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From: Christopher T H Baker <>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 09:22:27 +0100
Subject: Leslie Fox Prize

Out of a pleasingly strong field of entrants, the current Fox Prize
adjudicators (Profs. Christopher Baker [Chair}, Iain Duff, and Nick
Trefethen) have shortlisted the following candidates to be invited to
present their papers for the 8th Leslie Fox Prize.

These candidates will present their talks at the Leslie Fox Prize
meeting in Dundee on Monday June 23rd 1997, on the day immediately
preceding the 17th Biennial Meeting on Numerical Analysis. For details
please see

The candidates (in order that they are due to speak), with their
titles, are:
Tong Zhang
Subspace decomposition and convergence of the Schwarz methods
Antonella Zanna
Lie-group methods for isospectral flows
Reha H.Tutuncu
Infeasible-interior-point potential-reduction methods for linear
Tobin A. Driscoll
Numerical conformal mapping using cross-ratios and Delaunay
Wim Sweldens
The lifting scheme: a construction of second generation wavelets
Valeria Simoncini
Non-linear spectral perturbation: a qualitative analysis
Erid de Sturler
Truncation strategies for optimal krylov subspace methods

-- see

The adjudicators wish to thank all those who submitted papers for

Christopher T H Baker
Dept of Pure & Applied Mathematics,
University of Manchester


From: Nick Trefethen <lnt@CS.Cornell.EDU>
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 10:05:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Software Tools for Computational Science

This past semester, I taught a new senior/masters level
course in the Computer Science Department at Cornell called
"Software Tools for Computational Science." The emphasis
was not on high-performance computing but on scientific
computing generally -- and on certain areas of science.
The course was split into seven two-week segments in which
the students used the following tools (while hearing and
reading about many others): Matlab, Maple, Netlib, IBM Data
Explorer, MultiMATLAB, ADIFOR, and BLAST.

For more information, take a look at

Nick Trefethen


From: Bill Goffe <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 10:25:56 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Choosing an Optimization Algorithm

I'm looking for papers dealing with choosing an appropriate
optimization algorithm for continuous optimization problems.
I'm particularly interested in determining if a unimodal
or multimodal optimizer is appropriate.

Any leads would be most appreciated.

Bill Goffe
Dept. of Econ. and International Business office: (601) 266-4484
University of Southern Mississippi fax: (601) 266-4920
Southern Station, Box 5072
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5072


From: Bellen Alfredo <>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 12:35:08 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: SciCADE97

Grado (Italy) September 15-19, 1997

THE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Alfredo BELLEN (University of Trieste, Italy)
Arieh ISERLES (University of Cambridge, U.K.)
Syvert Paul NORSETT (Norwegian University of
Science and Technology, Norway)
Marino ZENNARO (University of Trieste, Italy)

The meeting will include plenary talks, minisymposia, sessions of
selected communications, new talent discovery programme and an award
of the Dahlquist prize. A conference banquet and a half-day excursion
are also planned, as well as social activities for accompanying



J.M.Sanz-Serna: Error Growth in the Time Integration of soliton problems
A.Stuart: The numerical approximation of Ergodic Markov Chains.
C.Budd: Recursive projection method for semilinear problems with bifurcation.
Parallel Minisymposia on
Hamiltonians (M.P.Calvo)
BVPs (U.Asher)
Stochastic ODEs (K.Burrage)


O.Nevanlinna: Waveform relaxation and Krylov subspace iteration
P.Crouch: Numerical integration on manifolds: the role of differential geometry.
A.Aubry: Pseudo-symplectic Runge-Kutta methods
Parallel Minisymposia on
Waveform Relaxation methods (S.Vandewalle)
Numerical methods on Manifolds (H. Munthe-Kaas)
Parallel ODE methods (P. van der Houwen)
Dahlquist prize awarding


