From: W. B. Liu <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 10:42:52 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Research Position at University of Kent

Applications are invited for a research position (Numerical Analysis) at
IMS&CBS, University of Kent, to work with Dr. Wenbin Liu on an EPSRC research
project "Adaptive finite element approximation of some degenerate
quasilinear systems".

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in numerical analysis and are expected to
have good knowledge on theoretical aspects of finite element approximation
of PDEs. Applicants should also have good
working experience in Fortran programming of finite element methods.

The research fellow is expected to develop and implement new a posteriori
error estimators for a class of degenerate nonlinear systems such as the

The position is available for 20 months. The salary will start with 16920
pounds sterling.

Inquires and applications with C.V. and the names of two referees should
be sent to

Dr Wenbin Liu
University of Kent
Canterbury, CT2 7NF

Applications by e-mail ( are welcome.


From: P.M. Pardalos <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 97 16:42:37 EDT
Subject: Contents, Journal of Global Optimization

Table of Contents

LORANT PORKOLAB and LEONID KACHIYAN / On the Complexity of Semidefinite
Programs 351--365

TETSUYA FUJIE and MASAKAZU KOJIMA / Semidefinite Programming Relaxation
for Nonconvex Quadratic Programs 367--380

HANIF SHERALI and CHIAN.H. TUNCBILEK/ Comparison of two Reformulation-
Linearization Techniques Based Linear Programming Relaxations for
Polynomial Programming Problems 381--390

Assignment Problem Library 391--403

a General Optimal Replacement Model by Fractional Programming
Techniques 405--423

ANATOLIY D. RIKUN/ A Convex Envelope Formula for Multilinear Functions

ARUN K. JAGOTA and KENNETH R. REGAN/ Performance of Neural Net Heuristics
for Maximum Clique on Diverse Highly Compressible Graphs 439-465

Book Review:
M. SEN and P.L. STOFFA / Global Optimization Methods in Geophysical
Inversions (Reviewer: P.M. Pardalos)

Table of Contents

Special Issue on "Computer Simulations in Molecular and Protein Conformations"

P.M. PARDALOS and G. Xue/ Preface

I.P. ANDROULAKIS, C.D. MARANAS and C.A. FLOUDAS/ Prediction of Oligopeptide
Conformations via Deterministic Global Optimization 1--34

R.H. LEARY/ Global Optima of Lennard-Jones Clusters 35--53

P.M. PARDALOS, X. LIU and G.L. XUE/ Protein Conformation of a Lattice
Model Using Tabu Search 55--68

D.G. VLACHOS/ Growth of Nanophase Clusters and Potential Energy Minima:
Hysteresis, Oscillations, and Phase Transitions 69--82

G.L. XUE/ Minimum Inter-Particle Distance of Global Minimizers of Lennard-
Jones Clusters

Z. ZOU, R.H. BIRD, and R.B. SCHNABEL/ A Stochastic/Perturbation Global
Optimization Algorithm for Distance Geometry Problems 91--105

Information on all issues of the Journal of Global Optimization is
available via the World Wide Web at the following URL:
JOGO is published by Kluwer Academic Publishers:


From: Deidre Wunderlich <>
Date:Wed, 09 Jul 97 09:58:56 EST
Subject: Contents, SIAM Journal on Optimization

SIAM Journal on Optimization
Volume 7, Number 3, August 1997

Optimality Conditions for the Minimization of a Quadratic with Two
Quadratic Constraints
Ji-Ming Peng and Ya-xiang Yuan

A New Algorithm for Solving Strictly Convex Quadratic Programs
Wu Li and John Swetits

An Infeasible-Interior-Point Method for Linear Complementarity
Evangelia M. Simantiraki and David F. Shanno

Strong Duality for Semidefinite Programming
Motakuri V. Ramana, Levent Tuncel, and Henry Wolkowicz

Primal-Dual Path-Following Algorithms for Semidefinite Programming
Renato D. C. Monteiro

Convex Analysis of Spectrally Defined Matrix Functions
Alberto Seeger

Analysis of a Cutting Plane Method that Uses Weighted Analytic Center
and Multiple Cuts
Zhi-Quan Luo

A Trust Region Interior Point Algorithm for Linearly Constrained
J. Frederic Bonnans and Cecilia Pola

Tensor Methods for Large, Sparse Unconstrained Optimization
Ali Bouaricha

Tensor-GMRES Method for Large Systems of Nonlinear Equations
Dan Feng and Thomas H. Pulliam

On the Realization of the Wolfe Conditions in Reduced Quasi-Newton
Methods for Equality Constrained
Jean Charles Gilbert

Global Continuation for Distance Geometry Problems
Jorge J. More and Zhijun Wu

Computational Design of Optimal Output Feedback Controllers
T. Rautert and E. W. Sachs

An e-Relaxation Method for Separable Convex Cost Network Flow Problems
Dimitri P. Bertsekas, Lazaros C. Polymenakos, and Paul Tseng

Box Constrained Quadratic Programming with Proportioning and
Zdenek Dostal


From: Petr Prikryl <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 18:32:25 -0100
Subject: Contents, Applications of Mathematics

Applications of Mathematics
Volume 42, Number 4, July 1997

A comparison of homogenization, Hashin-Shtrikman bounds
and the Halpin-Tsai equations
P. Wall

Error estimates for distributed parameter identification in
parabolic problems with output least squares and Crank-Nicolson method
T. Karkkainen

A comparison of linearization and quadratization domains
A. Jencova

Kinetical systems
L. Adamec

The second order optimality conditions for nonlinear mathematical
programming with $C^{1,1}$ data
L. Liu and M. Krizek


End of NA Digest