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From: Guangye Li <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 92 12:37:37 CDT
Subject: Change of Address for Guangye Li

I moved to Minneapolis July 13, 1992. My new address is:
Guangye Li
Cray Research, Inc.
655F Lone Oak Drive
Eagan, MN 55121
My e-mail address:


From: Jaroslav Kautsky <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 92 14:54:31 +0930
Subject: C Programs for Linear Algebra

Are C-versions of LINPACK or LAPACK available in public domain?
In fact, direct (factorization with partial pivoting) and iterative
solvers for Ax = b (A dense) would suffice.

I would be grateful for any information received.


Dr. Jaroslav Kautsky
School of Information Science and Technology
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
email :


Date: Wed, 15 Jul 92 19:09 GMT
Subject: Lectureship in Computational/Numerical Mathematics at Strathclyde

Position at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


Applications are invited for a lectureship in the Department of
Mathematics to strengthen research and teaching in Computational
and Industrial Mathematics. Preference will be given to candidates
with experience in a branch of large scale computing who will
become involved in computational solutions of problems in
industrial mathematics.

Salary: up to 23,739 pounds per annum

For application form and further particulars (Ref 75/92) contact
the Personnel Office, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, G1 1XQ.

Closing date: 21 August 1992

An equal opportunities employer


From: SIAM <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 92 15:26:43 EST
Subject: Contents: SIAM Mathematical Analysis

Tentative Table of Contents
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
Vol. 23, No. 6, November 1992

Mathematical Analysis of Miscible Displacement in Porous Medium
Pierre Fabrie and Michel Langlais

One-Dimensional Thermoelastic Contact with a Stress-Dependent
Radiation Condition
Kevin T. Andrews, Andro Mikelic, Peter Shi, M. Shillor, and S. Wright

A Degenerate Stefan-Like Problem with Joule's Heating
Xiangsheng Xu

A Free Boundary Problem Arising in Electrophotography: Solutions
with Connected Toner Regions
Bei Hu and Lihe Wang

Construction of Approximate Inertial Manifolds Using Wavelets
Olivier Goubet

Homogenization and Two-Scale Convergence
Grgoire Allaire

Energy Moments in Time and Frequency for Two-Scale Difference
Equation Solutions and Wavelets
Lars F. Villemoes

Simple Regularity Criteria for Subdivision Schemes
Olivier Rioul

Bifurcations of Nonlinear Oscillations and Frequency Entrainment
Near Resonance
Carmen Chicone

Limit Cycles in a Cubic System with a Cusp
Wang Xian and Robert E. Kooij

Eliminating the Genericity Conditions in the Skew Toeplitz Operator
Algorithm for Hl-Optimization
Caixing Gu

On the Asymptotics of the Jacobi Function and Its Zeros
R. Wong and Q.-Q. Wang


From: SIAM <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 92 17:31:03 EST
Subject: Contents: SIAM Scientific and Statistical Computing

SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing
November 1992 Volume 13, Number 6

Moving Mesh Techniques Based upon Their Equidistribution and Their
Yuhe Ren and Robert D. Russell

Finite Difference Schemes on Triangular Cell-Centered Grids with Local
P. S. Vassilevski, S. I. Petrova, and R. D. Lazarov

Semicoarsening Multigrid on a Hypercube
Richard A. Smith and Alan Weiser

Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Solving Initial-Boundary Value and
Time-Periodic Partial Differential Equations
Stefan Vandewalle and Robert Piessens

Evaluating the Best-Case and Worst-Case Variances When Bounds Are
George S. Fishman, Boris L. Granovsky, and David S. Rubin

Stability and Instability in the Computation of Flows with Moving
Immersed Boundaries: A Comparison of Three Methods
Cheng Tu and Charles S. Peskin

Numerical Solution of the Time-Dependent Axisymmetric Boussinesq
Equations on Processor Arrays
Michael Schafer

Stochastic Breakthrough Time Analysis of an Enhanced Oil Recovery
Hans Peter Langtangen

A Fast Algorithm to Solve Nonhomogeneous Cauchy--Riemann Equations in
the Complex Plane
Prabir Daripa

Parallel Implementation of the hp-Version of the Finite Element Method on
a Shared-Memory Architecture
I Babuska, H. C. Elman, and K. Markley

A Semicoarsening Multigrid Algorithm for SIMD Machines
J. E. Dendy, Jr., M. P. Ida, and J. M. Rutledge

A Minimum-Phase LU Factorization Preconditioner for Toeplitz Matrices
Ta-Kang Ku and C.-C. Jay Kuo

Derivation of Efficient, Continuous, Explicit Runge--Kutta Methods
Brynjulf Owren and Marino Zennaro


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