S.Osher: Subscale capturing and its numerous applications.
R.Maerz: DAE solutions on infinite intervals and stability.
Parallel Minisymposia on
Partial differential Equations (J. Verwer)
Differential Algebraic Equations (S.Campbell)
Generalizations of RK methods (Z.Jackiewicz)


M.Hochbruck: Krylov approximation to the matrix exponential.
K. in 't Hout: Numerical methods for functional differential equations.
A.Zanna: Lie-group methods for isospectral flows
Parallel Minisymposia on
Applications of ODEs I (B. Leimkuhler and S.Reich)
Krylov space methods for ODEs (C.Lubich)
Delay Differential Equations (R.Vermiglio)
Minisymposium on ODE Software (P.Thomsen)


E.Hairer: Backward error analysis of integration methods.
D.Stoffer: On the qualitative behaviour of symplectic integrators.
L.Petzold: Numerical solution of highly oscillatory constrained
multibody dynamical system.
Parallel Minisymposia on
Applications of ODEs II (B. Skeel)
Nonlinear stability (A.Ostermann)
Continuous ODE methods (B.Owren)


Registration NO LATER THAN JUNE 30, 1997, (early regular registration)
is preferable.


The Organizing Commettee does not handle hotel reservations.

Hotel reservation must be done by contacting the turist office PROMHOTELS
2001 S.r.L. in Grado or by contacting directly the hotels.

Riva Z. Gregori, 9
34073 Grado (GO) or by e-mail to:
phone +39-431-82929/82347
fax +39-431-84980


More information on the Conference location, programme, fees, deadlines,
accommodation, social events, Dahlquist prize, etc., is available on the
www site


From: P. N. Shivakumar <insmath@cc.UManitoba.CA>
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 23:48:37 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: ILAS Symposium

The brochure and the detailed time table for the ILAS Symposium organized by
the Institute of Industrial Mathematical Sciences (IIMS) is available on
the IIMS Web Page (

Fast Algorithms for Control, Signals and Image Processing
Winnipeg, Canada, June 6, 7, 8, 1997

Friday June 6: Short Courses:
Stephen Boyd, "Convex Optimization in Control, Signals and Image Processing"
Raymond Chan, "Iterative Methods for Toeplitz Systems"
Tom Kailath, "Fast Algorithms for Structured Matrices"

Saturday June 7
Chris Paige, "Sensitivity of Matrix Factorizations"
Ali Sayed, "Global and Iterative Solutions for Parameter Estimation with
Bounded Data Uncertainties"
G.W. Stewart, "On Hyperbolic Triangularization"
Haesun Park, "Solution of Structured Total Least Norm and Parameter
Estimation Problems"
Minisymposium 1 :(Organizer) G. Heinig, Structured Matrices. V. Olshevsky,
I. Koltracht, G. Heinig, L. Gemignani, M. Van Barel.
Minisymposium 2:(Organizers) Biswa Datta, Nancy Nichols and Paul Van
Dooren, Numerical Methods for Control and Systems
Part I: Periodic Systems - Rafael Bru Ralph Byers, Paul Van Dooren,Volker
Contributed Papers 1:M.-Q. Chen,L. B. Montefusco, M. Barnabie, C. Guerrini;
M. Daumer and M. Falk; J. Stachurski; I. Pressman;R. Summers, M. Alexander,
N. Pizzi.
Contributed Papers 2:V. Olshevsky and T. Kailath;E. L. Piccolomini, F.
Zama;L. Hong and P. P. J. van den Bosch; J. J. Martinez and J. M.Pena;
V. Olshevsky and T. Kailath;H. A. Saber.
Contributed Papers 3: G. C. Hua and P. Lancaster;B. M. Allen and J.
Rosenthal;I. R. Ciric; O. M. Makarov;D. A. Ashlock, K. R. Driessel and I.
R. Hentzel;G. Heinig.

Sunday June 8
Linda Kaufman, "Image Reconstruction Through Regularization by Envelope
Guided Conjugate Gradients"
Martin Hanke, "Iterative Regularization and Preconditioning of Deconvolution
Eleanor Chu, "Unifying Fast DFT Algorithms for their Adaptation to
Parallel Processing"
Sanzheng Qiao, "Using Complex-Orthogonal Transformations to Compute an
Exponential Decomposition"
Minsymposium 3:(Organizer) Franklin Luk, Fast Matrix Technique in Signal
Processing; Franklin Luk;D. Boley; Xiaobai Sun; Paul Pauca.
Minisymposium 4:(Organizers) Biswa Datta, Nancy Nichols and Paul Van
Dooren, Numerical Methods for Control and Systems.
Part II: Subspace Methods in Control and Systems;Roland Freund;Eric
Verriest;Eric Feron;Peter Lancaster.
Minisymposium 5: (organizer) James Nagy, Numerical Treatment of
Ill-Conditioned and Rank Deficient Toeplitz Systems;J. Nagy;S. Serra
Capizzano; E. Sjostrom; E. Tyrtyshnikov.
Minisymposium 6: (organizers) Biswa Datta, Nancy Nichols and Paul Van
Dooren, Numerical Methods for Control and Systems
Part III: Poleplacement and Eigenstructure Assignment Problems, E. Chu;
Y. Ram; B. N. Datta; Nancy Nichols.


From: Vladik Kreinovich <>
Date: Mon, 19 May 97 14:26:59 MDT
Subject: Interval '98

International Conference on Interval Methods and their Application
in Global Optimization (INTERVAL'98), April 20-23, Nanjing, China

First announcement and call for papers

The conferences INTERVAL'XX are devoted to various
aspects of reliable numerical computations based on interval approach.
(Sometimes the terms validated numerics, localizational computations, or
enclosure methods are used). Talks are devoted to development of
corresponding mathematical structures, design of computer tools, and
applications in a wide range of areas.

The following topics will be considered: interval mathematics, hardware and
software for interval and computer-algebraic methods, SC-languages, logic
constraint programming, interval modelling, interval constraints, computer
aided proofs in analysis, interval algorithms in control theory,
organization of symbolic-numeric interfaces, programming environments for
scientific computing.

Papers on applications in various fields of science and
engineering (as well as commercial issues) are especially welcome.

Two copies of an extended abstract (1 or 2 pages) must be received
before 31 October 1997. Electronic submission
is strongly recommended. A collection of extended abstracts will be printed
before the conference. Refereed proceedings including full versions of
selected papers will be published after the conference.

For more information, contact the Conference Chair
Prof. Dr. Shen Zuhe at
(snail mail address Department of Mathematics, Nanjing University,
Nanjing 21008, People's Republic of China).
A website is being constructed. You can access it from the
interval computations website
by clicking on "forthcoming conferences".


From: Bruno Sportisse <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 10:08:03 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Numerical Aspects of Reduction in Chemical Kinetics


held at CERMICS, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, PARIS, FRANCE.
September 2nd, 1997

B. Larrouturou (INRIA, France)
B. Sportisse (CERMICS, France)
U. Maas (Un.Stuttgart, Germany)
J.Y. Chen (Un.Berkeley, USA)
D.A. Goussis (Un.Patras, Greece)
T.Turanyi (Budapest, Hungary)
P.Rouchon (ENSMP, France)

The importance of reducing techniques has grown steadily over the past few
years. This Workshop will focus on the numerical and methodological aspects of
reduction in chemical kinetics.
Its aim is to bring together people from academia and industry, working in
several fields of application (combustion, reactive transport, air pollution
modelling) and in various scientific communities (chemistry, fluid mechanics,
applied mathematics and dynamical systems) in order to confront their points
of view.

For more information about the meeting visit the Web pages

or contact the organizing secretary Veronique SERRE

or contact me (e-mail:

Bruno Sportisse

Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Mathematiques, Informatique et Calcul
Scientifique (CERMICS)
Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees
6-8 Av. Blaise Pascal
Cite Descartes, Champs sur Marne
77455 Marne la Vallee Cedex 2, FRANCE



From: Kathy Shippos <>
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 09:04:52 -0500
Subject: Virtual Workshop on Serial and Parallel Performance Issues

Cornell Theory Center Virtual Workshop
Serial and Parallel Performance Issues
June 30 - July 25, 1997
**Registration deadline extended to: June 3, 1997**

This course covers strategies for improving the performance of serial and
parallel programs. It advocates a two-pronged approach: understanding how
the hardware/software environment defines efficient programming practices,
and using software tools to evaluate performance and diagnose problems.
The course materials are based on the IBM RS/6000 SP scalable parallel
computer, although the concepts presented are applicable to many machines.

The Virtual Workshop is an entirely over-the-network educational program.
You work at your own pace from your home machine, with access to Web-based
course materials, the CTC's world-class IBM RS/6000 SP, and dedicated
e-mail consulting.

Details and registration can be found at:

Kathy Shippos
Conference Assistant
Cornell Theory Center
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
(607) 254-8640
fax (607) 254-8888


From: Gerardo Toraldo <>
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 17:49:29 +0200
Subject: High Performance Software for Nonlinear Optimization

Center for Research on Parallel Computing and Supercomputers

Short Conference on
STATUS AND PERSPECTIVES''. Ischia, Italy 4 - 6 June 1997
H P S N O 97

The Research Center for Parallel Computing and Supercomputers
(CPS), a joint research center of the CNR (National Research
Council of Italy) and the University of Naples ``Federico II'',
will host a short conference entitled "High Performance
Software for Nonlinear Optimization" on 4-6 June 1997 in Ischia
(which is one of the islands in the bay of Naples), Italy.

The focus of the conference is to cover the latest algorithmic
developments in the field of numerical optimization, optimiza-
tion software and, in particular, optimization software for
high performance computers. The conference will provide an over-
view of the nonlinear optimization field, including algorithms,
software evaluation, implementation issues, applications and fu-
ture areas of research through 8 invited lectures and 25 selected
contributed papers. The Conference will include a special session
devoted to industrial applications.
Papers presented at the Conference will be considered for publi-
cation after the Conference by Kluwer.


Chris H. Bischof (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
"Automated Differentiation of Computer Programs"

Nick Gould (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
" Trust-region and linearly constrained subproblems in large-scale
nonlinear optimization calculations "

William Hager (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA)
" Active set strategies in optimization and the LP dual active
set algorithm"

Jorge J. More' (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
" The NEOS Server: Optimization, Environments, and Network Computing "

Panos Pardalos (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA)
" Combinatorial Optimization Software: A Brief Review "

Mauricio G.C. Resende (AT&T Labs Research, Florham Park, NJ USA)
"A branch \& bound algorithm for the quadratic assignment problem"

Philippe L.Toint(Universite' Notre Dame de La Paix,Namur, BELGIUM)
"Some extensions of trust-region methods"

Margaret Wright (Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, USA)
"Computational Issues in Primal-Dual Methods for Nonlinear Optimization"

* Prof. Jorge More' (Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, USA)
* Prof. Almerico Murli (CPS, ITALY)
* Prof. Panos Pardalos (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA)


The conference is co-sponsored by the following organizations

GNIM Gruppo Nazionale per l'Informatica Matematica
Istituto di Matematica of IUN - (Napoli)
SIAM Activity Group on Optimization
SIMAI (Societa` Italiana per la Matematica Applicata ed Industriale)

fax to +39-81-7662106 (Prof. A.Murli)
Prof. Almerico Murli CPS - CNR,
Complesso Monte S.Angelo, ed. T, Via Cintia 80126, Napoli -

www page:


From: T.N. Phillips <>
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 16:12:56 +0100
Subject: Position at University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Lectureship in Applied Mathematics
University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Applications are invited for the post of Lecturer
in Applied Mathematics in the Department of
Mathematics. The successful candidate will be
expected to add to the existing research strengths
of the department, in particular to the work of the
group on Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics led by
Professor K. Walters FRS. In addition he/she will
be required to teach a range of courses, including
in due course analysis offered by the department.
The post is available from 1 September 1997, but the
starting date can be delayed to a later date if

Informal enquiries may be made of Professor A. Morris
( or Professor K. Walters (
Completed application forms should be returned to the
Personnel Office, The University of Wales, Old College,
King Street, Aberystwyth SY23 2AX, UK. Closing date for
applications is 11 June 1997.


From: Vladik Kreinovich <>
Date: Sun, 18 May 97 12:20:55 MDT
Subject: Contents, Reliable Computing

Reliable Computing, No. 3, 1997


Mathematical foundations and generalizations of interval arithmetic

Isomorphic Embeddings of Abstract Interval Systems

Diagrammatic Representation of Interval Space in Proving
Theorems about Interval Relations

D. Berthelot and M.Daumas
Computing on Sequences of Embedded Intervals

J.Weinhofer and W. Haas
$H_\infty $-Control using Polynomial Matrices and Interval

Numerical methods and computer assisted proofs

W. Hofschuster and W. Kr"amer
A Computer Oriented Approach to Get Sharp Reliable Error Bounds

W. Otten, W. Luther
Approximation Error and Error Accumulation for the Landen Transform

C. Bliek
Fast Evaluation of Partial Derivatives and Interval Slopes

O.Caprani, K.Madsen, and O.Stauning
Existence Test for Asynchronous Interval Iteration

M. Mrozek and M.Zelawski
Heteroclinic connections in the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation: a
computer assisted proof

H.-J. Dobner and S. Ritter
Attacking a conjecture in mathematical physics by combining methods
of computational analysis and scientific computing

B. Dobronets
Two-sided Multigrid Method for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems

Complexity and constraint logic programming

B. Acioly and B. Bedregal
A Quasi-Metric Topology Compatible with Inclusion Monotonicity on
Interval Space

Complexity of Some Linear Problems with Interval Data

M. Rueher and C. Solnon
Concurent Cooperating Solvers on the Reals

F. Benhamou and L. Granvilliers
Automatic Generation of Numerical Redundancies for Non-Linear
Constraint Solving


First announcement and call for papers


From: Kelly Thomas <>
Date: Mon, 19 May 97 09:19:16 EST
Subject: Contents, SIAM Journal of Control and Optimization

SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization
Volume 35, Number 4 JULY 1997

Min-Max Characterization of a Small Noise Limit on Risk-Sensitive Control
A. Bensoussan and H. Nagai

Finite-Dimensional Filters with Nonlinear Drift VII: Mitter Conjecture and
Structure of eta
Jie Chen and Stephen S.-T. Yau

Finite-Dimensional Filters with Nonlinear Drift VIII: Classification of
Finite-Dimensional Estimation Algebras of Maximal Rank with State-Space
Dimension 4
Jie Chen, Stephen S.-T. Yau, and Chi-Wah Leung

Proximal Minimization Methods with Generalized Bregman Functions
Krzysztof C. Kiwiel

Turnpike Property of Optimal Solutions of Infinite-Horizon Variational Problems
A. J. Zaslavski

An Abstract Bang-Bang Principle and Time-Optimal Boundary Control of the Heat
Victor J. Mizel and Thomas I. Seidman

H_Infinity Control and Estimation Problems with Delayed Measurements:
State-Space Solutions
Krishan M. Nagpal and R. Ravi

Constrained H_Infinity Optimal Control over an Infinite Horizon
Athanasios Sideris and Hector Rotstein

Experimental Confirmation of a PDE-Based Approach to Design of Feedback Controls
H. T. Banks, Ralph C. Smith, D. E. Brown, R. J. Silcox, and Vern L. Metcalf

Pontryagin's Principle for State-Constrained Boundary Control Problems of
Semilinear Parabolic Equations
Eduardo Casas

An Approximation Algorithm for Nonholonomic Systems
Wensheng Liu

Regularity Properties of the Phase for Multivariable Systems
Kevin A. Grasse and Jonathan R. Bar-on

A General Stochastic Outer Approximations Method
Y. V. Volkov and S. K. Zavriev

A Remark on Existence of Solutions of Infinite-Dimensional Noncompact Optimal
Control Problems
H. O. Fattorini

Sequential Convex Subdifferential Calculus and Sequential Lagrange Multipliers
Lionel Thibault


From: Baltzer Science <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 09:32:04 +0200
Subject: Contents, Advances in Computational Mathematics

More information on this journal:

Advances in Computational Mathematics 7 (1997) 3

Zhongying Chen, Charles A. Micchelli and Yuesheng Xu
The Petrov--Galerkin method for second kind integral equations II:
multiwavelet schemes 199-233

L. Pouly and J. Pousin
Adaptive finite element for semi-linear convection--diffusion problems

Geng Yang, Michel C. Delfour and Michel Fortin
Error analysis of mixed finite elements for cylindrical shells 261-277

P.R. Graves-Morris and B. Beckermann
The compass (star) identity for vector-valued rational interpolants

Mihail Konstantinov and Vera Angelova
Sensitivity analysis of the differential matrix Riccati equation based on the
associated linear differential system 295-301

Monika Wierse
A new theoretically motivated higher order upwind scheme on
unstructured grids of simplices 303-335

Douglas N. Arnold and Xiaobo Liu
Interior estimates for a low order finite element method for the
Reissner--Mindlin plate model 337-360

M. Calvo, D.J. Higham, J.I. Montijano and L. Randez
Stepsize selection for tolerance proportionality in explicit Runge--Kutta
codes 361-382

Qingtang Jiang and S.L. Lee
Spectral properties of matrix continuous refinement operators 383-399

Francisco Marcellan, Franz Peherstorfer and Robert Steinbauer
Orthogonality properties of linear combinations of orthogonal
polynomials II 401-428


From: Baltzer Science <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 09:37:51 +0200
Subject: Contents, Numerical Algorithms

More information on this journal:

Numerical Algorithms 14 (1997) 4

Zhilin Li
Immersed interface methods for moving interface problems 269-293

Zhong-Zhi Bai
A class of two-stage iterative methods for systems of weakly nonlinear
equations 295-319

Andre Draux and Borhane Moalla
Rectangular matrix Pade approximants and square matrix orthogonal
polynomials 321-341

Abdelmalek Nigro and Pierre-Jean Laurent
Progressive stable interpolation 343-359

Francois Alouges and Philippe Loreaux
Massively parallel preconditioners for symmetric positive definite linear
systems 361-375

Leif Kobbelt
Stable evaluation of box-splines 377-382

Wayne Lawton and Charles A. Micchelli
Construction of conjugate quadrature filters with specified zeros 383-399

Book reviews 401-403


From: Arieh Iserles <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 97 14:32:18 BST
Subject: Contents, Acta Numerica

The 6th volume of Acta Numerica has just appeared. The contents are

Ronald Cools: "Constructing cubature formulae: the science behind
the art"........................................................1

Wolfgang Dahmen: "Wavelet and multiscale methods for operator

Leslie Greengard and Vladimir Rokhlin: "A new version of the
Fast Multipole Method for the Laplace equation in three

Martin Gutknecht: "Solving linear systems with the Lanczos

T.Y. Li: "Numerical solution of multivariate polynomial

Linda R. Petzold, Laurent O. Jay and Jeng Yen: Numerical solution
of highly-oscillatory ordinary differential equations"........437

Christian Ringhofer: Computational methods for semiclassical and
quantum transport in semiconductor devices"...................485

Steve Smale: "Complexity theory and numerical analysis".........523


End of NA Digest